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  1. I'm still waiting for that "realistic" skin. Maybe someday...
  2. Because 99% of the community would pitch in to launch a god damn nuke at DE for it. Battle Royal is pure BS, and everything related to it can rot in the deepest pits of hell.
  3. I'd even pay for that operator suit. Double. But I won't get to use it anytime soon, if ever, because I refuse to grind Nightwave for 30 ranks just to get a suit for a gameplay element that I barely use.
  4. o0Despair0o

    rip kuva

    Some people spend an hour and get nothing. Welcome to Bugframe.
  5. Or just, google for "Marvel Carnage Color Scheme" and apply those colors to Nidus.
  6. What is this "upgrade" you're talking about? Stalker is even worse than before.
  7. As a matter of fact, that headline convinced me that you're probably one of the worst FashionFramers. As in, even worse than the Pink Rhino with Titania Idle-Cult. But to answer your questions; Darker Colors with a Bright energy color usually work. Black, Dark Blue, Silver maybe. As for energy, Yellow, Orange, Blue, maybe White or a light pink. Those work pretty okay. Then again, Banshee's - in mythology - are basically dead. Ghosts. Something among those lines. You could try to find inspirations from pictures on google: I think I got some old screenshots around somewhere... There's no "no armor" options, since most Frames have none to begin with. But you can use other armors instead. Something subtle to give her a symmetrical look.
  8. So you've successfully wasted several hours of your life. Congratualtions. This is why I never bother with achievements lol
  9. o0Despair0o

    rip kuva

    But... you got the kuva? Am I missing something here? Like, did you only get "some" of the kuva, or what?
  10. Oh, I am dead serious. I won't play him. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't see any reason for this guy to exist.
  11. My honest opinion? This wannabe-Kirby is a disaster. A waste of time and money. A bad joke. A waste of space.
  12. I believe he's complaining about the recruitment chat being a mess and that DE doesn't do anything about it other than banning people who recruit in region chat.
  13. The shape of the blade looks like someone cut that one tennogen Kronen skin in half.
  14. If you could just remove that horrible text formating, that'd be great.
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