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Update 14 Bug/issue Megathread

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I have found a particularly annoying bug that forces me too restart Warframe every time it occurs(Which is a lot).


When I am flicking through the star chart, using my arsenal or any features on my player ship, sometimes the game will freeze and i wont be able to do anything. I can still type in chat but i cannot physically move my warframe or interact with any menus.


I know DE is working on a lot of problems at the moment, but I would just love if they would get around to fixing this soon since it is really wrecking the game for me. 

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(Mirage "Bug?")

Unsure if it was a 1 off or just my graphics going nuts again. It seemed to happen when a player was lagging.




I'm having the same bug. A player in my cell was using Hall of Mirrors and it created stationary copies that repeat everything she does. The worst part is that they don't go away and keep spawning for some unknown reason. I was the host and my framerate crashed to the bottom of oblivion as I crawled my way through a hall full of clones that kept moonwalking and firing pink tentacles. Please fix this so that Mirage is viable for long void survival runs.


P.S. I forgot to take a screenshot but I'll be happy to explain everything if needed.

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Using Master Thief and kubrow Scavenge at the same time on a locker gets your kubrow stuck staring at the locker.


That said it seems that MT and scavenge dont rule each other out when opening lockers, the 90% change though seems way too high considering the actual ammount of lockers opened by the kubrow.

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Couple bugs i noticed :


1. Kubrow not shown with a small blue dart on Minimap like others Frendly Tenno is - like Specter or hacked ShockWave Moa... ? is that a bug ?

Also when you try to hack a ShockWave Moa - the Hack sign is bearly visible. Or is supposed to be like this ? Before was different.


2. When you Trade inprint - is just a name ( that the player named his Kubrow or inprint) - you cant se the Bread of Kubrow that you buying...

3. I played two times the nightmare mode and at the end i didnt get the nightmare mod ? Still dont know why.


4.When you try to fuse mods - and you get the message  that on some weapon need to be uninstaled couse exceed the points - you click Uninstall - and game bug - it wont exit or nothing. 

 ( Autouninstal bug ). First i tought it needs more time, but no, is just bug.


This are small things or bugs that  i noticed, otherwise i realy like the Update 14 - unlike alot of other players that know only to criticise.

Is well known that DE knows to listen the players and if possible they fix all bugs in time. So patience Tenno, we are in good hands  :D

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The biggest problems I have at this moment are mainly with rocket based weapons (Angstrum mostly) :

I mostly use it in dark sector defense and about half the times I shoot it (full charge - 4 rockets + 1 or 2 multishot of about 7k dmg of different kinds)it shows 0 dmg dealt .

Another problem is with my sentinel : while using the Angstrum if I shoot the gun once(fully charged) (even at a very long range) my carrier dies (60% of the times ? ) instantly (goes into regen and next time I shoot it dies again ) .

Also even without shooting with the Angstrum my sentinel seems to have a way shorter lifespan (about 2-3 minutes in the mission they are usually dead) .

Angstrum rockets seem to sometimes explode in my face even though there is nothing there ? For example about an hour ago I did a mission and I shot the angstrum in the air (upwards) and I died instantly .


UI/Technical Issues : 

While swapping between different menus sometimes my UI completely freezes and I get literally stuck and besides the chat nothing else works anymore (doesn't get any other input) and I have to alt+f4 out of the game and start again .

Idle animations in the ship and dojo seem to have been changed to applying the ultimate cast effect of the warframe currently equipped and they proc way too often , if I close and open a menu the idle animation starts and my Nekros starts doing his whole Shadows Of The Dead mojo for about 2 seconds .

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Various bugs we found :


UI stuck :

1. Invite someone the "regular" way, by clicking on the + sign

2. Invite someone else through clan chat (see pic bellow)

3. Enjoy being stuck with the mouse cursor showing up, cannot move nor do anything but chat.

(only known fix is to go on mission (teammates pressing start timer))

pic : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/30/1406036255-capture-d-ecran-2014-07-22-15-22-08.png


Infinite keys (game breaking ! :D) :

1. Invite your friends

2. Someone else than you start a mission using a key (ie. void keys)

3. Complete mission

4. Friend's key still here. Enjoy infinite keys ! :D

(works with Vay Hek's too)


Not update14 related but :

This room is a trap :

1. Ceres tileset

2. This room (see pic bellow)

3. Fall on the side

4. Don't get teleported back up, enjoy being stuck down there :'(

(possible to get up with some walljumping, pretty hard though)

pic : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/30/1406036149-capture-d-ecran-2014-07-20-23-10-40.png

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Had a few bugs. 


1. Kubrow loyalty will not go up no matter how much I pet her (I waited for the loyalty restore to reset, it still does jack and all) 

2. Kubrow will not avoid laser traps and dies instantly upon touching them.

3. Kubrow has no bleedout timer (Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, just saying it in case it hasn't!)

3. Upon losing connection to a party member during a survival mission, friends Kubrow appeared in my game as "Domestic Kubrow" with no collar and behaved like she would in the quest for the collar mission. She followed me around and attacked several enemies and remained even after the friend rejoined, even getting XP level ups during the mission.

4. Unable to create a genetic imprint of my own Kubrow for breeding purposes. It simply asks me if I wish to consume a blank imprint, I click yes, and nothing happens. 



I will report more as I come across them!

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When searching or joining a squad the game sometimes gets forever stuck on the joining screen.

The only way to exit it, is by force crashing the game.


We might need a cancel button, or the game need to auto-quit joining after some seconds.



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I'm having a lot of issues when starting a mission or when ending one. I play in Public and in most of the missions the mission never starts, it just stays at the loading screen forever or I can shoot and hear me walking or shooting but it stays with the loading screen image, making it impossible to do the mission. In the end of many missions I just can't see the scoreboard and then my screen turns black and I can´t go back to the ship. In some cases my screen goes black with some squares and I can't go anywhere too or I just end up at the ship, unable to see the scoreboard and to walk around the ship or go to the menus. In all these cases I can't exit the game the normal way and I have to go "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" and end the game process so that I can start Warframe again and try to do the missions again. I would say that in at least 7 out of 10 missions I have to shut it down the hard way. 

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ODA key finished but not showing in the foundry to claim, the BP also missing from inventory. The foundry reminder on the top right corner still show it's ready to claim.


Also that stupid runner explosion sniping sentinel but no damage to warframe is still not addressed

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Other bugs:


Hidden Messages:

I haven't gotten any of the poems copied to my inbox



If I go into the "installed" mods, nothing shows up for my Kubrow


Dark Sectors:

I still don't have a launch mission option to get into them, though I can piggy-back on a friend.


Runner explosion bug:

Appears to be unique to Carriers

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Ancients OP. Too OP. I am no longer able to do defense missions by myself because I can no longer kill them. I get ZERO damage with a level 30 Penta with Heavy Caliber Rank 2, Serration Rank 3 and Hammer Shot Rank 3.


2 minutes ago I experienced yet another bug, my energy went from 300 to ZERO in 0,1 ms exactly when I wanted to stomp. I was not hit by anything, no disruption, no nothing, just vanished. And this is not the first time.


The "Connection to the host has been lost" freezes the game and we are forced to close the application via Task Manager.

Game freezes out of the blue, most times ending up crashing or just Fast Forwarding the action usually the players ending up dead.

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We have remade the thread and are adding the issues that have not been fixed as of 14.0.5 to this list as we scrub through the old list for lingering problems. Please populate this new list with any issues that are still present as of Update 14. Please use as much detail as possible in method to reproduce the issue, and if you could not reproduce the issue, let us know. 


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