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  1. Technically it's just a texture on a skybox. I'll show myself out.
  2. Probably because Bramma also killed things while Protea is a frickin joke.
  3. /inb4 some guy tells you to learn how to mod your guns properly.
  4. Seriously, you people need to stop begging for nerfs. It's always the same. A weapon gets nerfed into oblivion because people cry about it being OP, and then the very same people cry about stuff being too hard. Just stop. Please. Frickin stop.
  5. Gonna be some pink rhino with wings and Wisp idle, I guarantee it.
  6. I swear I will slap you if I get my hands on you.
  7. If an enemy survives 10+ shots to the face, I consider them a bullet sponge. I've seen enemies tanking several magazines of fully modded weapons. Are you seriously trying to tell me that there are no bullet sponges? The scaling rework reduced the bullet sponge issue, but it still exists to some extend.
  8. If it means we get less bugs and more content, I'll welcome Sony with open arms.
  9. I have to disagree with you there. At least Equi was a decent boss fight that was remotely fun to play.
  10. At least you didn't get the surprise virus as well :s
  11. Honestly I'd just run Seargent 20 times if I need a potato or something.
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