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If You Could Add Any Room To Your Dojo That Doesn't Exist Yet...


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Dunno if anyone has suggested this yet, but possibly a Library? (I know there's a codex for enemy intel, but I'm talking like story books that are on the shelves, not enemy data)


Another idea for a Personal Quarters that might save space is a rotating room or something that makes the room look different for each player and only they can add/remove whatever they see in it. (Was thinking either a clockwise/counter-clockwise turning room or a personal dimensional space that is smaller than that of the customize-able spaceship everyone is going to get)

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Pole Room for Ember, Banshee, Mag, Nova, Nyx, Saryn, Trinity, Valkyr, Zephyr.


Well, maybe not Valkyr... she is crazy.


Then again I have always chased crazy ones...

Random person constructing the ship: Why the hell is there a pole in the middle of the main room? What is the point of that?

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did you see mine about the minigames and kubrow kennel? if you did what do u think? 

Yes I did, I like the idea of a Kubrow habitat (clan breeding contests?). We'll have to see how popular the lil critters become before we give them any more spotlight though I believe. :)

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8. Room skins and tints. Adjustable lighting slider and color picker. All adjustable from the room control panel with ability to save loadouts to access from any room. So that I am able to color code each floor in my dojo (red floor, blue floor, green floor, etc).


9. Room control panel as a placeable decoration, so I don't have to run up and down stairs of the larger halls, gardens, and rooms to manage decorations.


I am going to try to get to 100. Give me time. Hurr hurr.


10. Questing room for user generated content missions. Similar to the Foundry toolset editors in the Neverwinter games.


11. Clan research lab for creating and editing custom skins, tints, and palettes (speaking of user generated content). Purchases of these items go toward the clan vault (after Darvo gets his cut with credit taxes) like Trading does.


12. Clan shops. Players upload their items and prices they are selling for. Amount of items they can put up are limited by their Mastery Rank, and total number of listings available for a Clan are based on unlocks and Clan Tier, as are the credits fees for posting new listings. Once sold, the player gets the price they were asking for it from the player that bought it through the in-game mailbox. Taxes work the same as Trading taxes. Possible additional fees and limitations in order to place a listing outside of your clan or alliance listings. 


13. Exchange room for converting resources into other resources, minus a fee. Conversion rate depends upon rarity of items to convert, and possibly other factors like upgrading the room, unlocking what can be converted, like with research lab unlocks & upgrades.


14. Obstacle course where Tenno can run it side by side rather than 1 at a time.


15. More styles of dueling rooms, holodeck style. Ones with animated cover and traps and such. Ones that are setup for specific frames and loadouts prior, and with a damage resistance slider. Other players can spectate on monitors that display outside the room or throughout the Dojo.


16. A real level editor as a blueprint / layout tool that you can use to rearrange existing rooms, plan future rooms, or delete rooms from, rather than 1 at a time. It would have a save draft, cancel, or submit button to cook the new layout.


17. Planetarium with interactive codex entries and exhibits for various planets and locations on the star chart and beyond, unlocked locations lore and datasheets by contributions like research lab unlocks. Maybe specialty kiosks within the Observatory to access them. Holographic displays of occupied territories to track the conflict between the Grineer and the Corpus, perhaps that unlock special "power balancing" missions on your Alerts screen.


18. Zoo menagerie with various animals and birds captured or generated from the clan's genetic foundry. Holographic creatures generated from capture scans or records database.

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Arsenal Room, where players can rent weapons to test them out in actual missions with no mastery rank restrictions.

-Rent with low amount of credits and materials(common)

-Max of three days rent

-Weapon LV 10 Cap

-No visual customisations can be applied

-2 weapons per 3 days max. 

-No harvester or G3 weapons


Such thing might help for players to decide upon which weapon to concentrate on building. This will help to efficiently allocate own resources with certain priorities. 



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dont ask 

Central HUB. Wall displaying alerts. Ability to access starchart directly, form parties, etc.

Community hot baths.

Weapon room.

3. Various minigame rooms or arcade kiosks.



What would it be?


I'd personally add a training type room which had holograms of the basic and heavy types of enemies, similar to the hologram-esque area you enter when you take a rank challenge. 


Lancer + Heavy Gunner for Grineer,

Crewman + Tech for Corpus,

Charger + Ancient for Infested. 


Either that or you could choose to spawn in whatever enemy types you wanted via a console or something and choose what level they would be.


This way you could test your weapon/mod load-outs without actually having to join a mission, go through loading screens, wait for a party, etc. You could test your weapons against a specific type of enemy in a 1-on-1 environment to see if you could actually handle that 60+ minute T4 Survival you're claiming you can. ;)

all of these, (some are clearly jokes :P) But mainly I would love to just be able to add Cherry Blossoms as decor, thats probably the only thing I want right now

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I think everyone female Warframe on his ship either choked to death from the smoke or burned to death with him. 


Not to worry. At least they are burned into Ash.


That is my main, so... YOU KNOW THEY DID!!! HEY-OH!


...cig'rettes and dope and mustard and bologna, Liquoooooor and Whoooooores...


Have fun. We will write this in your epitaph: 


Count_Dante: Excellent warrior, good friend. Shame he forget his first lesson: BOOGIE. 


... And let me tell ya... I NEVER forget that first lesson!


Ahhhhhh jeah...


Whew that made me thirsty... I will just get mah glass...



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I got some Ideas:


a "Fortune Room", where we can spend our excessive Materials in exchange of a "blessing" once per day.

Either a CR-Booster or EXP-Booster or even BP or Fusion Cores between C1 and R5..



Then, how about a "Dojo-Portal", which can be build by Clans, who are part of an Aliiance.

This Portal allows visiting a friendly Dojo without being invited first. Both Clans need to have build that Portal.

If you don't like it, don't build one.

If the Portal isn't used, it will have the same door as Orokin-vaults.


Then how about extending the observatory?

The middle section has enough room to display the starchart, which in turn would allow us to start a mission right from the dojo.


VR Missions Room...

Choose Tileset, Enemy Levels, Enemy Fraction, Gametype aaaand test your stuff - solo only (or Dojo will break).



I am still waiting for the 30 player community hub, where we can have fun :p

Don't forget the emotes, DE! I'd like to see Valkyr dance and some people clapping to it XD




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