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Update 14 Bug/issue Megathread

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The steam achievements is not working anymore?

I have got my 10th warframe right after this update but the achievement did not poping up.

If there is a problem after all, can you please fix it?

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*sigh* I really don't wanna report this one...but I suppose I have to take the noble route.


Anyway, when in a two-man cell (possibly more not enough testing) when you vote for a key and have both players end up voting for it, the second person to vote will have their key used for the mission; even if they don't own the prerequisite key which effectively leads to infinite uses of any key if done properly.

I had something similar happen earlier with a group of 3 players. However it seems that it was using my keys (I was host) and if I did not have any copies of the key it appears to have caused me to go negative with that key (just a guess). Now when I earn that key through a mission, I am given that key, or I craft the key I do not receive it. Although it may again let me receive those keys once I get out of the negative in them haven't gotten that far yet.

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The Codex does something really weird with Sentinels these days. I hear growling aswell and Wyrm prime wiggles his behind in a very suspicious way. i think the Kubrows may have something to do with it. :D


Also: A fun game. Guess the sentinel! XD (I know, I know ... it says the name)










OMG LOL, they're trying to be as good as Kubrows are to receive more love xD

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- 2D portions of UI are squished when in non-HD aspect ratios.

But even on 1400*900 (my highest near-HD-ratio resolution) sides of UI are still cut off a tiny bit.


- Some bits of UI don't scale well and look like blurry enlarged pictures. The squad list in the top right is a good example.

- Mission node cannot be quickstarted with doubleclick; requires mouse travel aaalllll the way across the screen.

- Profile screen still has old-old style UI

- Profile screen exit button is not clickable; requires Escape key.

- large UI sheets move around drunkenly when moving mouse; makes targeting buttons and items harder than it should be. UI should not be training for shooting running grineer.

- Stat changes in Mod Loadout UI are indicated with cheapskate ASCII art: "->"

- Sleep deprivation due to enjoying the tutorial quest too much. Flesh body crashed into bed at wrong hour. Pls fix asap

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Occasional spawning issues observed in Grineer Sabotage missions on Saturn and Uranus while using Enemy Radar & Enemy Sense mods: 

- 5-6 heavy units spawn in one room when the player is undetected with no previous or current alarms. Happened twice to me, there were more heavies than regular units in that room.
- Enemies spawn only in the first 3-4 rooms, then no more spawns on the entire map - even after destruction of all mining machines which usually triggers respawning of some units in my experience. Happened twice to me while no alarms had been raised in the entire mission.

- Lotus reports an enemy assault team on the way, but only 1 enemy spawns, e.g. an eximus in the room before extraction.

Occasionally, enemies are alerted at start of the mission or immediately after entering the mission despite having no line of sight and no sounds being made by the player, just by having entered the map. When reaching a control console, enemies proceed to cause lockdown, skipping the usual "alert" stage. On the minimap I see them spawn in adjacent rooms and they start moving fast immediately.


Reported by another user, added screenshots: Missing water textures in extraction tile on Earth, containers appear to float in the air as a result (using Nvidia GTX 780 with 337.88 drivers).




Destroyed Kubrow dens can be scanned. Working as intended or bug?



Overlapping text in Arsenal screen with weapon skins.


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Pets in missions where there are explosives are being damaged when the players are not. Take for example the volatile runners, upon exoplosion, if the player is at a distance, the warframe receives no damage, yet, the pet to which they are carrying, be it a kubrow or a sentinel, receives damage. This continues to the point to which enough volatile runner explosions occur without the player being damaged, but the pet dying. None of us ask that the solution is to alert the player to the low health of their pet (though this would be useful), nor to buff the explosions of grenades/missiles/volatile explosions/aoe weaponry, rather, to nerf their effective range to better line up with their weaponry, rather than having the explosion mimic the distance of an Overextended Nova explosion. All sentinels within my arsenal are maxed and have near maxed survivability mods (vitality, redirection, fast deflection, steel fiber) and yet are dying extremely fast from aoe weaponry/effects.This would in turn increase the survivability of pets and ensure that damage received to the pet is also proportional to the damage received by the warframe, rather than ghost damage hitting the pet.


TL;DR Pets die from damage of aoe/explosions while player is unhurt, pets die too quickly and explosion radius mirrors a massive blast reaching across a room, rather than the immediate area of the explosion alone.



Health packs do not continuously affect pets, only the initial blast is effective, and then the health pack/pods become only player oriented, and not in a radius affecting pets as well.

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Kubrow bug:
Cannot make a second imprint of my doggy. I have all the stuff required it just won't do it even after I say yes.
I traded away the current imprint of my dog and still can't make a second.

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Good day to everyone, i would like to report very minor bugs ive encountered 7/22/2014 5:19 asia time


-Pressing esc inside the ship and choosing arsenal will make your character appear at the arsenal section of the ship, the problem is that the character is facing backwards =_=


-When my kubrow died at earth tileset and its texture got very messed up while dying on the floor, also the resurrect button doesnt appear, but you can hear the bleedout heartbeat sound for 10 sec (indicating that it can be resurrected at that timeframe)


-The ship hologram for ongoing quests and alerts are hard to be read since its background and text is white, i suggest it have darker background to make its white text very visible.


-Kubrows doesnt seem to be loud on battle, if it does the "roar" skills and bites it doesnt do a sound lol, its so awkward >_<


Thank you very much for this update, best one  and sure you guys will never fail to bring good updates that makes people coming back!(based on experience haha) :)


off-topic doge suggestions XD

-doge accesories!

-i'd hope coloring kubrows isnt random q_q

-dog turds inside the ship... it must be done! haha

-KUBROW NEEDS TO HAVE PHYSIQUE CHANGE OPTION! or have more customizations!!

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Related to this bug:


Every time I try interacting with my Kubrow my warframe does this weird teleport glitch where it places me back and blacks out and then places me back where I was before that all happened. I did find a way for the glitch to not occur if I just face right after I choose to interact, but I would appreciate for this to get fixed so I don't have to turn right every time I try to play with my kubrow. Though it may not sound like much of a big deal I know it is for many other players who go through this same bug and may not know how to avoid it.


I've had this teleport glitch occur several times while in a Sabotage mission on Mercury with my new Raksa Kubrow. The Kubrow seems to have difficulty "warping in", that is on some tiles I see him warp in for several frames and then he disappears again. When I continue to move I either get reset to my previous location (often multiple times in a row) or I can move on and at some point the Kubrow will warp in again. So far this seems to happen after having moved through ventilation tiles that can only be entered by jumping.






EDIT: Teleport glitch occurs with Kubrow being present at the start of a ventilation tile. This is in the same mission as above on the way to extraction.






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The Health Packs do not fully heal the Sentinels, a medium health pod will only restore their life up until 400hp, and then not heal the rest. They're also succeptible to explosions far outside the explosions effective range. Players are not receiving the damage for an explosion that is across the room, but the sentinel is hit with the explosion and dies while being far outside the effective range of an explosion.

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Dojo bug:


Permanently break your ability to host dojo for anyone other than yourself by simply...


Host the dojo and have another clanmate join as you're loading. They'll fail to join and it'll say "Session unnavailable".


Do it both ways and now NEITHER of you can never host your dojo to trade with someone ever again, period. Nothing fixes this except a bug fix now. This is a MAJOR bug so please fix this, DE.

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Bug Report:


1. It's possible to get stuck in the map geometry in a Infested Ship tileset.

Happens by jumping over the railing and crouching as show in the screenshot.

Only way to get out is to use self-damage AoE and then Revive.




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From what i could see sentinels take increased damage because they take damage from way more range than the player's warframe. I tested this against Infested:
I stood on a pillar where volatile runner's explosion would not hit me, and as soon as they started exploding i noticed i did not take any damage while my sentinel (carrier at the time) would take tremendous amount of damage.
I suspect that's the reason why sentinels die so fast after U14..

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1.When my kubrow died i literally loss my head. And syandana.(Head and syandana after that start floating near cryopod)


2.And my decoy have bulletproof vest ??
J2u62kK.jpg3. In uranus system on Titania(Tyl regol boss mission) Arc trap doesnt work.

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