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[repost] concept shotgun "Omen"


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i took this idea down, but i thought id put it back up :)

the "Omen" shotgun fires cryo-infused antimatter flak rounds in a concentrated burst.

upon impact, the rounds detonate creating an unstable micro singularity, ragdoll pulling surrounding enemies toward its epicenter

the micro singularity reaches critical mass, and detonates, outward.

each round would have innate cold and impact damge, the singularity would radiation proc effected enemies, and the outward detonation would puncture proc surrounding enemies

to visualise the effect with *sound effects*: 

think drakgoon fire, *choonk* but with no spread...in this shape :: ::

hits *sort of glassy ice sound* creating a vauban vortex, *sub bass drop*  

then after pulling in enemies, a sonic boom outward *boom!* enemies go flying off ragdolling if not killed...

5 round clip, full auto (about half a second between shots... its a combat shotgun)


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