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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Venetian Carnival is here, and we’re celebrating with a new Operator Mask for Nakak’s shop - designed by YOU! Inspire Nakak with your design and you could see it added in-game. Ai yo!

How to enter:

Design an Operator Mask and submit the original illustration in this thread for judging! Feel free to include a brief description of what inspired your design.


  • One submission per player
  • Artwork must be original and not taken from other sources
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread
  • Only post submissions in this thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified
  • The winning submission becomes property of Digital Extremes to be put into Warframe.

The winner will be chosen based on the quality and creativity of the design. Make sure your submission suits Warframe’s lore and the Ostron style!

The winning design will be interpreted by our artists who may make tweaks as needed to ensure that the overall design remains true to Warframe’s style.

The completed Operator Mask will then be added to Nakak’s shop in Warframe!


  • 1st place – Your Mask added to Nakak’s shop + 1000 Platinum!    
  • 2nd place – 1000 Platinum!    
  • 3rd place – 750 Platinum!    
  • 4th place – 500 Platinum!    
  • 5th place – 250 Platinum!   

This contest starts now until February 28 @ 1:00PM ET!


Good luck, Tenno!

Just now, [DE]Helen said:

So much talent! We had to take it to a company-wide vote to select the winners for this contest, and everyone at DE agreed there were too many incredible submissions to put just one in-game. That is why both the first place and second place masks will be added to Nakak's shop! I can't thank you enough for sharing your beautiful designs with us. We admire your creativity.

Here are the Venetian Carnival contest winners:

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Here are the Venetian Carnival contest honorable mentions from which we selected the winners:


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1 minute ago, (PS4)jaegerbombtastic said:

Is digital art ok? I’m not.. good at sculpting haha. 

Also, does the mask have to be based after factions/characters in warframe or can it be based after things outside of the game?

it says original illustration i think that means the base art for it

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Just now, tatomano said:

are you able to like draw them on paper than post it?


Yes, of course! Digital art, physical art, or even pictures of an actual 3D mask would all be welcome. What's important is that our artists clearly understand the concept so they can recreate it in-game. 😄

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29 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:

Make sure your submission suits Warframe’s lore and the Ostron style!

Tribal/organic/Sentient theme, no futuristic nor mechanical one then. Maybe I'll go for a bit of fleshy horror :3

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26 minutes ago, Proxim4Midnight said:

is there any specific theme?

We want you to feel free to get creative, but make sure your design will suit the style of the other masks in Nakak's shop! A design that is smooth and modern won't work, for example.

16 minutes ago, pfft_as_if said:

Can the masks be full faced? Or can it only be like the one in the picture? 

Covering the full face is fine!

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So, I'll start this by saying that I make no claim to this picture. That's Mirage Prime, our resident Harlequin and the Warframe we should all be celebrating in this world during such event. As such, I'd personally love a Mirage mask for my operator, and I'm pretty sure Nakak could just cut this design from cardboard and use some colored pencils.

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