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Why daily login reward system is still so awful?


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Now ain't THIS some junk....

A person complaining cuz they got ENDO.....not Fieldron Samples or Detonite....but mother chugging ENDO.

OP must be the type of player that passes by Stars and Statues in the mission cuz they ain't got time for ENDO....yet gonna be the first person upset that they do not have enough when BK brings a new Primed mod and want to max it.

ENDO is a great reward. 

Orokin Cells is a great reward.

Boosters are great rewards.

Anything that you could buy for plat is a good reward.

But Fieldron Samps and Detonite amp are not good rewards....complain about those ESPECIALLY after MR 12.

First world problems

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That one sales guy recently gave a bunch of credits as login reward.

His words?

"Since you're a friend, there's something special for you." or something like that.


Like, special friendship gift in form of a bunch of credits? Who does he think he is, that one "best friend" who tells you to go F yourself in your birthday card?

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22小时前 , Melanholic7 说:

I mean, those amounts feeld just like a bad joke. =/   

Its not like I want ez muney from daily login, but i want to start my day from thoughts "wow, thats nice gift, i dont need it , cause im old enough and have most of stuff, but this just feels cute and nice".   

So, its mainly about attitude... If you are giving rewards - numbers should be reasonable.

You can name some examples and see how other feel about.  Judging by how far away the system rework is. It's obvious outdated because by the time past DE give out more and more rewarde.Because of the arbitration and free Legendary Core give away 320 endo is nothing and that's unavoidable.

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