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  1. Hi all, Ill try digital this year for the doodles, just installed Krita after discussing drawings with a friend on vacation. Day 9 Day 11 Day 18 I had fun using different brushes for the clouds ^^ as for the Tempestarii I tried to draw with my color sheme but oh well im not satisfied with the result x) Day 19 Day 21
  2. Ghoul saw? Looking forward the stream 😆
  3. During the few missions I played with her before subsume I got the falling through the world at least 5 times and elevators a lot. Didnt know about the rest though.
  4. Just check at https://www.twitch.tv/warframeinternational/schedule for your local time. Its 7pm GMT but well summer times and etc..
  5. Reminder there is always the spanish stream on wednesday later on https://www.twitch.tv/warframeinternational. For me its perfect as I cant catch the regular one, its during my work hours.
  6. Ive seen more Proteas than Valkyr which I play mainly, missions tend to be Mesa Wukong and 2 random frames. As for Protea well Granum Void, I can almost build her now since the Sisters arrived pushed me into doing some Granum Void but now I lack cryotic which I dont farm nor want to farm actively.
  7. Can enter only a "TennoLive relay 1" but nothing in the center relating to Tennocon
  8. According to this page : https://www.warframe.com/tennocon/digital-extras Next Prime Warframe 3 deluxe skins 😆 As for New War quest and maybe event like Scarlet Spear but on the plains.
  9. Id say were gonna have an event with a mix of Plague Star and Scarlet Spear.
  10. Go to https://www.twitch.tv/warframeinternational they are streaming right now and give built forma
  11. I prefer dojo research than boss fight ie Tyl Regor and the likes.
  12. Id say the trick chain and race standing are a bit too much I did those at the Pearl and near Temple of Profit. The rest is okay, had some trouble with slam and for some tricks it wasnt the correct key (-> instead of D ) so kinda confusing. Just finished the quest without a lot of mods so its doable.
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