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Which Top Melee Would You Pick?


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When I'm using Valkyr I go for Orthos prime because of it's crowd control capabilities which helps valkyr a lot since she has zero crowd control abilities.


Also paralysis+stealthkill gives me a heart stabbing animation which is seriously sick on the orthos. plus its armor ignore and gives +10k crits enough to take down level35 gunners in one strike.


that being said the game breaking dual ichors give +20K crits with a stealth attack and can omni proc a lot with the swirling tiger stance.

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So here i'm going to list one of the best melees in the game! now i'm not going to say all complete detail of states, but I will get to the point. You say the one you like of this list or out of this list.


Dakra Prime, it has the highest base damage of all long swords but with the crimson dervish mod, it will add over 300% overall damage the weapon has. Making the weapon doing the highest damage per swing in the game.


Dragon Nikana, it has the highest base damage of all melee weapons.


Dual Ichor, this has the highest damage per second melee in the game (Note; to make this the highest damage per second weapon you will need to add the berserker mod as each swing with a critical will add more seconds of speed.)


Kronen, it has the highest base damage of all dual wielding weapons, also has the highest spin attack. 


Bo Prime, it has the highest base damage of impact.


Karyst, has the highest base damage of all daggers.


Jat kittag, has the biggest knock down attacks in the game.


Orthos Prime, has the longest reach attack (Note; to make it the longest reach weapon, add the reach mod.)


Tell me which weapon you like the most out of this list or your personal favorite.

Edit: High lighted the weapon names to help you see them better. 

Edit2: Added the orthos prime!

Dakra Prime if u got Crimson dervish

if not u choose Dragon Nikana 

You Have The Choice :D

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having all the listed  weapons in my arsenal, nothing comes close to the Orthos Prime. modded right the slam attack just kills, the effortless twirls of the quick melee eats through enemies with or without elemental proc. The sneak attack from behind is just awesome as it has two sneak attacks,1) a roundhouse kick which kills instantly and 2) a straight lounge forward to pierce and gore kill the enemy from behind.

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Dual Ichors are at the zenith for me. What doesnt die immeadiately biulds the combo counter, which helps to kill everything else immeadiately. Also you can copter with it.


Followed by Dragon Nikana, which has some nice combos. If i could fly with it it would be at the top.


And then Glaive Prime. With Powered Throw you would be hard pressed to believe you were not using a Penta. Also good at coptering.


Why not Dakra Prime? Everything it does, even with Crimson Dervsih, the Ichors do better even without Berzerker.

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Note: Im choosing fun factor and stances than just "Damage Stats Only" 


Dragon Nikana - Both stance are quick hitting and fun to use, the way this weapon look shows deadliness, and even without  an upgrade or forma'd this thing wrecks. I use teleport with my ash to use finishing moves on heavy enemies.


Karyst- Daggers nowadays don't get any love.I use this with Homing fang stance, fury, and corrosive damage. Its a decent weapon


Kronen- besides this weapons crazy combos and slide damage, these copter blades just look awesome.


Im looking forward to try the Jat kittag, Othos prime, dual ichor, and Bo prime a.k.a curtain rod lol.


Dakra Prime- Just didn't seem fun to me despite the nasty damage from Crimson devrish it just felt slow  for a sword stance in my opinion. Also the coiling impale (Crimson devirish ) combo looks exactly like Cutting Arches (Homing Fang). I mean seriously add some new combos to make this stance crazy.


On a side note the weapon that I use the most for fun.

Kogake-(Grim fury). knockback, stun combos and the finisher is satisfying. It may not be the most hard hitting weapon in warframe but kicking an enemy to the ceiling never gets old.

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