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Do We Need Colossal Enemies?


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The answer is clearly yes, because giant enemies are awesome, but I'm sure some totally lame and cowardly Tenno may disagree. B)


I can't help but notice some of the levels are perfect for fighting a giant boss-type enemy. This for example:




I think it would be totally radical if there were like a 5% chance that a giant enemy would spawn in certain wide open tilesets. Or maybe if you kill enough Infested, they send one of these big baddies after you.


For this map in particular, the giant Infested could have these kind of attacks:

Sweep Attack

Uses an arm to sweep an entire floor. The way to avoid it is by either sliding under it or by being above or below the floor it's sweeping.



Getting close to it will cause it to stomp the ground, causing a damaging earthquake that knocks down all the Tenno.



It can pollute a large section of the platforms with gas, forcing the Tenno to keep moving.



Can release infested to harass the Tenno on the platforms.


Strategy for defeating it is:

•There are gas sacks on its torso that must all be ruptured. Destroying them all releases all the gas and it forms a giant cloud in one section of the level, it will slowly dissipate. The Giant can no longer use gas attacks.


•There are tendons on the feet that must all be severed to knock down the Giant. Once it's knocked down, it exposes glowing weakspots where it takes lots of damage. After a while it heals the legs and gets back up. Repeat until it's dead


So yeah, how can we, and should we, introduce giant enemies into Warframe?

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I would love giant bosses that used the same concept of the new Vay Hekk map. You don't just go straight to them, you have to find them (like the beacons, but less annoying then they once were)  then fight them over the course of the map rather then just run to up and kill him/her.


but yes. More larger bosses and longer boss battles.

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It is not a terrible idea, and it would add a nice change of pace.  However, I do not think it should be a priority.  DE should focus more of its attention on standard mobs and core gameplay elements.  


Also, your blanket labeling of all nay-sayers as "misguided" is very rude.  In the future, you should avoid insulting the opposition when making an argument.

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Good lord for some reason when I looked at the image it originally looked like the first encounter with the Scarab from the first Halo. Looked area that it took place in too.


On topic: It would be quite fun to have larger more difficult enemies such as this, though I don't really know how one would go about creating a giant Corpus, or Grineer

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i don't think they'd be able to balance extended boss battles, not enough energy, ammo etc. it'd literally be an open field with a floor made of containers and a giant standing in the middle.

OR add waves of enemies, which would then make it a T4 surv at 40 mins lol.

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I totally agree. Lephantis is plenty fun, but a game type that gives us more of a chalenge like that would be great. warframe sometimes doesn't seem really challenging, larger and tougher enemies always are welcome.

although from a DE point of view, it would take alot of time to make just one. and they are busy with update 15, they really do work hard for us.

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Ordis: Operator, I've detected an enemy beyond your current capabilities, shall I deploy the Archwing?


Now let's all imagine a squad of Archwing Tenno circling a massive Infested growth, tentacles flailing and poisonous globs flying everywhere.


If you've played Dead Space, think this:


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