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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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I don't know wether I should be happy or feel fooled >->


After one nice looking Sahasa I got 3 more...but I really like how Barbas looks and of course verdandis Lotus mark.


Malphas, Sahasa:



Barbas, Sahasa:



Verdandi, Sahasa:



Urd, Sunika and the next one to mature with the next server reset:


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Ahhhh! Nymeria is huge! It was my love that made her grow.... or turn into a bear. I'm so happy. Huras is just the best class in my opinion... *hugs bear Kubrow* Ahghgjfghjgh, so fluffy.

I'll be selling her imprints soon after I craft them message me if interested and I'll alert you when the auction starts.


Both imprints have been sold for 1000p. D: Sorry.

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My brown raksa with red lotus mark, Tero




My blue/brown okapi sahasa, Yrsa




And I bred those two to make a second blue/grey sahasa with a nice red lotus mark, Mandevu (very please with how it turned out. I hope he grows up to be as tall as his dad!)



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