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Your Rng God Prayers Here.

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Dear RNG, please make going into higher level waves in defense missions worth it, I've already gotten enough Hellfires and Convulsions.


I know you like to be cruel, but 3 convulsions in a row for reward for wave 5, 10 and 15 on Xini is a bit much.

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Dear RNG God,

During T2 and T3 runs, I am NOT SPECIFICALLY looking for Frost Prime Systems and I'm also NOT SPECIFICALLY looking for the Reaper Prime Blade. This goes to my brother and our friend, as well. They're also NOT SPECIFICALLY looking for those two items. (I hope this reversal works. It seems to work for me in other games).

-Zehk the Farmer

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Dear RNG Gods


Grant me back my precious Rifle Multishot that I got through a Orokin Raid, but didn't get because of a map glitch that caused me to leave without it. I've played this game for quite a while now and to have that mod finally was a thrill.

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LeucienWeaver, on 02 Jun 2013 - 1:09 PM, said:

Dear RNG gods and godesses. I have been faithful and thankful for my many varied successes, from Frost Prime to Latron Prime, and every mod I desire save one... Please bless me with Cryo Rounds...

Leu Weaver

The RNG gods have spoken: You shall be granted with not one, but THREE Cryo rounds in a single Void run.

My next prayer is for Stalker to appear and grace me with Despair...

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Dear RNG Gods....

Thank you for blessing me with the Plasma Sword.

However I come at you with another request.

Please I beg you to allow me to obtain the Reaper Prime blueprint and blade and the Vauban Helmet so I can finally build them glorious weapon and warframe.

Forever thankful.


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Please help me to find a Banshee Systems blueprint.

Please help me to find the Thunderbolt mod.

Please help me to find the rifle multishot mod.


"Om Mani Padme Hum" ("Hail to the jewel in the lotus")


If the supposedly datamined drop rates are right, Spy missions would be the best chance to get a banshee system.  I'm inclined to believe that's true considering I got four of them yesterday trying to check out the void key drop rate on Oceanum on pluto.

Edited by Aggh
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Dear RNG god,


        Pls stop teasing me on every void run I go on by not giving me the final prime parts I need to start building, specifically Frost Prime Systems and Latron prime barrel. May you grant me your blessing and let me FINALLY GET THE PARTS I NEED  *(& &*(^%*(    ^&(*^   ^&   %^&% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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