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I will do anything for the glorious Mirror Toggle. Anything... Please DE I beg of You. Shoulder Pads QoL [Suggestion]


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Mulciber Set is hands down the best we got in a couple of years. It got me excited about Baro
again and it was worth every Ducat. And dont get me wrong, Im loving it. But given how many single piece
Shoulder Pads we have I think we could use Mirror Toggle as in: 

- If you have a Shoulder Piece you can toggle to have it in both Shoulders. 
- Single Shoulder give only 1 more "Look" (Mirrored) in both Right and Left. 
- Double Shoulders (like Mulciber) would actually make them more valuable as they would give
2 New "Looks" Right Mirrored, and Left Mirrored. 

This would make ALL Shoulder Pads more valuable across the board. Elevating the Worth of pretty much
half of the Armor Sets available in the game. Win win.


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I support it but it will not change. the new addition of glaives holster was done without visual polish and even after many requests from the community nothing has changed, no one has.

The Mulciber set are two pieces with different positions, sizes and design, no problem here but the concept of this set does not match any frame.

The Prism Latron set is wonderful without an right shoulder but adding a mirror button would make it better, there are also kits with different leggings and unique pieces like Provvok Protosomide and Mortuus.

The ideal would be an mirror button and an shoulder switch button for all parts as I would love to use Prism Latron with Protosmid.


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