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Instead of Tactical 10 Intrinsic of "Join Warp" which I find useless, maybe we could access the forges from the Tactical Menu?


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Join Warp is actually a really solid ability, especially if you're trying to grind out holo-keys quickly, and even outside of holo-keys it allows you to jump around to side objectives/POIs really quickly if the squad is split up.
It's honestly the only reason to ever open the tactical menu....


Further as PublikDomain says accessing the forge from the tactical menu is much more of an engineer perk than a tactical perk.

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I also find Join Warp very useful when playing in a RJ squad. If it's my ship and I'm piloting I can park the ship or whatever and then teleport directly to someone or jump in if they're having trouble with something inside. As @Schwitzer said, I used it all the time during Scarlet Spear if I was the pilot. People would jump out and head to the murex and I could put the ship underneath and catch right up as soon as it was safe.

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