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Someone plz help me get up to date with everything :(



Hey tenno, 

I recently decided to get back into Warframe after taking almost a year off. What I don't like about this game is that whenever I stop for a bit I get overwhelmed with new content when I come back again (honestly the devs should focus more on making the content good, not making more). But I'm assuming a lot has happened so if anyone could give me a brief summary of all the new content available it would be GREATLY appreciated. :) I remember when I left off last year deimos had just gotten released and a new open world was made.

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not sure how far back that goes content wise, but the big stuff would be:

massive changes to Railjack:

change in ship layout

passives changed to mods

add Npc crew that can fill positions (but are idiots)


New Frame or two


Sentiant invasion events


and if far back enough, changed the derilect into a new Planet: Deimos the infected moon.

Demious adds new town and field zone /w new Faction and sub faction

adds Necramenchs 

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To be honest, aside from an event or two, (Orphix Venom was pretty much turned into a permanent game mode which has access to arcanes), everything that has gone on is in game permanently, so there's no need to rush through everything.

Core gameplay hasn't changed all that much.

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Let's see, about a year... Quests/areas and related frames:

-Deadlock Protocol & Protea

-Deimos & Xaku, Necramechs

-Ophix Venom & Lavos

-Call of the Tempestarii & Sevagoth

-The Steel Path, Teshin sells stuff for Steel Essence which comes from dailies and Acolytes who've been moved to the Steel Path

-Inaros Prime, Nezha Prime, Octavia Prime

-Corpus Railjack, Void Storms to open relics


Plus naturally weapons, new companions. The usual.

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