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What should my goal be



im new to the game and was wondering what goal I should aim for, is unlocking all planets asap a good goal? so that i can start grinding fat materials. will story progression tie in with unlocking planets? If unlocking planets is a good goal, is it ok if I wait for after ive unlocked all planets until I get a doggo and archwing and try to get other warframes and weapons? i want a goal that is will help me in the long term.

any suggestions much appreciated

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12 minutes ago, cibi101 said:

is unlocking all planets asap a good goal?

It is a mid-term goal (I personally wouldn't try too hard, I'd take it easy and go through the planets in a couple of months, as the difficulty scales quite hard for a newer player).

13 minutes ago, cibi101 said:

will story progression tie in with unlocking planets?

Yes. Some planets will require you to have done certain quests, and some planets will grant you quests. It's all going to come naturally.

I'd say that doing the quests as you are given them should be quite high in your priority, however. Quests are good fun, some of them are good tutorials, some of them unlock new equipment.

15 minutes ago, cibi101 said:

If unlocking planets is a good goal, is it ok if I wait for after ive unlocked all planets until I get a doggo and archwing and try to get other warframes and weapons?

You see, for instance, Archwing is required for Uranus, so no.


My suggestions are as follows:

1) Work on your Mastery Rank. There's loads of easy-to-get weapons that you can level up and sell very quickly. This will be crucial for you to get better equipment: try to always go in a mission with at least one weapon that needs leveling (weapons can gain XP even if you don't use them).

2) Get some "good", beginner-friendly equipment that can serve you. A level 30 Warframe (possibly with a reactor) and a couple of solid early weapons (the Hek, which unlocks at MR 4, springs to mind, but the choice for melee is just absurdly vast here) will help really a lot your survivability. For the Warframe: either your starting Frame, or one you can farm easily (Rhino jumps to mind) or one you can otherwise acquire easily (if you enter a clan, you can obtain all the Blueprints to four of them, Banshee/Volt/Nezha/Wukong, and I must say that Nezha is one of my absolute favourites).

3) Work on your mods. They are everything. You need to get them and level them up. Most of the "must-have" mods are quite easy to get if you trade for them (most veterans have dozens of them lying around in their inventory, doing nothing, and will probably trade against a filled Ayatan statue or something like that).

4) Forget about doggo/cat for now and get yourself a sentinel. Much lower requirements, much less neediness, and they equip Vacuum (which is a crutch and I'm against it but it's really recommended for newer players).

5) Forget about Primes for now. They are bling and veterans go mad for them because they are made of gold but honestly they aren't needed. By that I mean: farm relics, get Prime parts, and try selling them for platinums (you are in desperate need for platinum to buy warframe and weapon slots, unless you are paying).

6) Do the quests. They are loads of fun and very useful.

7) Don't rush.

8) Join a clan or find a group of friends. A clan is particularly useful: you can always ask "can someone help me farming this resource" and a bored veteran will join for sure. You don't need to have all planets unlocked if you have someone who can bring you there, after all.


Happy hunting, Tenno.

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I'll bold my suggestions on your goals and arrange them according to what i think is the order it needs to be done as a tl:dr. 

Join a clan. This unlocks 3 free frames, the archwing amesha and a lot of people to connect and learn from.

Do the quests mate. Enjoy the storyline, the world, earlier quest filled sections of the game is one of the best parts of the game. Don't spoil yourself going to hydron with a taxi and be a useless mr21 whos afraid to even run 2 excavators at the same time with a full squad and cant even do teralyst at that MR cause hes a hydron baby (rant for a random MR21 who complaint at me on my MR7 account a few months back)

You get decent weapons along the way and slowly progress through the starchart. Don't bother with all the nodes, just follow the rail requirements so you can move to other planets and reach sedna.

Farm corrupted mods. Its basically what you need to work on to have the best builds in the game.

 After that consistently doing sorties should be a goal, try to defeat a few Kuva liches and get good Kuva weapons, farm an interesting frame that you have your eye on, unlocking Helminth, try to do alt bosses in POE or Fortuna.

Theres alot of things to do in this game and .. i got bored typing

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I agree with all points.

However, as you are aiming for something to ease your progress later on: don't worry about that. You can not make mistakes in this game; if you've missed something, you can always go back and get it later. After all, the things you might miss, are always because of some kind of grind (i.e. do this bossfight many times because of RNG-based drops etc.). Some parts may be too difficult for a beginner; if it feels like that, do something else for a while. If something is boring/too grindy -> same thing, stop worrying about it and do something else.

In other words: just have fun, don't FOMO.

Although you didn't ask, I want to say this bit about platinum: use it for slots, and maybe for potatoes. Slots is maybe the only one thing that can't be acquired by not spending plat in, and potatoes are very, very hard to come by. But by all means use plat for other stuff, too, in case you feel like it and are going to invest a lot of money into this game.

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My best piece of advice is to honestly go wiki-diving and window shopping every once in a while. I do think that unlocking all of the planets is nice so that you can open up your options, but definitely find something like a weapon, frame or even mod you really like the sounds of having (even better if it's currently out of reach for you, since then you have a long-term goal), and focus on that for a while - repeat when necessary. Putting together a truly optimum build for a full loadout you like will likely drag you through 90% of the content regardless, and from there you can branch out to the rest of the content pretty easily.

There are other things you should be on the lookout for though if you really want to optimise your time, though I'd argue it isn't really needed - mostly just keep an eye on your daily/weekly Nightwave missions since Nightwave cred nets you some nice resources (primarily the mod capacity doublers - Orokin Catalysts/Reactors), but also consider working on your faction standings a little bit from time to time. I don't think you need to hit the standing cap each day or anything, but IMO leaving standing until the last possible moment can feel like a huge time gate if you leave it until the last possible moment, so it's more of an anti-frustration recommendation more than anything. (They did recently increase the daily standing cap for lower MR players though, so this might not even be quite as painful as when I started anyway.)

That said, I can't reiterate about absolutely not worrying about playing sub-optimally. I feel like getting into the flow of the game and following your own personal objectives will feel much more like progress, and get you much more invested than any strict guide will. I remember being super excited to finally build Oberon and power it up, and that wasn't even my long-term goal, that was just one thing I wanted on a long list of items that inadvertently grew over time as my goals shifted and I found more stuff that I really wanted.

So yeah, go window shopping regularly, do a little research, make a shopping list of sorts - you'll naturally get lead into a lot of the different content and the rest should be pretty accessible after the fact.

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2 hours ago, Dhrekr said:

7) Don't rush.

2 hours ago, (NSW)draugath said:

I just wanted to reiterate this point.  Take your time.  What's the point in completing as soon as possible?

In tandem with that, rushing causes you to miss so many interesting details in the game that there are players who have been playing for years that they didn't know about certain secrets such as Amalgam Labs.

The one thing I place heavy emphasis on for new players is to not recommend equipment or weapons such as or similar to the Ignis Wraith. Strong as it is, new player experience will get dimmed badly to the point where they will view other weapons as weak or inferior to these popular weapons (i.e Sicarus Prime). This narrows their weapon playing choice, thus making it easier to burn them out.

Thus brings to my point of what your goal will be: explore the game at your own pace. It's okay to ask for help at times, but don't over-rely on help to not affect your experience throughout the entire game.

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Everyone in this tread gave you a lot of good advices and tips.

The quests are your guidlines for about half of your journey in the game. Look at them in the codex and check what you didn't complete yet. The rest of the game will come naturally as the quests tend to teach you most of the things you need to know.

Don't feel pressured getting new weapons and warframes. We told you many times already to take your time and play at your own pase, players tend to forget it when getting new gear. You can always aim for a unique weapon you want to try. Just know that while farming for something spesific, you might have gotten enough materials to make another weapon. By the time you ranked this weapon to max, 99% of the times you will have the materials for the weapon you farmed for in the first place.

Learn to mod, and as soon as possible. Yes, take your time, but I think modding is the main obstacle for new players because it bites them hard when they least expect. For now you have an Auto-Install for modding, as a new player it's fine as you don't have many mods. As the game progress you will get more mods and learn, hopefully the easy way, that the Auto-Install is trash. I will sum it up for you because it's complicated:

  • There is no one true god like build. If your build do what you want it to do, it's a perfect build.
  • Don't let anyone effect your decission. Again, there is no one right build.
  • While there is no one right build, there are also bad builds. Pay attention.
    • For example: mods that affect your warframe shield are useless on warframes with low amount of shield or no shield at all. You can put these mods on, but they will do nothing and take space for mods that actually help you.
  • One or two high ranked mods are better then filling all of your slots with unranked mods. The effect of the mods does not help much when unranked, but they make a big difference when they are ranked.

I saw a lot of new players fall and stop playing because of modding. Don't be that guy.

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