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Can I get a partial Grind Break?


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Void Traces.
Grindy Mc Grind face of the house of Grind in Grindville, Grindtopia: Has had enough of grinding for void traces and she has WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY mor patience than I do.

I have just spent 5800 VT on the relics for Ash, Vauban, Carrier ETC  before I got them all.
I have so far spent 3300 VT on 33 relics trying to get Atlas Prime Neuroptics and still no success.
(I have the WF now But I still have an IOU to a friend for the Neuroptics)

Now I'm Looking into the Kuva Dich and find out that the only actual useful crap in the relics require radiant for it to even be worth while!

Seeing DE has Forced us to do Kuva Missions to get requiem relics so the mods can decay and disappear, wouldn't it make more sense to upgrade the requiem relics with Kuva instead?

Oh, wait, that wouldn't add to the frustration of players, so there's no way in hell DE would even consider it.


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I would like the Kuva idea just for the sake of consistency. But there would still be a metric f-ton of players who would complain about that. "Oh? I need to use Kuva to upgrade relics? But I want to use it on Rivens!"

Just make sure you squad up. At worst it's taken me 5 runs to get the Requiem I needed. But that's RNG. Sometimes it's aight, sometimes it sucks. At least with Prime stuff you can buy with plat which (at least on PC) is pretty easy to farm enough. Requiems I wasn't able to whale out for (except for the initial pack which could only be bought once) but I've pretty much got through all the liches except ephemera ones. Trade or buy Kuva Liches so that's one or two layers of RNG you don't have to mess with.


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One of the main problems here is void traces, and what it's for.

When it comes to getting rare parts, the low drop chance is more or less,
necessary to keep the primes at about the range of ownership intended.

This might be hard to explain.. but the race to zero is in the wrong place.
When we have a relic and need the drop, we're throwing everything at it.
That relic is a scarcity.. and that makes the traces unsustainable.
So we've got 4 layers of scarcity trying to deliver mechanics and modes.

My thought is, if we could transmute our spare relics..
Excess relics would not be so trivial, and rare relics would not feel so rare.
In doing so, we're less panicked and driven to hoard or spend All traces
for that rare occasion when we can radiant for primes.

This frees up how we feel about spending our traces, and how scarce
they seem to be.. as well as restore some agency over the RNG.

A good casino doesn't make you feel how badly you're losing..
it reinforces that a win is right around the corner, and you have the tools.
With less concern over the outgoing traces and fleeting chances,
you retain a sense that with a little more grind, you've got the edge.
...and if OP is getting tilted, simply put, the system ain't there yet.

The Kuva for Kuva relics would also alleviate this in this circumstance,
by pushing it onto another scarcity.. as mentioned, Rivens.
It would also mean that to maintain Riven roll chances, you skip the Lich.
...which is why that's not the resource we use.

The intent was to have a persistent enemy that integrates into other
missions.. and making it use all your Kuva would quarantine Lich as a
total loss. Reason being? Every drop of Kuva is the only agency we have
over Rivens; rivens already being the result of what happens when they 
pushed the scarcity of decent weapons, onto an RNG mechanic.
That gave us agency enough to buy them time to develop story..
tinker with that, and you're chipping at a very big, very full dam.

tl;dr: I don't rush to spend traces on relics I have access to.
Maybe the relics play a role in the problem here.

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2 hours ago, (PS4)thorfinn01 said:

Now I'm Looking into the Kuva Dich and find out that the only actual useful crap in the relics require radiant for it to even be worth while!

Don't waste void traces on Requiem relics, there's so few of them (only 4) and the odds of getting the Uncommon requiem mods is higher than the Exilus adapter which is already useless since you can get that from syndicates easy, I use requiem fissures to grind void traces.

13 minutes ago, Miser_able said:

We it comes to requiem relics, radian tis a waste of traces. Flawless works just fine, with the exception of rad groups, who will get mad at you for not using a radiant.

And those groups have no idea just how much time and resources they're wasting for a radiant, you're better off never joining a rad-share, the chances of at least two people using the same relic is much higher in requiem fissures than normal ones so you'll never ever have any justification for getting that extra chance to get what you want, when we're practically swimming in them from all the thralls/siphons.

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