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when does locking most mods behind something with a 0.2% drop chance a good idea?


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18 hours ago, IIDMOII said:

Terrible drop rates, RNG, nested syndicate grinds and time gating are literally the only methods DE knows how to employ to add replay value to their paper thin content updates. 

The content itself can be beaten, cleared and forgotten about in 10 minutes. Its the asian, mobile, gatcha systems that artificially add longevity.

Personally i would like to see ONE single update that contains a meaty chunk of content that isnt padded out with mobile junk or isnt copypasta. Just one. thats all i ask. 

Also disagree with the people suggesting that platinum value somehow makes this ok. The trading system and economy in this game is awful and I would never entertain the idea of using a RMT system where the 'House' directly controls the value of items and currency. It's ridiculous. 


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16 hours ago, (PS4)Double991 said:

On the weekend that Baro brought the mod drop chance booster I farmed isolation vaults for the most of it and the only gold mod I got was necramech intensify. At this point I've given up on farming streamline because it's a waste of time and my necramech is strong enough on the steel path bounty.


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Too much text didn't read.


Creating artificial Scarcity gives the illusion of Value, thus encouraging Trade. DE benefits from Trades (even p2p trades) since all Platinum is converted from Real Money; regardless of what it gets used to buy.

In fact p2p Trades are probably a bigger money stimulus for DE than Market; since Players can set Outrageous prices that if DE had done themselves would get them hanged.

Yup, so instead of making things blatantly expensive, DE makes them super rare (*cough* rivens) and lets players predictably set the prices high. it all goes in DE's pocket in the end, but they can avoid the backlash. Greatest scheme ever.

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