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  1. I've been wondering where our Lord and Savior Eriny has been all this time. It is good to see you again, my liege. Have thy gods of the internet treated you well?
  2. Honestly, your mastery rank just shows how much time you spent AFKing on Hydron/Helene/pre-nerf Draco.
  3. Enemy stats don't scale liniar anymore, but in an S curve last I checked. So... yay? If DE says it works, good enough for me. I almost never play level 100+ content anyway.
  4. Defense, obviously. Though, do yourself and everyone else and favor and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use the Shock Mote during defense. You'll just stunlock enemies left, right and center, slowing down the mission. Other than that, any mission that requires to stay around a certain area is good.
  5. Reminds me of my Godzilla-sized Kubrow invading my AW mission once.
  6. This guy is literally hijacking other threads for this, man.
  7. This thread: *mhm* Chef's kiss. Absolute art.
  8. Ignoring the incoming storm of "ArChWinG bAd!!!!11!!1!!", this is in fact a horrible idea. Not because of archwing itself, but the AI. NPCs in this game can barely get from point a to point b, how do you expect them to deliver a decent one-on-one fight in archwing? Have you played railjack? Ships just kamikaze right at you.
  9. Maybe if you'd post this in Feedback you'd actually achieve something with this thread, because there's nothing to discuss here. Wukong bad, power creep is real, "I know more about game development than the actual developers mimimi". If you want dark souls level of challenge go play frickin dark souls. This game never was about difficulty, no matter how hard you try to deny it.
  10. It's a joke, my guy. Anyway, to give you a more realistic answer; DE doesn't know how to get that to work with the spaghetti code they're working with.
  11. Thing is, I don't care. If I play a ranged class (doesn't matter if the game calls it close-range, guns = ranged), I want to aim manually, but the manual aim in that game is horrible. I'm not even asking for it to be removed, just let me disable it. I checked every damn option and there's none.
  12. Tried it, uninstalled it within 3 hours. The fact that you can't turn off the auto targeting ruins it for me. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to play a gunner and hear the lockon sound every 2 nanoseconds? Don't even get me started on the half-assed manual aim. I don't know how anyone can deal with this.
  13. Do you even realize how old this comment is?
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