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Please either add a -recoil Archgun mod or just reduce their camera movement


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It's bad enough having to put Steady Hands on every other weapon with pointlessly headache-inducing screen shake, but archguns don't have that. I will not be able to use the Mausolon, which is disappointing. If you're not going to remove this nauseating camera wobbling, please at least add the bandaid mod so people can avoid headaches.

And before someone says it, because they always do, the screen shake toggle does NOT affect weapon recoil.

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I don't know about the newer archguns, but I have a -recoil Dual Decurion riven.


Edit: Still tired, for some reason I thought this was actually a thread about -recoil on rivens.

On topic, yeah an actual -recoil mod for archguns would be nice. Also yeah, the screenshake from guns even when you have 0 recoil, and screenshake turned off is still pretty bad.

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A Universal Solution

would be to do what many other games do

and Separate weapon recoil from camera motion.

So you have a high recoil weapon that introduces inaccuracy for balancing high dps - OK, but rather than move the Entire Camera, just have the weapon's Reticule Expand and move off center from screen.

Now the balancing mechanic is still entirely functional, but no one's eyes hurt.



This is a 3rd Person game after all, your 'head' isn't literally cheekwelded to that bouncing weapon stock, you're an etheral floating head... so that degree of separation makes sense.

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