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Panzer Done Good!


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I am SO happy with my Panzer Vulp - What I have here is not unique, but I wanted to post it - this little tox-fox is a healing machine!

  • Hunter Recovery is the basis for the first part of the healing - at 30% of damage done
  • Viral Quils with Maul, Bite and Swipe increase damage for increased vampiric heals via HR
  • Synth Deconstruct is the basis for the 2nd part of the healing  - 25% chance for a red orb from every kill the Panzer has hit - with Swipe being important for increasing the number of targets hit
  • Panzer Devo and Link Health keep the Panzer healthy
  • Primed Animals Stink and Fetch provide the necessary utility

I use him with Saryn, Banshee, and will probably use him with Nova. He's downright silly with Inaros.

This one is WF-generic, but theres some armor enhancements for the pet or the WF which I did not include, also there's no special weapons or arcanes - so there's a lot of room for more synergy. I'd love to see other Panzer builds.

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