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De's Tenno Vs Dc's Superheroes [Updated: Banshee, Excalibur And Nova Now Added!]


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The fighters.


Rhino vs Superman




Rhino.jpg vs 2058572-s2.png






Valkyr vs Wonder Woman




ValkyrPortrait.png vs Wonder_Woman_New_52_Jim_Lee.jpg






Ash vs Batman




Ash.jpg vs 2985398-costumesbatman.jpg






Volt vs Static




Volt.jpg vs  Static_Shock_Vol_1_1_Textless.jpg





Hydroid vs Aquaman




Hydroid.png vs New-52-DC-Comics-art-Aquaman-photo.png






Nyx vs Martian Manhunter




Nyx.jpg vs 2957134-1364659370.jpg






Vauban vs Cyborg




Vauban.png vs 3591555-screen+shot+2014-01-22+at+7.54.5






Zephyr vs Red Tornado




Zephyr.jpg vs 1480507-redtornado.jpg






Banshee vs Black Canary





Banshee.jpg vs 3895056-8939374893-Black.jpg






Excalibur vs Katana




Excalibur.jpg vs 2698716-katana_1.jpg




Nova vs Captain Atom




Nova.png vs DC-Comics-Presents_Captain-Atom_1.jpg



The Gear (optional; subject to change).


Rhino: Sobek, Brakk, Ankyros.

Superman: Suit


Valkyr: Tigris, Lecta, Venka.

Wonder Woman: Suit, Sword, Shield, Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Submission.


Ash: Dread, Twin Gremlins, Fang.

Batman: Bat-suit, Utility belt.


Volt: Soma, Akmagnus, Bo.

Static: Suit, Static Saucer, Fighting Staff, Collapsable Axe


Hydroid: Attica, Ballistica, Nami Skyla.

Aquaman: Suit, Trident of Neptune.


Nyx: Vulkar, Kunai, Nami (Solo).

Martian Manhunter: Suit.


Vauban: Supra, Dual Cestra, Prova.

Cyborg: Cybernetc Enhancements.


Zephyr: Cernos. Dex Furis, Kestrel.

Red Tornado: None.


Banshee: Paris, Furis, Glaive.

Black Canary: Body Armor


Excalibur: Braton, Akvasto, Dragon Nikana

Katana: Suit, Soultaker Sword.


Nova: Burston, Lato, Dual Skana.

Captain: None



Each fighter has all of their powers.



The Location is JLA Watchtower.



Who will win, Tenno?

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Rhino can stop time with his foot

IDK about Valkyr VS Wonder Woman

Ash VS batman would probably end with ash on top because of smokescreen 

Volt VS flask depends on the continuity

Hydroid probably wins because hentai Tentacles

Nyx wins because you can't kill someone if they control your mind and don't want to die

Vauban makes a black hole

IDK about Zephyr VS hawkgirl. 

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Big fan of Warframe and no opinion on DC, but there isn't anyone in the Warframe universe who can survive being sandwitched between supernovas and strong enough to destroy a planet with one punch. (source: Goku VS Superman DeathBattle)

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Ash, he can kill everyone using bladestorm

I'm sure Flash has pretty fast reflexes fast so he could easily dodge it and stop it.

Valkyr can invul :D

Yeah, it wouldn't kill superman. But they can't kill her too :D

He can freeze her or burn her... As much as I like Tenno they don't have the power to fight against them.
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But what's the point? They would only weaken Superman. I'd say they'd easily take down Batman though.




Do NOT anger the Batman...


Why? Because he is BATMAN!


(FYI He took down Superman! More than once. Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Mongul... the list goes on and on. DO NOT anger the Batman.)

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Well, this is one-sided fight, because...

The Flash can use the Speedforce for time travel (see the "Flashpoint" story arc in the comics), so this would be over before it even began. He'd just make it so the Tenno never existed.

The Flash is not included anymore... Edited by Tengu147
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