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  1. So basically, thing's turned to crap because of some overrated youtuber's feedback. Who would have guessed. And people wonder why I hate WF youtubers with a passion...
  2. And yet their channels are basically entirely Warframe related. Goes to show how much DE cares for actual feedback from actual players. Their content creators don't even play the game a whole lot.
  3. Ignoring the 2 year Nekros Prime you pulled here, it's a MP4 file. GIFs and MP4 aren't the same.
  4. The funny part is that these overhyped youtubers usually know less about the game even after years of playing than some newb who's been playing for less than 15 hours. I mean, really. I've seen people with like 10 hours of playtime who could answer more questions about the game than these clickbait content creators.
  5. Because Saryn's abilities only really work when you're staying in the same area (defense, survival), and are borderline useless in any other mode, people don't really use Saryn anywhere.
  6. Naming and shaming will only get you banned. Cover up his username before a moderator smacks you on the head.
  7. Your first post on these forums and it's a 7 year necro. Thanatos would be proud.
  8. 1st off, you're in the wrong place. The forums can't help and DE doesn't read in off topic. Contact support. 2nd, this sounds like your average everyday excuse. "But it was my friend!" Yeah, right, I don't believe that, and neither will DE. And if it is true, get a new friend and ditch the old one. 3rd, it's your account. So regardless of who or what actually wrote that message, it's on you.
  9. I somehow doubt that people are gonna close their game, go to off topic and search for the one guy who got booted from the game.
  10. I mean, the RJ was always meant to be a interceptor-type ship, not a battleship/cruiser, so having a massive ship like the current RJ but only 1/2 main guns was kinda stupid.
  11. My only problem with the zephyr deluxe is that orange back-to-the-future vest. Looks like a damn rain jacket without sleeves. Who thought this was a good design?
  12. As much as I want capital ship battles, I think we both know that this would just become missile platform 2.0; people parking the ship right in front of it and then wondering why their ship blew up.
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