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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!

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"The Unum specifies which part of her Temple-body may be harvested, and when. In this manner her body eternally replenishes, providing her people with flesh to sell, Temple-kuva to refine and oils with which to make remarkable unguents. On occasion, nestled within the substrata of her being, a rare discovery awaits: forgotten technology. Proto-essence. Things which lure travelers from across the system, and so are a bounty for her people." ~ The Tower's Flesh

I really like the aesthetic and lore of the Unum. Metal filigree and meaty bits, living architecture. I figured there is likely few things more "Ostron" than the main source of the peoples survival and well being. They eat it, they wear it, the get Gilded Lung from it... Another factor I kicked around was that most operators have some facial accessories that are pretty damn cool, kind of sucks to cover that all up, so I got the idea of, "Why not a half mask? Phantom of the Opera-ish". I imagined "Helmet on" being one side of the face and "Helmet off" being the other so it would be possible to show off the operators face a bit while still having a mask. Instead of full face coverage or nothing. Got to show off the monocle.


Illustration is owned by Digital Extremes, sourced from https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Fragments

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Ancient ceremonial masks use by royals from long ago. They were a symbol of wealth and power for both royal men and women. These masks seem to resonate with a mysterious energy. (Instead of taking the mask on and off, the "on" and "off" switch will change the mask into the masculine or feminine variation, depending on what you switch it to. My inspiration were the helmets that the osrton vendors wear, mixes in with Oriental culture)

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this is the text that describes my entry.


This mask represents the duality of Warframe, Frost and Ember, Saryn and Volt, Night and Day, Life and Death.

This mask is the absolute embodiment of despair.

This mask represents the return of the warrior race, the Tenno.

This mask represents the calm in the Origin system before the Mother of all storms on the horizon.

Will you join the fight little one?


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sliding in right before the deadline like-

so, a vomvalyst mask!

with all the importance the quills place on sentients (and with the honor the quills command), it wouldn't be too farfetched for masks to be made in honor of hunts with great bounties. prove you're not a small fry by wearing the small fry's skin, in a way.

zEcahHt.jpgTwo days into operator mode and I find out I can kill those (actually kind of cute) tiny blue cubes of death too. Fun!

There's blue energy under the first mask "plate", like Revenant, and a sort of leather-y tassel that loops behind the ear. The bottom plate curves around the operator's face, while the top plate is more akin to thick (and slightly curved) goggles. The color scheme is mostly earthy (Cetus-esque browns and reds?), but the amber beads and blue are ayatan treasure hues? More proof of Orokin legacy, I guess. (Further legacy lies in the top plate, where the shape mimics both the vomvalyst headpiece and Orokin towers in the gold lining)

The Ostron are really into using all parts of something - even the brains and liver. So why not "use" the bits of scarred and twisted wood and flesh from dead sentients and recognize both the prominence of the past and the possibilities in the future? assert your dominance

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On 2019-02-15 at 2:03 PM, (NSW)Biraru said:



Lua’s Mask of Shadows

“When light and darkness dance, an entity does follow;

in the form of balance, it comes as a shadow”

This mask was made to signify moderation - to be humble yet proud, silent yet loud. Those who wear the mask seek enlightenment through the unworn path of equilibrium.


If this mask were to be in the game, the eclipse emblem (the gold pattern) could be coded to change according to the moon phases.

I love this because at a half glance all I thought was "Nakak is down with the Wu, that wins"

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I couldn't figure out how to actually post my picture in the box, my phone is ran by an incompetent user. Hopefully this is allowed and y'all actually look at it.


Anywho! I like this kinda contest. The mask I have here is simple. White stone massage with the jewels and a little paint. I think my operator like good with it haha

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Seeing the Ostrons make the Grineer mask was pretty cool and knowing that some of the Corpus that are in Cetus is interesting too

I wouldn't be surprised if the Ostrons see a Moa walker carrying supplies and they decide to make a mask based on the Moa head

Pretty outside the Box, but I had fun making it ^_^

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znoPFan.jpgn62TU4w.jpgReferences (along with Natah):

dkud2vy.jpgCelebrating the perilous duality and lessons of serving the Sentient Queen, this mask was commissioned by Ostron Elders and carved from Sentient Bone by Quill Master Craftsmen.

The mask, including the “Eye of Chimera” give off the unearthly Ephemera that is common throughout the plains at night when Sentient activity is present.


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The Ostron people wear this mask to celebrate the trials and tribulations of the Unum’s fiercest and most beloved fighter, the Glass Warrior. Every year they celebrate her sacrifices for Cetus and the Ostron by donning this mask that is adorned with finely cut gems from the Plains of Eidolon, crushed Iradite, pristine Sharrac scales, and a replica of all that remained of her battle-worn helmet. Legend says that on a windy Cetus day, you can still hear the crystalline ringing! Lok heb the Glass Warrior, Gara! Dah-dap, Surah! https://www.imgur.com/gallery/r2l4bnC

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  This contest was hard to resist even though I didn't have much time to work with so this is about 8 hours on-off of work in polymer clay today. Pleased with it though!

   To it's brothers and sisters, before the voyage through the Void, the enormous Sentient that would forever change the Plains of Earth was known as Kthon.
When it descended upon the planet, however, the adaptoid titan earned a new title from the Tenno and forces of the Unum shattered and consumed by it before Gara's valiant sacrifice to slay the beast:

Tsuchigumo, the Earth Spider.

In universe, this is a roughly textured Devar shaved stone mask with Sentirum inlay and Nyth false eyes, used during festivals and storytellings of when Gara, whose samurai / onna-bugeisha aesthetic inspired the name, defeated the gigantic sentient determined to bring forth a new brood with the power of orokin Kuva.


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For my entry, I wanted to base a simple mask around the culture of Cetus and its people: the Unum, its Chosen Warrior Gara, and the sentients roaming outside its walls. I felt that a mask crafted from each of these things would best reflect this! The overall mask would be made from pieces of the Unum's exterior chipped away in the process of collecting the temple's flesh, supported by the under-scaffold on which the meat grows, sporting accents of gold and glass - the latter inspired by Gara's helmet. Small flairs of sentient origin, gathered from Vomvalysts unable to retreat to water before sunrise, adorn one side. (I have been having some trouble with getting my inserts and links to work, in case the image doesn't show or the link-through does not work, here is a source link, and a temporary alternate dropbox link that will be cleared once the week is over.)


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Here is my Mask. It is called "Heritage". It is an old Orokin artifact salvaged from the Unum. It's origins are probably from some ancient Orokin tradition. One half was broken so the people of Cetus tried their best to make it better again. It tells the story of times long past. It is the Tenno's ancestry, it is their Heritage!!!

Link Here:


God Bless and have a great day!



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Here's my mask. I obviously need some expert help on this for textures, shading, symmetry. I wanted to go for a gas mask type of look but futuristic and kind of primitive with the headdress type feather looking crown thing at the top. I hope you guys like it! All the ones I'm seeing are incredible. Good luck everyone!!

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