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  1. 161 ?? Am I dreaming ? Thats a lot !! Thanks These were confusing indeed. Looking forward the improvements!
  2. Just put Quiver on any frame and use the invis arrow when acolyte spawns, it does not see you 😅
  3. Wouldnt be surprised if they announce it after tennocon ;)
  4. Got a balla dagger that is already fast without mods well I concur using Berserker and being at 75% breaks the stance so I dont even use attack speed mods on that one. On other melees I prefer Quickening, Ikr its not 75% attack speed but at least the whole stances work.
  5. Totally agree with that I believe they are making the right choice and brings up RJ at the same or close to regular mission where the whole squad matters, I'm thinking about defense in arbitrations for exemple where you should bring aoe frames and stuff, eidolons too and ropalolyst that requires a bit of preparation. And about polarities and forma that means RJ is less of a content island too :D Well lets wait for the Workshop thatll be interesting.
  6. To me it indicates that people are gonna be better geared for rj, I mean before you didnt even care about ther rj itself and let one people who built the railjack doing it all.
  7. Same here it looks fitting for Titania, capes and stuff just mess up with the wings.
  8. Built mine last week so yeah pretty damn sure. If you want to farm bounties for a single component better do it in pre made team or solo. Usually people mess up everything with host migrations or just want to run this or that bounty after you finish the one you wanted. I got a few troubles not being the host and wanted to leave just after finishing a T1 isolation vault (something irl came up) left the squad and there was nothing in ressource summary from the vault. Now if I need something I just go solo otherwise follow the group until back to Necralisk.
  9. I think a lot of people wanted this :D My main question is : Talking about Railjack Revisitied does this include moving standard archwing nodes off the starchart ? Consequently will the Railjack Proxima Map nodes give mastery ? Second question I believe others will ask that too : Second iteration on reworks of frames?
  10. DPS is largely irrevelant I think you dont do 30 mins boss fight against a bullet sponge of billions hp and you dont need to know your teammates dps. I once played Rift and there you needed to know the dps etc to know for example if you had sufficient aggro or in most cases if your team needed to gear up. Most bosses have immunity phases so why bother with dps?
  11. I still remember trying to get Ivara using Valkyr for 20 times or more xD. Almost every spy has a main way to the console + tunnels or accesses that are sometimes closed or change locations. For exemple the underwater tileset with the elevator at the center you can try jumping from platforms or going on the side jumping up or theres a way under the elevator itself but it has a lot of lasers. Good luck!
  12. Hello, From the missions I did : 1/ not always, I believe shooting them on engines should do the trick but sometimes they still survive, dont have avionics for it though 2/ Tycho Seeker is your friend, wait until lock on thats when arrows are in target corners then shoot at ramsleds, shields etc.
  13. This grind is indeed really weird the drop chance is already low to get everything from him PLUS you have to get beacons which cost a lot and are not always in NW shop. A dedicated node or replacing a grineer commander on RJ would be awesome.
  14. Found it randomly searching for octavias meme xD its from a reddit post
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