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Banshee Rework Concept

The concept of this rework, is to make banshee a lot more convenient and easier to manage. While also buffing and modernizing her kit into today's Warframe standards. Trying to keep what makes her strong, then making that her main focus. Then the abilities that are seen as less useful, to synergize around it. To keep intact banshee's gameplay,  but amplify it to its fullest. 

-Enemies affected by her abilities will slowly develop critical weak spots after a 1.5s delay around themselves. These Critical Weak Spots are highlighted on enemies and when shot through, they bypass defences. [Click spoiler for more details about the Critical Weak Spots]


Shooting towards these critical weak spots bypass defenses entirely but consumes the weak spot. These weak spots will continuously spawn on that enemy for 8s. Weak spots may also appear on barriers such as nullifier bubbles and cold eximus barriers; that when shot through, ignores the bubble/barrier entirely. All allies may utilize these critical weak spots. 

Critical Weak Spots increase ability damage dealt by 200%/300%/400%/500%. Scaling on the ability rank of Sonar.

1)Sonic Boom
-Unchanged, however if used on an enemy with a critical weak spot. They will repeat sonic boom in a 360* radius to all enemies with a critical weak spot. Possibly chaining to multiple enemies, if close together. Sonic boom's damage is dealt extra per critical weak spot on an enemy in this repeated sonic boom and applies the critical weak spot multipliers.

[Augment Interaction]


[Augment Interaction]
-If you have the [Sonic Fracture] augment, this will also apply to that repeated boom.

-Inflict every enemy within a 20m range with a sonic wave using acoustic location. Accelerating the process of critical weak spots spawning on enemies. Making it so multiple critical weak spots can develop in the same time, and cutting the delay to 0.5s. Additionally all critical weak spots for as long as sonar is active, will allow weapon damage to inherit the ability damage increase. Increasing damage from the critical weak spots by 200/300/400/500%. Sonar last for 10s.

-Unchanged but is now a toggled aura. Initial casting will stun enemies but enemies who have not been stunned by the initial cast, will instead be slowed by 30%.

4)Sound Quake
-Unchanged, but will deal extra damage per critical weak spot on enemies. Also applying the bonus multipliers of critical weak spots.

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