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  1. Something like 20+ pages posted in the forums Id say. Its usually the form of these Dev Workshops. Get ready to read 😄
  2. Id say more abilities added to Helminth because the Design Council was asked for Helminth abilities at some point last year (cant check that again as I dont have access anymore), there were a lot of pages of suggestions.
  3. More abilities introduced for helminth? something else? Anyway thanks for the heads up.
  4. I think I cleared it with Saryn, bunch of speed and parkour mods, practiced like 5 times to get it right. When youre quick enough its about memorizing paths.
  5. Ive tried to get Gara chassis with randoms throwing bunch of radiant relics and then stumbled upon a squad we chatted a lot and we opened a ton of radiant and intact, made a friend got the part finally. Another case, stupid limbo systems I couldnt get and like 6 months later got it from a totally random fissure. Its just luck and mostly patience, made wonderful friends and and met cheerful people along the way. Dont give up but dont burn out either.
  6. I wont judge until I can play her and tinker with the mods, plus we still dont know if the k drive is moddable or not and you can always put an helminth ability in its place. I think itll be handy for large maps such as newer corpus maps and railjack.
  7. Amazing work ! Yareli looks awesome, weapons and so on have interesting effects. A few quick questions : - what is Yareli subsume ability? is her mini quest locked behind owning a k-drive? at least it would make sense - about "elite crew" what does the increase of stats mean? more competency to spend? or more at base? both?
  8. So Im a main Valkyr and you want me to see enemies waists when I use the ultimate? Sure but then rework the whole frame and I dont even know if I would play it. A new warframe on the other hand, why not, the other day I was reading a novel with 'warframes" and one was sort of horse. As others said they would need a new model like they did with Grendel, rework every animation and so on.
  9. The plains are indeed most likely in the Void, if we get to Tau one day itll be as our true selves in fact adults and not children. I think well uncover the secrets of the Zariman incident on the plains and return as adults. Seen a theory that the adults lost their memories being transformed by the void and that their current appearance its kinda an illusion or something like that.
  10. I did create again an amazon account with a temporary credit card to get the free trial period (it mentioned paying 50€ or something but it didnt do anything in the end, last time it tried to get 5.99 several times. god I hate amazon, now im using a temporary card with little money on it). I did get the syandana which I like and claimed Loki but I dont really bother to check that one, Im not a main Loki at all.
  11. Im really grateful for the change, for me it displays 30000 as 30 000 now (Im french) so big numbers are more noticeable now and much longer :D.
  12. Maybe the wall and spectrorage will have a slightly different appereance. Other than that I dont expect a change at all, shes already good.
  13. They will likely present more in detail Sisters of Parvos and show Yareli gameplay in next devstream, and new war (next chapter of new war) for tennocon.
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