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  1. I got used to the new system pretty quickly but I still think the old one was better. It just felt more like I'm actually working on my ship, not some throwaway item in my arsenal.
  2. There was a time when I kept my Mesa's color close to default because I liked the color scheme, but after a while I changed it because I have this need to customize everything. Like, when DE added the option to recolor our HUD, I basically celebrated my birthday early. I always wanted to change those colors. I think there are multiple reasons why people do this, but the most likely reason is simply because they like the color scheme. For example, default Ember Prime looks decent, but default Hyldrin is absolutely horrible.
  3. I guess "fist" is profanity. Can't have S#&$e on the internet. EDIT: Unless you're talking about your real real name, not your username.
  4. Style or not, this... thing... doesn't even look like a warframe, it looks like some deformed alien mutant with inflatable arms.
  5. What in the actual frick were they thinking? This is horrible.
  6. Intrinsics are based on XP gained, so yeah, getting your butt handed to you and then trying to un-screw the situation nets you more XP. Why exactly DE thinks that's a good idea is beyond me.
  7. Or you could just not build every damn thing and only spend your forma on things you actually want, rather than wasting them for the sake of trying to prove something to yourself. But that'd be too easy and we don't do easy around here.
  8. Anything that adds to the fun is good in my book. Though it'd probably be faster to just shoot the guy.
  9. Not recently, but when she was released. Took me a whole week to get her. RNGesus wasn't on my side that time.
  10. He's a ship cephalon, not a crew member. He does the boring stuff, like managing systems, firing maneuvering thrusters, controlling shields, scans, communications, so on. You get to do the fun stuff. Also, he takes his job serious. Not something you could say for a certain other ship cephalon.
  11. Translation: OP wants a mod that turns a turret into an unarmed scanner for a couple minutes. That's a horrible idea. If you really want to scan stuff, grab Amesha and go out there.
  12. "Nerf Saryn" This again? Why won't peo- "buff nekros, a post made by Nekros" Yeah, okay. I'm out.
  13. Never thought I'd see a decent post from Eriniy. Anyway, personally I used to work with SFM and I had a bunch of WF models that some guy ripped from the game and converted for use in SFM, simple .mdl files. But getting those was a real pain, hidden somewhere in an ancient reddit link. Unless you manage to find those again and convert them to PMX, I don't think you'll be getting those models anytime soon. Yes.
  14. Closest thing I can think of would be Ghost in the Shell, but that one's more "sci-fi SWAT" than all out war.
  15. Small clan made with a friend, which is also a member of an alliance made by other friends, all of which came from a whole other clan where we first met.
  16. Now that's some real spaghetti code right there.
  17. Doesn't matter what excuse you come up with, if you have a Lich/Sister and join a public squad, you stab them.
  18. Ah, yes. The classic "video without context" posts. Surely nothing will go wrong here. I can guarantee that nobody will tell you to make up your own mind instead of blindly agreeing to everything some random youtuber with as much game knowledge as game journalists says. In no way is this going to backfire so hard, your grandkids will feel the burn, too. Absolutely not. This will go over well.
  19. Hell, I hated them. Still do. Nothing about them was enjoyable. Nothing.
  20. Trade bans can happen for many reasons. My guess is you had abnormal mission results somewhere and DE's system decided that a long as hell tradeban is the best course of action.
  21. Most people react in one of two ways when encountering a mech: Option 1: Leave Option 2: Can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  22. Does "none, because I won't waste time and ressource on a random buff I have no real control over" count?
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