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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Patip "Ytejsat", aje 34

I as a paykitj youtj Yotkuy Ytejsat pookitj tot pke atteypiot ot yoseote epye, opket pkat sy tepotep Peta ot youtye!

I jipp ktopeyp you jipk sy Peta it etety jay koyyitpe, I as a ktotiyietp uyet ot peyktiruey yuyk ay Ykoop-atp-Tut, atp Yotet-atp-Tpatk. 😉

Koketuppy you yat jite pkiy ytejsat a ykatye!

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As i'm sure not everyone will get it, here it is in english:

I’m Chroma, your burning warrior. As a storm I will come to steal your heart. I’ll poison your enemies and they will freeze in front of us.

For you I will be an angel, for those who dare to stand between us, a demon.  If we both are together we will be stronger than anyone.

People say I’m multifaceted; however my objective is always to protect your heart. Together we will travel through the system and I will show you its wonders.

Likes: Balloons, I give them a nice effect when inflating them.

Dislikes: Equinox. Always white or black.



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Names: Lephantis (Left), Lephantis (Middle), Lephantis (Right)

Occupation: Generals of the official Infested army

Age: n/a/


Likes: Tenno, Flesh, long walks on the beach.

Dislikes: Nothing, I'm an agreeable person and quite persuasive.


It's gotten lonely in the Orokin Derelict and I'm looking for a significant other who shares our passion or is at least willing to hear me out. 

I'm not very picky when it comes to relationships as I'm used to working with all types of myself. 

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Forgot about the word count in the competition
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Valkyr, 24


I am just looking for a Warframe that can handle crazy. I can fight my own battles and I have buttons on my wrists and make me invincible (for about 5 minutes). I like long walks on the beach, cooking (mainly chopping), zip lining, screaming really loud and smooth jazz. I have a twin brother named Wolverine and just a side note: no, my butt and breasts are not fake and yes i am aware a piece of my head is missing. Don't remind me. 

Likes: Norg, color Red, Sharp Objects, Wires,  Venkas

Dislikes: Operating tables, Alad V

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291?cb=20141124023312State your name: uhhh....oh, wait, I have it inside my helmet, it says "Rhino".

Introduction title: Where do I  farm the material to craft one of those?

Tell us about yourself: I love listening to heavy metal as I smash big things with my hammer and turning them into little things. Oh..oh...oh...and ramming things, yeah people said doing that would hurts me, but come on, don't you know who I am?? I am the Rhino Ballista!

Your Ideal Tenno uhhh, not someone who thinks. Thinking makes my head hurt because .......ohhhh shinny things ......


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EdgeLord, 420

Join me in my never-ending quest to purge the Universe of the vileness that festers in it.

We will bathe in the blood and energy of our enemies, while pillaging them for all their worth.

They will coward before our might and their fallen brethren!

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Hello all of you lovely space singles, I am Oberon and as you can see by the photo, I'm quite the animal lover, I spend a decent amount of my time catching injured and sickly animals then nursing them back to health. I am also quite the animal magnet, turning the often unapproachable pets of the grineer into cuddly little creatures. If you'd like to learn more about a particular animal or species i'd be delighted to acquaint you with them. Raising animals can be quite the task alone however, and I would love to have a companion I can rely on to bring a smile to not only my own but to the animals as well.

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Cephalon Simaris or Irmis for the friends, ??

I am known as the destroyer and the immortalizer,

even though my sanctuary is filled with creatures synthetized by my hunters

I still feel lonely and seek the company of one that like me

enjoys the idea of collecting and making creatures immortal by becoming part of my sanctuary,

don't believe the lie some say about me having feelings for Suda that's not true!

It's not like i wanted to save her from that sentient or anything!

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StrongMinded74, 33


Slightly underweight gloomy lookin fellow with a tendency to end up in a bit more trouble then he bargained for looking for someone to share his ship with. Must love pets and bots and her man role playing big machines. 

Cooking skills not needed as we will be on the move traveling from planet to planet, there will be a lot of eating out. 

Don’t look like a gremlin and you’re good. You got to love cheery elevator music and be ready to sew up a wound or two on request. Hope to find you soon.

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Image result for stalker warframe

Gender: Male

Age: 38 (ish)

Body Type: Athletic

Height: 6’ 4”

Favorite Song: “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

Favorite Lyric: “I’ll be watching you.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

About Me: Listen, I know that the name might throw some people for a loop but I promise that you won’t be the one that I’m stalking. Not that I stalk anyone, mind you. Personally, I’m the strong, silent type who deeply cares about my convictions. While I have a free spirit and travel to many exotic locations, I’m looking for someone to settle down with. Some may find my demeanor to be aggressive or even, dare I say, frightening, but rest assured that this is simply one side of my vibrant personality. Unless you are a Tenno, in which case, feel free to respond to this profile with a current location and I promise I’ll be there shortly. I’ve been used before by a significant other and I’m looking for someone who can be truly loyal this time. Suffice it to say, I vow that there won’t be a boring moment shared between the two of us if you decide to give this old frame a shot.




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Charlie, 35

Occupation: Nullifier Crewman

My name is Charlie and I used to work as an accountant before finding my calling in Corpus. The salary was pretty good and the job was not bad either but everything went to hell when some 'smart' Grineer guys [Im looking at you Vor] awoke some Tennos . These Tenno guys are nothing but trouble. They destroy our research, steal our data and many more. Because of them, I got demoted several times and now I'm mere Corpus crewman with this stupid bubble and broke. Once I went to the Index to get some money and guess what? Tennos... again. I become even poorer than some Fortuna peasant for god sake. I'm done with this crap and right now I want to turn over a new leaf. I gladly accept anyone (except infested of course) to start a new life with me. Please.....

Sorry for my poor grammar.

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Item #: scp-30407 a.k.a 'Vauban'

Subject class: safe

Special containment procedures: scp-30407 (we will proceed identifying it as 'Vauban' out of practicality) is to be contained in an area equally depressing as his current state, which is to say, extremely depressing.

Description: 'Vauban' appears to be a near feral humanoid robot with a 'tactician space ninja' appearance. It's outer shell is mainly composed out of rubedo and scrap, making it extremely fragile. 'Vauban' is often seen flailing around throwing different types of mines, which seem to appear out of nothing and are worth just as much. lastly it seems to take a liking to other similar scp's, such as the similarly trickster themed scp-[REDACTED] a.k.a [REDACTED], with it apparently relieving the 'Vauban'. it is speculated that this relief is caused by the 'Vauban' realizing it's at least not the most miserable thing in existence.

it's also extremely lonely, and wants a hug.

and a rework

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