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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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Ruby's matured and he got a average body type(but still a cutie) :c I want the muscular/bulky one! D:<



5th kubrow(;-;) -> Gambol Shroud (kudos for those who get the name)


I swear to DE, if he doesn't get bulky body type when matured I'm gonna.. sleep.. and eat cookies
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This is Kon. My first female Kubrow. My first kubrow is Orinku and a male and has the same pattern but different colors. Haven't check on him since I put him in Stasis and the new color improvement.



OMG gimme your imprints :O

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Finally got on today so here is Vin (she is a Sahasa Kubrow),





Personally I like her new look, now to dind time to hatch my second one.

If anyone would like imprints just message me and we can negotiate, have two available atm.

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Alright, Lyre is finally rank 30, so I got to see what happened to Velox Dens the 2nd. She's a Raksa female.


I'll make Imprints of her as soon as she matures and someone wants one.


Lyre, my Sahasa female.


I've had someone PM me for two Imprints of her, but hasn't been responding, I've got two Imprints of her if they want them.

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3 new pups...


At least he doesn't look boring...?



My only Sunika, seems to be light green with white or grey stripes, not a good contrast :/



9 pups and only 2 females, no imprints used...I really hope I can get a sister for her and call her Urd.


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