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Cephalon Joke-a-Thon Contest [Winners Announced]


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"We've detected a new void fissure.  Not a mission you should aVoid?"


It's too bad it's only one per.  Some of my other ideas:


"The Grineer are fighting the Corpus?  I suppose I'm not that Infested in the outcome..."

"Extermination complete.  --zzzzt— Corpus, more like Corpses— Well done."

"I've discarded a message from Eudico.  I don't know what mucking is, but it would certainly make a mess of the lander..."

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(after refining a relic, after The Sacrifice has been completed)

*in the same voice as Vitruvian Ordis*  Star-Child, have you shone light on your golden past? it's a prime time to remember.

(it isn't so much as a joke, more of a throwback of sorts to the Vitruvian Ordis/Vestigal Ordis, or whatever you want to call it, from the Sacrifice because I really liked that version of him and wish he showed up more)

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I'm so excited to be back in active service! It is a good change of pace, after all that time I spent ceph-alone.


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