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octavia system not dropping



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7 hours ago, Alyptical said:

okay, so simply i did over 12 lua cache runs and- nothing, basically just endo spam, can someone tell if this is a bug or something that octavia system isnt dropping??

That's the crossfire with the caches, right?

You need to locate/open all three, and the drop chance is 22.56% I think. So, it should drop within 4 - 5 runs , or within 30 runs if your luck sucks.

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3 hours ago, (PS4)Quantaminum said:

Don't waste time with 2 or 3 caches.

Just go for the first one.

Seems like a case of bad luck (that 1-in-1000 kind), but I'd wait until more people complain about it before assuming broken RNG.

This isn't quite 1 in 1000 yet.

Systems drop chance is 22.56%. If my math is correct, that means that 1 in 10 people need at least 10 tries to get them and 1 in 100 people need at least 19 tries. 1 in 1000 starts at 28 tries.

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I would attempt to find all 3 caches, just to see if that's affecting your drop rate at all; but its more than likely just bad luck. My GF was running relics awhile back and ran 52 of the damn thing (rad every time) and didn't get a SINGLE drop on the item she was after (Spira Prime pouch) due to RNG.

In theory your Octavia Systems part shouldn't be nearly as difficult as that kind of bad luck, but warframe isn't called "war-farm" for no reason. Just keep trying and you'll get it.

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4 minutes ago, Alyptical said:

i'm doing crossfire, and finding the 1st cache only, sometimes 2 cache, am i doing it wrong?


yeah well your numbers do not add up and thats weird to me. but usualy they should be in cache A but to be sure i would run around 6 runs with all caches to be sure.

But its RNGesus we never know.

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