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  1. Dont know, I did participate in Plague Star in january it was so repetitive I got 2 parts to build the kripath, an arcane and maybe the sigil thats it. I usually run random relics and get forma bps, Id say the efficiency is way better as you farm prime parts aside and resources like pigments or gallium for exemple. As for naberus Im pleased that it requires mother tokens that are very easy to get, plus bounties are not very boring compaired to the plague star lephantis which was annoying and icing on the cake you earn a ton of deimos resources.
  2. It was in his offerings on the 2020, July 31. Did get mine there :)
  3. Cool stuff, gotta find a place for Teshin in orbiter now :)
  4. Truly the Nights of Naberus is quite simple in itself and I like that. It simply requires Mother Tokens that are easily obtained and we can get the items from Plague Star. I missed the plague Keewar now in foundry ;). Thank you!
  5. If the revised Part 4 comes out I doubt it will be before end of the year, we have already the Prime Access, NW, Deimos, Corpus Liches and removal/change of archwing missions. If it is, I hope they dont release it just before the holidays. They said for sure abilites and status. Surely reworks are coming on frames, status hmm might change some meta builds. As for Railjack revised pretty sure it will come later, we still wait for Command intrinsincs, Liches inclusion, diversity of missions. My best guess is they will release all faction liches before having a big Railajck update that
  6. We got 3 host migrations in a row during first few rounds of Onslaught, no one left it just switched host on his own. Kinda annoying at it resets every current ability selected or already on ground, ie Vauban mines, Ivara arrows etc. I noticed sometimes it does an host migration during mission loading. Maybe to balance ping and have kind of a triangle around the host, so everyone has a decent ping. Its my best guess.
  7. Next time ppl will get upset about LR50 😏 they will always be upset ppl about something. Just enjoy the game, grab MR along the way (and popcorn) thats it. MR30 is just another milestone for me just getting MR15 at the time was a long way and I'm 19 a year after. I guess its upsetting for people who did grind for MR by spending plats or others who have waited this for a long time maybe dunno.
  8. Reaching rank 90 this week as well, didn't even do all missions and you gain standing passively killing glassed enemies. So well now you can forget NW until Intermission :)
  9. I dont remember seeing any Dojo decoration where you can place the fish, you meant the Orbiter quarters maybe? In Dojo you can craft an aquarium with glass panels, bubbles, plants and stuff as for the fish you can place trophies but it does not compare to the fish in Orbiter aquariums. Would be a really good room. I have seen several dojos creating sort of gardens, greenhouses or botanic ones my own dojo included. Theres great potential to cultivate plants and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.
  10. Totally support this <3 Would love a dedicated room in dojo or an interactive elment like an empty flowerbed and you place frost leafs etc. And since we talk of hydroponic we could have an aquarium below to place fishes 🐟
  11. Pretty sure both the Alchemist and Wraithe are male. WiIl have to wait next year for female ones x)
  12. Kavats spawn half of the time in first room of Derelict Survival now on Deimos, and some more can spawn during the mission. I usually take Ivara, scan them if there are present then survive 5 mins and again. Quickest maybe is aborting if the 1rst room does not have any kavat.
  13. Last time there was no Q&A from forums only from twitch/youtube chat will there be any again? There was a ton of good questions in forum post for last devstream ofc you can't answer everything but at least make a selection of 5 and answer them. it would be very nice. (like where's the Corpus fighter shown in devstream 117 ? etc) Can't wait for trying the display(s) in relay like tennocon :)
  14. Got some weird stuff like me and another person got "Killed 1 Boss" while we were killing Phorid, now Phorid has a hidden twin? Also just got Octavia and everytime I use her it shows "0% damage taken" ok thats true but I killed a lot enemies. Octavia and stealth frames in general will always have close to 0% damage taken including Limbo.
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