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  1. As far as I know, K-Drives all have the exact same stats without mods. So those who own speed mods are practically guaranteed to win. Shortcuts aren't an option because all the jumping required slows you down too much. Also it'd just be another kind of PvP. Conclusion: Not gonna happen.
  2. I'd say Nyx because I always imagined her, as a person, to be the kind of person who never really talks and keeps to himself. Kinda like me. Or maybe Ivara because I like bows and arrows. But if I'd have to limit myself to male frames since I'm a male IRL, I'd say Excal because swords.
  3. To be fair, there's no reason to like it, either. It's annoying, interrupts your gameplay, and takes away your "freedom" if you know what I mean. Like, I no longer get to choose when to block. It just happens when I don't need it.
  4. The best option would be revert the melee "overhaul" and only leave the reworked slam attacks in. That way we can have the advantage of the improved slam attacks and the better gameplay of the old version. Might as well bring back wallrunning while we're at it.
  5. I was going to check out the remastered plains. But if they launch Operation Cancer Star at the same time, I'm staying away from that place.
  6. Mod it. It may not be OP, but the AoE damage is fairly high unless you're one of those "omfg I can't oneshot that level 4964048 enemy with this"-tryhards. The problem is that it only works on shielded enemies. Try using it in a grineer mission. You're not getting jack sh*t from them. I mean, it makes sense, but half the game is grineer stuff. So it only works in half of the game. It provides a massive shield buff and a bit AoE damage around you and your allies. It's mainly a support ability. Cast it, wait for your squads shields to go bananas, turn it off again. Let's be honest here, who plays Vauban these days? Yes, Aegis may not be as effective, BUT it allows you to move, which kinda counters that. It's like a smaller, but moving bastille.
  7. It's a myth. Or rather, it's a lie. If I were to list every single comment I've seen in the past 3 years around here that was toxic torwards other people, I'd have enough material to write a 200-page book.
  8. Knowing DE, the only thing we'll get is more grind and time waste. Heck, when Railjack comes out, we'll probably have to farm for 30 different ship components, each taking 24 hours to build and then combine them into a whole ship which takes another week of waiting. And half of the stuff is probably locked behind max rank Vox Solaris because "screw your precious time, you're maxing this faction out now."
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst possible score, the quality of this troll is -12. Minus. Twelve.
  10. So... you... want us to list our kubrows here? I guess? I had 2 long ago but I sold them to Lotus.
  11. Lotus has betrayed me. Nora is by far the most annoying living being I've seen in my nearly 20 years on this earth. Yeah, no thanks. The only thing I'm loyal to is money.
  12. Whoo, necro'd! Always wanted to say that before lock. That reminds me, /inb4 lock
  13. I don't remember wall attacks ever feeling not dry.
  14. Sounds like yet another reason to ignore nightwave. Hooray for not giving a damn about trying to max out everything. Not to mention the glory of this community when it comes to complaints. "Oi, this guy's opinion is different than my own. I SHOULD MAKE STUPID JOKES, TRY TO ACT SMARTER THAN I AM AND MAKE HORRIBLE ATTEMPTS AT SARCASM TO SHOW OFF MY SUPERIORITY." Yeah, nice "community" we got here.
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