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Knee, back and hands hurt more than usual.

Despite that, got started on painting miniatures again. Finished bitbashing a Whirlwind artillery vehicle from a first gen Rhino APC kit, and started on an old, old terminator marine prototype, designed by Bob Naismith, I had lying around.


I decided to paint the rest of my pre-Y2K marines in my old chapter scheme, and start up a new chapter with the current range. I'm also trying out Vallejo paints, and am experimenting with new techniques, like wet palettes and additives.

The combination of tactile activity and mental focus also seem to help with my ADHD. Bonus.

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Things got even better. 😁

Found the old Deredo dreadnought mini, missing the right arm, but I have two old lascannons I can use as a replacement. The other arm had a single bolter, that I'm replacing with a stormbolter. That way, it has the same armament as the current models, and can be used on the tabletop. Fielding an army older than most 40K players is going to be a laugh. I might even put it on a square base, just to trigger the rules jockeys. People are going to chew their own arm off... 🤣


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