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Update 14 Bug/issue Megathread

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Also stated it as fixed (i guess): I cant raise my Kubrows (hatched a few days ago, matured at the WE) Loyalty. I could Dress like a carebear and cuddle him to death with rainbowflowers. It does not help a bit with the loyalty-bug.


Edit: Fixed typos

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Online matchmaking appears to be completely wrecked for me.


Every planet and mission node I try to get a squad for, I'm just sat waiting for players for upwards of 30 minutes each before giving up. I can't do alerts or invasions because I can't get teams; and lord knows I can't solo. If I invite people to the game, or get invited, it's fine. But I don't particularly want to have to recruit new people after every single mission.



Edit for clarity: it was totally fine before the last hotfix.

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Ok so i dont know if this has been mentioned or if i am missing something but my kubrow died on a mission with me and u freak out cuz i lost him a few days ago and yea; so i went to go check on him and luckily it shows him in the incubator but when i try to equip him it wont let me is this a bug?

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Kubrows and lockers dead lock themselves :-)


(I think the scavengy mod is actually the problem)

Kubrows and stairs have a tight relationship as well:


(Clipping/Hit detection problem, but the dog likes to get stuck in general - AI?)


Additionally: Kubrow customizations (logos) are not persistent.

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Bug:  Kubrow only gets exp from things he hits? Did a 5 wave dark sector defense on Venus and he only went half way to rank 1 not even rank 1 yet....didnt even get bonus exp either....usually i can get a weapon and frame to rank 3 on a venus ds defense....but not even rank one is just...sad

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Nekros, shadow of the dead bug.


If I am standing on an orange crate when I cast it, it will not summon anything. It will let me continuously cast Shadows of the dead, and take energy. It will not ever give me a minion. When I move to ground level, it will then correctly summon something.


Desecrate bug:

I can no longer desecrate volatile runners


Volatile runners bug:

They will explode no matter what. Even when they are killed via being shot, they explode.

The explode also deals Massive amounts of damage to sentinels.


Ship bug:

After doing a mission to kill phorid, I came back and was completely frozen. I could not even hit esc. The most I could do was talk and press the menu to log out manually.


Nav segement bug:

I am able to continuesly obtain a nav segment for a planet I already have unlocked. Once obtained, I cannot get rid of them.

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Im doing the quest for mirage and I just finished crafting her systems so I went to my inbox to check the riddle so I could figure out where to go but instead of finding the next riddle so that I can go find the chassis blueprint I have the riddle you would get after completing the chassis that tells you were to find the blueprint.


As you can see I only have mirages helmet and systems here.



But I got this message instead of the correct one.


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Can't craft Orokin Derelict Exterminate key, it won't show in the foundry, while market says that I can't purchase blueprint because I already has one. My friend has the same issue, only with Orokin Derelict Assasinate key.

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As of latest build at time of posting.


Summary: After completing an ODE vault run, spawn on ship and cannot move. Cannot open the esc menu. can not get into navigation.


Context: After completing a successful vault run, I encountered a bug where after inviting someone to the squad I could no longer move. In fact I could no longer access the Esc menu. i couldnt even activate the navigation helm despite the prompt.



After further testing(read: After alt tabbing and closing the game through task manager) I realized that this would occur after... ANY mission I invited a new squad member. Couldn't move or esc. Didnt matter whether it would be defense, tower defense, survival, assassinate, exterminate. Any mission.


Also encountered a new bug on Tower Defense. At least on Tower 3 Defense after spawning go right or left up the stairs. Proceed into the rest of the map on the upper level. Your Tenno is now entering Silent Hill. Yes the upper level in that spot appears to have been occlluded by game crippling fog. The only way I found a way out was by using the minimap.

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I went and logged in my warframe account and found my weapons are a lot weaker then before

I don't know how but all my weapons are now weaker and when I try to make a new weapon it became weak as well.

I need to know what's the problem?

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*sigh* I really don't wanna report this one...but I suppose I have to take the noble route.


Anyway, when in a two-man cell (possibly more not enough testing) when you vote for a key and have both players end up voting for it, the second person to vote will have their key used for the mission; even if they don't own the prerequisite key which effectively leads to infinite uses of any key if done properly.

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Gone to a mission with chat open, while tried to say hello, were not able to chat during loading screen, and after mission has loaded - my controls were completely jammed, neither mouse nor keybord responded. ctrl+alt+del - End Process

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Here's a couple bugs i found, also some suggestions:



- Mirage has no unarmed idle animation in the noble and agile sets (is it on purpose?)

- The last line in the Mods screen only shows the upper half of the mods in that line

- Hydroid's abilities look like slime intead of water

- In the kubrow quest, the lines from obtaining the collar keep repeating every time i enter the ship. This dissapeared when i started the Hidden Message Quest. (i had not noticed i had it from the market pack and only started it today.)

- When Changing loadouts, if changing from one that has a weapon to one that doesn't, be it main secondary or melee, the model from the weapon remains while in ship.

- Warframe crashes when leaving the game. (notihing is affected but i thought you should know)

- Prism deals pitiful damage to ancients (7 damage per beam on saturn, caracol, with intensify) even when there are no healers around.

- Weren't infested Ospreys supposed to be removed from defense missions? they came back the buggers

- Cannot rotate the sentinel in the arsenal.

- While attempting to enter Tethys, Saturn, got stuck on "Please Wait" for over 5 minutes and had lave the game altogether. Matchmaking was set as public.

- As host, Prism does not consume energy for the duration it is active (the maintaning cost), only the initial energy is consumed.

- As Client, Hall of mirror's clones show the default helmet when i'm using the harlequin. Also the blind visual effect from prism (the sparkles in the eyes) does not appear on enemies.



- Add an option to have music while in ship, like a radio or something. my poor warframes are going nuts just listening to ordis, lotus and barks.

- Have the scythe stealth finisher look like 9hoppers codex submission? Awesomeness guaranteed.

- Change the Huras Kubrow Hunt mod to something that actually fits the stealth style/class. Maybe have the kubrow cloak only itself and do a stealth finisher/attack on an enemy? the current attacks fits a sunika or a raksa better.

- Change the alert window. most of the text becomes unreadable unless you have shadows in the background, and makes me continuously have to "play" with the camera just to be able to read everything.

- have an inbox station on the opposite side of the news station (also, why is loki prime access still news?)

- Reduce the glow from the sun? (this is more of a preference than a suggestion but still..)

- Even though the liset outside hull customization is not yet implemented, create loading screens that show the front of the ship, otherwise that feature will have no point at the time of its implementation, since we barely see the front of the ship (only in the vors prize first mission, and for a milissecond when we're approaching the mission area.)

- Allow the kubrow to walk around the ship like it was suggested in the first devstream the ship was showcased. (granted at the time it was bigger but it would be nice if it was possible. If it is not possible, at least give him a bed in the cockpit.

- Kubrow map marker so we know where he goes and where he is when he falls in battle.

- As it stands now ancients are way too OP. i agree they should buff other infested units (love the concept in fact) however they should not buff other ancients. Damage reduction on ancients, especially considering the sheer amount of them on any defense mission becomes way too dificult.

- Show the type of kubrow hatched at the time of choosing the name. Reasoning: naming kubrow relatively to their classes: ex. Huras - Loki/ Trickster.


I will be updating this post as more bugs/suggestions arise.

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I was doing an Orokin Derelict Assassination as Valkyr (my kubrow had 3446.43 effective health from its 1036 health and 698 armor), thinking Elephantis was easy enough to kill with my Corrosive Damage Synapse as was with Pre-U14, when suddently my kubrow disappeared for the first phase of the boss fight in which each head pops up on their own (BTW the corpus head doesn't like opening its disgusting mouth very often). During the second phase where we fall through the floor my kubrow showed up again. We fought lephantis for a minute and then the Ancient head shot all of its bullets (or whatever those things are) at my Kubrow. My kubrow was at full health and shields before it got shot and then boom, my kubrow bled out for one second and with my slow reaction time (I looked at how much time I had to revive her rather than actually reviving her) she died. I think the Ancient head might be a bit too powerful when it can one shot a Valkyr (only had 2484 effective health, oops) and one shot her kubrow (who was tankier with 3446.43 effective health)... Also, why was Elephantis level 60? It took an hour to kill it and that was with me constantly falling down and bleeding, thankfully my friend wasn't getting targeted by the enemies so he could revive me.


TL;DR: Kubrow bleed out should be extended (preferably to the regular 20 seconds that tenno have). Lephantis level scaling should be lowered.

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