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Hotfix 12.0.5


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Hotfix 12.0.5:


Changes to Penta’s sounds.

Critical Fixes:

Fixed issue where some accounts could not acquire Mods through end of mission or trades. We are maintaining a list of affected accounts and will fix them in a script shortly, stay tuned for confirmation when the script is complete, it might be a day or more but we will let you know as soon as it’s done.

2/11/2104 Update: Script has still not run as dev is accounting for all account activity since the missing mods issue to correctly resolve the inventories. Sorry!


Fixed issues where Vauban’s Tesla could cause a crash. We have optimized the FX of this power for performance and stability, it may look a bit different!

Fixed issue where recently acquired mods were not appearing in the inventory when sorting by recent.

Fixed continuous fire weapons not being able to damage Sabotage Reactors or other “environment” pieces.

Fixed issue where Zephyr’s Dive Bomb does not deal damage.

Fixed team health restores not working for sentinels.

Fxied Nova’s Immortal Skin blending and bug fix for her FX texture being improperly overrided.

Fixed spelling of Lephantis in transmissions.

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How about fusion issiue? Will the affected players can count that their wiped mods also will be returned? I perosnaly lost pack of 19 uncomon mods, for me it's nothing, but some other players who failed to upgrade 10 rank mods lost tons of fussion cores/mods.

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time to test if you've made good on your word with that recent mod issue


answer: I can't tell/it doesn't matter, because unranked mods (aka, the kind of mod it is whe it is acquired, recently) are still stacking. well, maybe next hotfix

I am forced to eat my words because recently acquired, unranked mods now do show up properly. they're still stacked, so you don't know when you got the other unranked mods of the same type, but it's certainly a step in the right direction (the right destination being pre-U12 mod interface)


well done, DE! I approve of this hotfix

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