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[Warframe Concept] Typhus - The Parasite Warframe


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Giger Setwarframe___typhus___giger_set_by_redskit

Concept of the weekhttp://youtu.be/0RExSsnmk6g?t=33m27s

Devstream Recap - https://youtu.be/e-caLNtOzho?t=9m57s


Typhus  -  The meaning of the name


Typhus is any of several similar diseases caused by Rickettsia bacteria. The name comes from the Greek "Typhos" meaning smoky or hazy, describing the state of mind of those affected with typhus. The causative organism Rickettsia is an obligate parasite bacterium that cannot survive for long outside living cells. Typhus should not be confused with typhoid fever. While "typhoid" means "typhus-like", the diseases are distinct and are caused by different species of bacteria.


Glass cannon/Leech (Weak, but uses abilities to weaken enemies while buffing himself)
Short Bio
He is a parasite-type Warframe that uses organic cutting tendrils and deadly parasites to take the target's strengths for himself to bolster his own inherently weak Armour and shields. Typhus is a leech, a parasite that knows only how to take from those around him to support himself, rather than his allies.
Typhus is inspired by parasitism; the result of incorporating more biological features into the the Warframe's operation. Typhus doesn't only feed off of Void Energy in order to manifest its abilities, it also consumes some of it's own matter to do so. To supplement and replenish the lost biological matter, Typhus needs to regularly consume enemies.
Typhus is, however, very far removed from the Infested. Where the Infested seek to consume, assimilate and mutate all biological matter as a means of reproduction, Typhus leeches the biological matter off enemies only to support the operator.
The infested is an all consuming wildfire; desolating all in its path.
Typhus is a controlled flame, searing away the weeds so the forest may grow strong.

Powers List

The Consume Stack - keeps track of how many enemies you have Devoured, these points are used for some of his powers. The more you consume the stronger some of your abilities will become.
1: Consuming Fly - Typhus shoots out a stinger-like projectile from his hand that embeds itself into a target and start to pump in vile fluids along with a parasitic larvae into their body. This rapidly growing larvae will eat away at the target, before bursting out of its host and flying back to Typhus, who will then absorb it replenishing some of his health. (It does viral based damage over time, when the target is killed it will replenish health equal to the damage dealt, can be ended early at a reduced heal rate. This attack generates Consume Stacks.)
2: Boiling Blood -  His Armour becomes unstable, pressure rises, his blood boils over and at the peak he erupts in a display of gore and showers the enemies around him with his own lethal and tainted blood, which burns through his opponent’s armor and flesh like acid. - (When enemies are hit by boiling blood they will receive an AOE dot as well as a debuff that reduces armor. It will stack with the cost of some of your health.)
3: Cannibalize Armour - Typhus launches out tendrils from his body, Ripping off their flesh /armor and pulling to Typhus where is is absorbed by him and mimics their defensive system with similar effects. This can be used to buff or restore Typhus' own stats.  If he targets Grineer, he improves his armor. If he targets Corpus, he improves and restores his shields. If he targets Infested, he improves and restores his health. - (A successful hit by Cannibalize Armour will rise Typhus' consume stack, see 4th ability)
4: Parasitism - This power can only be activated when Typhus has enough consume stacks, this is in essence the ‘power cost’  as this is the boost he needs to comment to the biological transformation as well as its raw energy, the more of the consume stacks you use, the more damage or duration you have. Typhus gains physical traits of the last consumed enemy as a defense mechanism, using them to nullify the threat with devastating results.
  • Grineer unit results in a Bio-Missile Barrage, It works as a cone so its hits multiple targets, dealing corrosive damage.

  • Corpus unit results in a  Mobile Virus Nano-Shield, similar to the disrupters, it will nullify any status effects within the bubble, any enemies that pass through the dome will be hit with a radiation proc.

  • Infested unit results in a Melee mode where you dual wield two "Devouring whips" for close to mid-range combat, any damage dealt to enemies in this mode will heal Typhus similar to lifesteal.

  • Corrupted will result in two offensive Bio-Drones, one dealing in toxic damage and the other dealing puncture and slash damage.




Other Concepts Art Sets



Virus Setwarframe___typhus___virus_set_by_redskit

Locust Setwarframe____2_0_typhus___locust_set_by_r


Incubus Setwarframe___typhus_and_his_incubus_set___




#1 Q: "Tysis? Typhus? They’re so similar!"
A: That’s actually interesting that you’d bring that up. Tysis is derived from the root suffix “-ptysis” which is “to spit up matter” typically blood, teeth, or bits of bone. Typhus, on the other hand is named after a disease caused by the Rickettsia family of bacteria, the symptoms of which are generally not very pleasant. They may sound similar, but they mean two different things.
#2 Q: “Is Typhus still an Infested Warframe?”
A: Due to lack of lore all we can really say is: No. It’s interesting to note that Tenno are already somehow warped by the Void (Whether or not this is a “True Technocyte infestation” is up to the Devs). It’s also worth noting that all Warframes contain a percentage of Infested Tissues as part of their composition, with a citation from Golem/Lephantis: “Why do you harm us? We are your Flesh”.
#3 Q: "Why did he turn from a medieval knight into a samurai?"
A: Well… Typhus has always kind of had Design Elements of Samurai Armour in his designs. It’s just that so many types of Armour look so similar that the easiest way to convey this aesthetic change was to modify the design of the helmet to give it a more traditional Kabuto look in line with typical depictions of Samurai. But Knights and Samurai both fill the same role within their respective cultures, so I combined the two elements atheistically.
#4 Q: "Typhus looks so evil, is this an enemy concept or a player character concept?"
A: Typhus is a player-character warframe concept. But there are a few other warframe designs already in-game that could be construed as “EVIL”. Take for example Nekros, whose entire design philosophy is the manipulation of life and death. Also take into consideration that “Necromancy” is one of the “Dark Arts”. That said; evil can still be used for good. Like with Forest Fires and controlled burns, which can make a forest much hardier and much healthier. Typhus is the Tenno’s controlled flame for the system’s forest. So, is Typhus evil? No. I have it on good authority that he’s actually a really nice guy once you get past that ugly face of his.
#5 Q: "Isn’t this a little lore breaking? Like how Typhus’ armour chips apart and he shows his skin?"
A: Well see, that’s the problem. The way things stand right now; we can’t exactly make that call. All we can do is make our suggestions and then hope that the Devs take those suggestions. And obviously they can make their own design changes so that it fits their vision for the game a little better. Because right now there is no 100% canon, everything is up to artist’s interpretation for now.
#6 Q: "Is Typhus too gory for Warframe?"

A: No, last I checked this is a 17+ M rated game, with the tagline “Blood, Gore and Violence”.
Really, I did not need to answer that question, because it’s in the game!


This thread was made for my concept Typhus and discussions related to Typhus. You're welcome to be a fan of other concepts, but please do not promote, solicit or link concepts made by others without first getting my explicit permission. This is common courtesy; I don't want people to take my concepts and solicit them elsewhere, so please don't solicit others' concepts here. Cheers.
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Holy mother of locusts, I really love the design especially the second alt helmet. +1 :D

EDIT: More feedback:

Boiling blood is cool but it should utilize health.

Consume: Typhus should whip his hands out as the barbed tendrils grapple around the enemy, bring him up close and absorbs? the enemy, or something similar, very gory though.

I love cannibalize armor though, cool effects on faction specification.

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Wow, this is really interesting, I really like the concept of having a death knight sort of character in here.


Boiling Blood would be really cool if instead it was an aoe attack that made your enemies blood boil, but thats just me.


Really, really cool concept.  That second alt helmet is gruesome and awesome.

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I really like the concept and I* would suggest his stats to be standard and have it so that when he uses his "cannibalize armour" power these increase his stats to there.


For example he starts with 65 amour and when he consumes a grineer it is boosted (but caps at 190)

Starts at 300 shields and when he consumes corpus it is boosted (but caps at 450)

Starts at 300 health and when he consumes infested it is boosted (but caps at 450)

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I wish this Warframe gonna make it into the game without DE screwing him.... like how they did with Zephyr... (MY PERSONAL OPINION, zephyr looked awesome and they make it a Nova with knight armour and a couple of recicled powers... but if people like the actual Zephyr, thats nice and I really hope you enjoy playing with her :) )

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The concept is beautiful.  The inspiration is apparent and everything is relevant for his theme.


Ability 1: Life Steal - How would this work exactly? Is it immediate or over time? Can you use this on multiple enemies at once if its over time?


Ability 2: AoE DoT - No comment


Ability 3: Contextual Buff - I REALLY enjoy this ability.  It makes the world feel that much more real around the player by being directly affected by what you're fighting against (in a rather unorthodox, twisted, and extremely enjoyable way)


Ability 4: Holy S#&$ - As much as I'd like to avoid just another Nuke, this sounds visually pleasing.



Possible base stats:  Seeing as he is inspired by smaller organisms with exoskeletons that rely on their individual adaptations to respond to their environment over physical strength and confrontation -


Health: 75 (Not physically excellent, fragile under his exoskeleton)

Shield: 100

Armor: 300 (Coinciding with his Exoskeleton)

Power: 150 (The dependence on adaptations over physical ability)

Sprint: 1.0

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Rogue Legacy has a similar mechanic with the Lich character type in which you can gain max hp by killing, but you start off with lower base value and have the potential to gain a much higher maximum. It could work. The best possible buff would be in void missions, which scales nicely with it being void missions.

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1 problem: We have a pistol named Tysis, which is based of Typhus.


I would absolutely LOVE to have this in game.


There is no word to describe the pure awesomeness of this design


Tysis is actually derived from the root -ptysis, which refers to spitting of matter, and is used as a suffix in certain diseases and conditions, although in this case, it's saying that the gun is actually spitting teeth at your enemies

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First off I loved the old designs as well. This one looks polished and ready for Mynki to get his hands dirty.


But what backstory did you guys have in mind? Locust was infestation-inspired right? So is this just a regular warframe, and not a Fallen one, like Baphomet in my opinion, or the Oracle?


Great concept skills allso!

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Love the idea so +1. A couple quick comments:


1. Boiling Blood and Cataclysm seem a little bit too close is actual effect. Boiling Blood = AoE DoT and Cataclysm = AoE Initial damage + DoT

I can't think of any good replacement because, honestly, seeing a guy send out bits of flesh to poison the enemy would be awesome. Same with Cataclysm's appearance in-game.


2. Typhus is supposed to be a parasite 'frame. Maybe make 1-2 of the abilities give the Viral status effect? May seem a bit OP unless done right, but DE hasn't complained about a possible 99.2% proc chance on the Tysis. Combined w/ Viral damage and you can take any boss solo.

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Not too long ago i had a similar idea, but mine involved a tenno who went rogue, to avoid being put down with the ether sword, after being infected with the technocyte virus. I had the idea that he had gained contorl over the virus and was able to overcome the assimilating effects of said virus.


One of his powers involved spreading the virus to his enemies, turning them into his own infested minions, but the more i tired to develop him the more he seemed to become like saryn... Anywas i like the concept alot.

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