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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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LVL 100 Nullifier Crewman Arctic Eximus

Don't settle with second best when you can have ME. I have the sniper, I have the

nullification,I have the Arctic Globe and lots of MONEY.But i have a fiery side.

In my spare time i like to observe the outer atmosphere magnetic storms of Jupiter,

and delight at the memory when I caught that MAG for my employer Alad V.Did i mention

I have an ORBITAL STATION at Jupiter ? I live on edge.When the there is a sortie at Io ,

Adrastea or Themisto ,you can bet  i will be there.meet me and enjoy the tenno anguish with me.

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 Image result for ember warframe   

  name: ember

 age: 26

favourite food: beef steak and hot sauce

hobby: playing hot potato with frost

hates: being treated like a lady

arright lad, listen up. i'm probably the hottest warframe you have ever seen or gonna date cuz im no

ordinary gal, don't expect me to be cookin your dinner or washin ya laundry. no no, I'm gonna kick ya

fireballs out if you ask me to do it. i want my men like how i like mah beef, rare and tough mate. i ain't lookin

for a handsome guy, i want someone who treats me like a man and not like some other lady all pampered up and 

stuff. look at nef all lovey dovey all over valkyr over there.  makes me want to fire blast them back to the derelict ya know?

If ya think u are good enough to date me, ya better hook me up at +61-TOUGH-GAL to accelerate this damn relationship to the next level.

oh yeah, and if you see my pal frost be sure to tell him to pay up his monthly rent or i'm gonna set his world on fire with this damn potato.

seeya lads!




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Glowy-Boi, 34

Don't let the name fool you, I've been around the block a few times. I've been burned before when all I did was reach out my hand to someone I thought was in need.

I've been told I can be quite Enthralling, but most the time I think that's them being stunned by my flawless Mesmerizing skin.

I like long moonlit walks on the plains, and Reaving for as long as I have the energy for it.

So if your interested in someone who's only sense of dancing is a little Macabre, give me a try.


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Name: Lotus

Age: N/A

Interests: Ballas

Favorite Food: Don't eat sorry

Description: I left the Tenno for reasons that shouldn't be known and went with a better man to get the good stuff from him but now I turned into a sentient but my picture is what I used to look like, I don't really miss the Tenno and I've settled in with Ballas, and now, I am looking for even better guys/gals. I really also don't want to show my sentient self until I know someone well enough to where they won't freak out, well or take a heart attack, damn I miss Steven, his poor heart couldn't handle me being a sentient, but anyway I have gone through 24 men and all of them have freaked out and I want a sentient or someone who wouldn't freak out. Also, I am really manipulative, that's what I have done to Jake but then he died of a heart attack as well, and James, and Jeff. I miss Phil, he was a great guy. Well, 24 down hopefully the next won't be 25! And I won't forget that I love you David❤️ 

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Nezharaylie, 950 hour old.

If you just want “one night”, get out. I have no interest for such things.
My goal in life is to seek true happiness and potentially love.
I am a unique individual and I am currently single.
I value honesty and I have no shame of who I am.
If you have any question, I will be happy to answer you.
To me, the personality is more important than the physical appearance.

Like :
+ People that respect each other.
+ The Red Veil.
Dislike :
- Those who oppose the Red Veil.



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Cressa, 33


I'm a tough, no-nonsense woman and the leader of Steel Meridian. Word around the relays is that half of the Origin System and their mothers want to date me.  Don't know how or when it happened, but I'm flattered.  I enjoy helping people who can't help themselves, especially when liberating them from Grineer rule.  Could use help shaking off my former "relationship": a heavy smoker and greedy milk addict.  I'm looking for a person who helps the little guy and holds the elevator. Show me you care I'll give back.  So what do ya say, you up for this?

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C7sPwGA.jpgkqPXy5O.jpgLovestruck by Lightning, 10.3 Millenia

So fast you don’t even know it yet, but I’ve already captured your heart. The real question is:

”Will you keep up? ...even if we hit a wall or two?”

Friends would say I’m surprisingly tender and so protective that it’s sweet.

But make no mistake a relationship with me is 


My touch? ELECTRIC.

My energy level? ENDLESS.

My capacity for caring? SHOCKING.

So who is willing to brave the storm and get Lovestruck by Lightning?

Supercharged fulfillment AWAITS.



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Resultado de la imagen de ash prime

Ash <<Ace>> Prime, 25 

Hola mi nombre es Ash pero mis amigos me llaman "Ace". Admito ser una persona solitaria, casi como una sombra que arrasa con todos a su alrededor, 

en el buen sentido claro. Pero a parte de mis tres únicos amigos, no he tenido ningún tipo de relación  sentimental en " milenios " , por lo que aprovecho esta

gran oportunidad que me ha ofrecido uno de mis grandes amigos (Ordis) y espero encontrar mi alma gemela en alguna parte del sistema origen. 

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We fought with honor - as mother, sister, daughter. 

Attack us, and we - I - will counter.

Readied for battle; readied for war.

For lotus, for tenno, for you, little one, are me -

Remember the silence, the rage, the insanity.

Adopted, claimed, from the gilded prime land

My will, indeed; I am your strong hand.

Eternally, every moment, I am yours, your -


My zariman, my tenno, I hear you always, drowning out the pain. You have grown and you remember - the void, the loneliness.

In your stead, I call for another.

Together, we three shall be - Trinity.


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Zeph, 25

  • Favourite song: Fly away (Lenny Kravitz)
  • Favourite snack: Sunflower seed

Looking for a Tenno to take off to new skies with. When I´m not on a mission with my doggo, I´m usually roaming around the orb vallis, catching animals for biz (cus you know, gotta save them animals). I like coffee,fluffy things, hugs. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Note that I spend most of my time with my feet off the ground though,so for your own sake, I hope you´re speedy enough to catch up. c; And don´t be afraid of my dog, Soba. She doesn´t bite.



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