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  1. I always install the automatic updates and I'm not having any issues with it...
  2. You okay, man? I think the Kuva dust is getting to your head.
  3. ^this I sacrificed 2 frames, Nidus and Zephyr, and gave up after that. Those 2 were all it took for me to realize that helminth ain't worth it. Like, instant shield restore on hyldrin is nice, but everything else is worthless.
  4. Disappointment is one thing, crying a ocean's worth of salty tears like a 3 year old child that didn't get his christmas present is another. And so far, every single thread about this matter has been nothing but salty tears.
  5. God, no. The last thing I want is smashing E like there's no tomorrow only for some annoying AF voice shouting "Awesome! Savage! Strike! Holy Macaroni Pizza Rolls!" every 2 seconds.
  6. Let's see you say that again in 3+ years when content updates don't inspire happiness but fear.
  7. I tried it out on some frames and honestly, I just don't like it. Looks pretty stupid in fact. Only reason I kept in on Mesa for now is because I don't want the tokens from 1 bounty to go to waste.
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