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Ps4: Tubemen Of Regor (16.5.9 - 16.7.2 +Hotfixes)

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New Mission - The Law of Retribution:
Tenno are out for vengeance, and Grineer Councilor Vay Hek has nowhere left to hide.  Hot on his trail after the assault on Relays during Eyes of Blight, the Lotus will guide a precision strike force to hunt down and put an end to Vay Hek once and for all.  Be wary Tenno.  Numbers alone will not protect you when diving into the heart of Grineer military power.
Create a squad of 4 to 8 Tenno and work through three challenge scenarios as you track down Vay Hek across the Solar System.
Earn Arcane enhancements from defeating Vay Hek, each of which provide a unique bonus Warframes can unleash during combat.
In order to equip an Arcane enhancement players must construct it in their Foundry under the Miscellaneous tab.
Players will then need to select what Helmet or Syandana they would like the Arcane to be attached to.
After construction the Arcane Helmet or Arcane Syandana will appear in their Arsenal under Attachments.
The Law of Retribution Key Blueprint is available for purchase in the marketplace for 100,000 Credits.
This Mission can be completed with a minimum of 4 Tenno for an additional challenge.  Enemies will not scale down in difficulty 
Nightmare Trial Difficulty:
Nightmare Trials are challenging encounters designed for experienced groups of Tenno looking for a new challenge. Harder hitting enemies, new traps and tweaks to each of the existing encounters in the Trials of Vay Hek will push your squad's coordination to the limit.
We want all Tenno to enjoy our first attempt at a Nightmare mode of this size and intensity. Please keep in mind that adjustments may be needed if the content proves to be too difficult. Good luck!
- Players can purchase the Nightmare Trial of Vay Hek Key from the Marketplace for 100,000 Credits. Building a key costs 5000 Credits, 1000 Rubedo, 18000 Nanospores, and 2 Gallium.
Nightmare Leaderboards: http://content.ps4.warframe.com/dynamic/trialNightmareStats.php 

Performance Improvements:
Our work on making Trials a smooth experience for Console Tenno gave us the unique opportunity to make improvements to Warframe's overall quality of life. One of the major hurdles in Trial development was ensuring that a full squad of Tenno could take on the overwhelming number of enemies present in Trials -- something our previous design was ill-equipped to handle.

That's why Update 16.5 doesn't just contain new content, but a complete overhaul of in-game performance. Whether connecting to local friends or fully randomized Squads from the depths of the Void matchmaking players should now experience a significant improvement in FPS when playing in Squads.
New Events:
FALSE PROFIT This event is on from June 4th until June 11th @ 2pm EDT. 
TUBEMEN OF REGOR This event is on from June 17th until June 25th @ 2pm EDT. 
New Tactical Alerts:
OGMA ELITE This alert is on from July 23rd until July 28th @ 2pm EDT. 
BLACKOUT This alert is on from July 3rd until July 8th @ 2pm EDT. 
New Tileset Preview: Grineer Sealabs:
- Hidden under the toxic oceans of Uranus is Tyl Regor's genetic labs. Built into the massive coral pillars rising up from the depths these twisting halls represent the latest in Grineer scientific achievement.
- A preview of this tileset will be available during Operation Tubemen of Regor, so be sure to let us know what you think of Uranus' latest expansion!
New Enemy: Bursa MOA
 - Isolation Bursa MOA - Designed to hold targets in place and deliver high damage payloads, the Isolation Bursa MOA bunkers into one location and doesn't let go.
- Drova Bursa MOA - Armed with a modified Amprex the Drova Bursa MOA is designed to separate Squads of Tenno, moving quickly to engage the enemy.
- Denial Bursa MOA - Bunkering down to block choke points and nullifier barriers to discourage Tenno passage, the Denial Bursa MOA acts as cover for nearby crewman.
Tenno Reinforcements:
- BOLTACE: An intimidating Tonfa set designed to match the briary design of the Boltor.
- DAIKYU: The Daikyu takes great strength to draw back, but provides added power and range to every shot.
- ATOMOS: This particle cannon generates a condensed beam of super-heated plasma designed to melt rock to ore, and enemies to molten slag.
- TONKOR: Hurl mayhem and destruction at the enemy with the Tonkor! Grenades from this Grineer launcher explode on impact. Use their blasts to propel yourself to new heights!

New Accessories:
- Caggro Sugatra: Expressing the martial finesse and skill of its master, the Caggro Sugatra is based on a Grineer design.
- Adventus Arrow Skin Collection: A collection of unique arrow skins, compatible with any bow. Includes the Cattrail, Sylus and Meer Arrow Skins. Each Skin is also available separately for purchase.
New Alt Helmets:
- The Amaru Chroma Helmet and Ovis Mesa Helmet are now available in the marketplace!
Our scouts have returned from investigating Corpus and Grineer ships. They have discovered key details on new systemic overhauls to their data storage facilities.
Reports filed from our surviving agents show many of the classified vaults we have infiltrated have been relocated or given an extensive retrofit. Many have been upgraded to more advanced security systems. These new vaults were designed to counter forced entry. Increased patrols and movement-sensitive alarms will make infiltration difficult.
Use caution when accessing these secure data vaults. We must show our enemies there is no obscurity the Tenno cannot uncover.
3 new Spy Vaults have been added to Corpus Spy Missions
3 new Spy Vaults have been added to Grineer Spy Missions
Players will now see a greater variation in what Spy Vaults appear in Missions, with each tileset randomly generated from existing vaults.
Each Vault (old or new) contains randomly altered features that will make replaying a familiar vault less predictable but still open to multiple solutions.
Conclave Expansion:
Two new game modes have been added to Conclave! Work with your fellow Tenno to shut down the enemy team in Team Annihilation, capturing Oro dropped from each player kill to earn points toward victory. Want to prove your superiority in combat alone? Join in Annihilation and work against 7 other Tenno in a deathmatch free-for-all.
New Maps:
The following maps are now available in the Annihilation and Team Annihilation Conclave map rotation!
- Canyon Settlement
- Freight Line
- Navigation Array
- Docking Bay
New Mods:

- Melee Mod - Collision Force: +20/40/60/80/100/120% Impact Damage
- Pistol Mod - Pummel: +20/40/60/80/100/120% Impact Damage
- Shotgun Mod - Full Contact: +20/40/60/80/100/120% Impact Damage
- Rifle Mod - Crash Course: +20/40/60/80/100/120% Impact Damage
The following mods are only usable in Conclave:
- Nyx: Absorb - Singularity: Creates a ring every 3 seconds that drags in enemies at 9 meters per second.
- Valkyr: Hysteria -  Hysterical Fixation: Decreases initial duration of Hysteria, but increases duration by 5 seconds for each kill.
- Ember: Fire Blast - Purifying Flame: Allies that enter the fire will have up to 4 debuffs removed.
- Oberon: Reckoning - Defiled Reckoning: Health Orbs created by kills from Reckoning are invisible/unusable to enemies for 10 seconds
- Overcharge Detectors: Exposes enemies within 30 meters, who are at their maximum energy capacity.
- Surplus Diverters: Gain 6 energy, upon replenishing shields completely without interruption after they have been deactivated.
- Recuperate: 20% Chance to restore health on kill (Pistol).
- Calculated Victory: 20% Chance to restore shield on Kill (Pistol).
- Stand Ground: Blocking reduces damage taken from enemy abilities by 60%.
- Recover: 20% chance to restore health on kill (Rifle).
- Vanquished Prey: 20% chance to restore shield on kill (Rifle).
- Momentary Pause: 20% chance to restore health on kill (Shotgun).
- Prize Kill: 20% chance to restore shield on kill (Shotgun).
- Follow Through: 6 energy gained on enemy kill (Frame).
- Quick Charge: -20% shield recharge delay (Frame).
Augment Mods:
- Vauban - Perpetual Vortex: Vortex's duration is increased by % for each additional Vortex thrown into the initial Vortex.
- Zephyr - Funnel Clouds: Tornado generates an additional X tornadoes, but tornadoes have reduced size and do not pull enemies.
- Excalibur - Radial Finish: Blinded enemies are vulnerable to finishers, taking increased finisher damage.
- Nekros - Shadows of the Dead - Shield of Shadows: Damage done to Nekros is shared with his Shadows.
- Chroma - Vex Armor - Vexing Retaliation: Taking a % amount of damage will trigger a % radius burst. Shield damage will cause a puncture proc while health damage will cause a blast proc.
Kubrow Mod:
- Shelter: Provides a shield when the owner is reviving an ally.


- Using a waypoint marker in a Squad will now show numbers corresponding to each member of the Squad.
- Squad HUD information now shows a corresponding number to each player to identify the Host as well as make waypoint markers easier to correlate.
- New sound effects for hacking has been added!
- Added a new icon to the upper-right hand corner for when players have 'Pending Friend Requests'.
- A 'default colors' button has been added to each Arsenal customization colour (instead of a full restore to default), returning a weapon, Warframe or accessory back to its default colors. This will allow your Prime Attachments to shine in the default gold we showed them with. This will fix issues with energy colours not showing well when you use abilities.
- Syndicate Allies can now be given 'Hold Position' and 'Follow' commands and can be issued with a context action (similar to giving Rescue targets your Secondary). This can be done at mission start as an option for players that wish to progress in a mission alone or coordinate the movement of their Syndicate Allies. Syndicate Allies have been re-enabled in Rescue and Spy Missions in case some users want them, but if not you can have them 'Hold Position' at spawn and proceed alone.
- New Grineer Portrait Icons are available for purchase in the Marketplace!
- Several Liset Radio Chatter contest winners have been included into the Liset's audio rotation. Blazingcobalt, jprocks67 and Kalimando all now have their voices featured in game! Keep an ear out for new transmissions coming straight from community members.
- Players can now disable audio communications from the Liset Scanner in the Options menu.
- Custom Interior Liset colors can now be edited under Customize Liset. This feature is still a work in progress, but Tenno can preview the customization today!
- Rare Resource Blueprints have been added to the Market! Use these permanent Blueprints to craft rare resources using more commonly acquired drops.
- New Syndicate forum avatars are now available in the Market!
- Warframes can now use Warframe-specific dangles at the same time as other Syandanas. This new option is available under Auxiliary, in the Arsenal's Regalia. (Example: Valkyr's Bonds + Syandana)


- Removed some procedural rooms from Void Survival that would not spawn Survival points.
- Cernos has been given the PBR treatment!
- Increased the amount of decorations that can be placed in the Liset to 40.
- Added 'Invite Squad Member' label to the Squad UI.
- Notifications for events shown in the Liset's Navigation console will now update their time remaining at 24h, 12h, 1h, 30min, 15min, 5m and 0s.
- Lowered the difficulty of the Spy Missions in the Stolen Dreams Quest.
- Hackable consoles can no longer be used by Limbo while in the Rift.
- Corpus security cameras now only activate laser grids within 20m of their position.
- Kubrow and Sentinels will no longer set off laser alarms in the Spy game mode.
- Life Support in Survival no longer spawn from crates or lockers before the Life Support drain begins or after the Life Support drain ends.
- Reduced the number of co-op hack doors on Spy Missions on the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
- Reduced the amount of backtracking necessary in Spy Missions on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
- Reduced the radius of knockdown effects from slide attacks in PvE.
- Adjusted Ember's Accelerant effects to show its range more accurately.
- Emblems can now be used on either shoulder.
- Made small adjustments to Kohm audio and visual effects.
- Made various audio adjustments for surround sound and stereo.
- Updated audio on Soma and Soma Prime.
- Research displayed in Simaris' Sanctuary will now show the top 5 contributors.
- Made adjustments to Rare Spawn scanning targets to prevent them from spawning in difficult to reach places such as Spy Vaults, Extraction or near turrets.
- Reward descriptions have been added to the World State Window.
- Added red lights to vent entrances on Spy Vaults to help make them stand out better.
- Made various lighting updates.
- Corpus Crewmen Enemies will sit through their death animations for longer, rather than cutting straight to ragdoll / fade away.
- Made various network changes to help reduce latency in users that see high ping spikes.
- Updated the Gemini Nikana Sheathe bundle to require Mastery Rank 4 to help prevent players from purchasing the item without owning a Nikana.
- Inviting someone to a Squad that fails to join will now give a more specific message instead of 'player has declined your invitation'.  
- Increased the credit reward and available Mods in Vor's Prize Defense Mission Quest.
- Players AFK during Defense Missions that fail to choose 'Continue' between rounds will be defaulted to 'Extract'.
- Slightly improved hit effects to Kunai impact visual.
- Increase the visual effect of the Secura Dual Cestra's shots.
- The limit on DNA Detoxifiers that can be applied to Kubrow on a given day has been removed.
- Made various PBR updates to Grineer structures.
- The Raptor will now drop Neural Sensors instead of Orokin Cells.
- Rebalanced enemy difficulty in the Vor's Prize Quest.
- Removed some of the larger connecting rooms from the Corpus Outpost tutorial tileset.
- Caches discovered in tutorial missions will now provide 500 Affinity.
- Default color will now be kept with backing out of a color in the color picker.
- Updated audio FX on the Braton Vandal.
- Reduced the audio effects of the Dual Raza's blade sounds.
- Made various reverb tweaks to the Dojo, Corpus Gas City and Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
- The 'unreleased' EMP Aura Mod is no longer tradeable (note: this change was in the previous update but was unlisted)
- Nef Anyo has been renamed The Sergeant and all VO elements of his encounter have been updated to reflect the change.
- The cursor has been given a new icon!
- Made various audio adjustments to the Cestra and Dual Cestra.
- Slightly increased the Isolation Bursa's ability cooldowns.
- Slightly adjusted the hitboxes on Corpus Drones to help hit detection.
- The Heat Sword has been given a tremendous visual overhaul!
- A performance and physics audit has occurred on levels and abilities to ensure all content is using the most optimized physics types.
- Grakata has been given the PBR treatment!
- The Friends List UI has been given an update to better show what friends are online, offline, or what chat requests are pending.
- Reduced the amount of Warframes that will appear in Cutscenes in order to minimize performance issues.
- An update to NPC behaviours when blinded has been made.
- General performance improvements have been made across Warframe.
- Clarified description of Rare Resource Blueprints to state that these blueprints are permanent.
- Overshields now apply to Specters (Max 1200), Kubrows, and Sentinels (max 600).
- Swapped cracked glass material in the Dojo for a new cracked look.
- Adjusted the draw radius and shot radius on Paris, Paris Prime, Cernos, and Daikyu. Before, players were able to hear you draw your bow from considerably far away distances that would give away your position.
- The Nekros Mortos Syandana and Valkyr Bonds can no longer be Enhanced. This change is due to Nekros and Valkyr having an unfair advantage over other Warframes by having one additional Arcane slot. We're going to be removing Arcanes off these two attachments, and running a script to compensate players so the Enhancements can be used on intended Syandanas. We will notify everyone when this script has started.
- Tweaked ambience sounds in the Orokin Derelicts.
- Tweaked volume in numerous Gas City levels.
- Updated reverb in Gas City, Forest, and Grineer Galleon levels.
- PBR material has been added to the Amprex!
- Reverb 2.0 has been improved, reverbs will feel less dense now, enabling you to hear enemies and weapons more clearly.
- An audio cue has been added to accepting or rejecting a Squad invite.
- Made refinements to the custom Liset interior color details.
- Zephyr's Turbulence visual effects will look slightly more transparent when cloaked.
- Loki's Invisibility, when used with a Sentinel, will now give the Sentinel its proper energy color.
Loading Screen Changes:
- Player tips created by your Design Council are live on Loading Screens!
- New loading bar and player loading icons are live!

Gradual Change: Diminishing Returns vs Pure Ability Immunity:
For those unfamiliar with the term, diminishing returns is when an ability become less and less effective against an enemy over time. When we original designed bosses and minibosses, a lot of them had pure ability immunity making your Warframe's abilities ineffective in battle. We've slowly been experimenting with 'diminishing returns'. Many bosses and minibosses in Warframe were affected by diminishing returns, including Captain Vor, Lephantis, the Grustrag Three, and more. Instead of being outright immune to crowd control, these bosses will gain improved resistance to them with each successive use.
This Update expands the number of Warframe powers that fall under diminishing returns to the new Bursas. With this change we will monitor power use across each Warframe to ensure that every form of crowd control is given fair play against enemies, whether the Ability is timer-based or relies on energy drain.
Conclave Changes:

- Increased the damage of Sicarus weapons in PvP.
- New Conclave Map: The Lost Halls.
- Nyx and Nyx Prime are now usable in PvP.
- Oberon is now usable in PvP. 
- Ember and Ember Prime are now usable in PvP.
- Valkyr is now usable in PvP.
- The Braton Vandal is now usable in PvP.
- Added an audio cue when 4 total captures have taken place across the match, reminding players that all energy dispenser locations now give 50 energy.
- Energy dispensers will now produce orbs of 50 energy at 5 minutes remaining in the match.
- Maps will now shuffle in PvP, giving more of an unpredictable variety.
- Increased the respawn time for Energy Orbs from 25 to 45 seconds.
- Decreased the Lex's damage in PvP.
- Decreased the damage of Mag's Pull in PvP.
- Increased Stamina consumption when blocking with all Bo weapons in PvP.
- Reduced the damage of all Bo weapons in PvP.
- Increase Stamina drain when blocking with the Gram in PvP.
- Increased the Energy cost of channelled melee hits from 5 to 10.
- Increased the damage of all Strun and Boar weapons in PvP.
- Reduced the damage of the Dex Dakra in PvP.
- Volt's Electric Shield is now more visible when used with dark/black energy.
- Melee weapons no longer get a headshot bonus in PvP.
- The following weapons have now been balanced for use in PvP: Sybaris, Karak, Kraken, Viper, Angstrum, AKViper, WraithViper and Tigris.
- Martial Magnetism Changes:
- Extra stamina cost is now applied to missed swings
- Magnetism is not applied to a target if you do not have the full amount of Stamina required to attack
- Increased the damage of the Sybaris in PvP.
- Made terrain adjustments to help make wall running smoother on The Lost Halls Conclave Map.
- Excalibur's Radial Blind now gets half its duration on targets that are looking away.
- Added vertical force to players killed by Rhino's Charge.
- Players have 6 seconds respawn invulnerability with 3 seconds or time left invulnerability when moving.
- Invulnerability is now removed if you fire a weapon, melee or use a power.
- Reduced the damage of all Cestra weapons in PvP.
- Reduced the volume of Grineer music in the Conclaves.
- Players in Cephalon Capture will now be notified of which player stole their Cephalon.
- Increased Conclave standing gains from XP to be 2x the amount of normal Syndicate standing.
- Proximity triggers for automatic doors in the Docking Bay map will have been made larger to ensure smoother navigation through the map.
- Improved visual effects will make Conclave game mode selection look more obvious.
- Players will no longer receive experience for returning the Cephalon in Capture the Cephalon.
- Players will now drop 1 energy orb for every 25 energy they had stored at their time of death.
- All new mods that were not able to be equipped after purchasing from Teshin have been fixed
- Increased the damage of the Tigris in PvP.
- Empty Energy Stations will instantly spawn orbs when Energy Surge is initiated.

Nova Antimatter Drop Changes and Fixes:

Quite a few adjustments have been made to Nova's Antimatter Drop that deserve special mention beyond our normal 'fixes'.
- Fixed projectiles level 1-3 having double shimmer visual effects.
- Fixed Antimatter Drop's collision detection being affected by projectile scale on Host. Increased the collision detection radius for Clients to help compensate.
- Fixed Client projectiles doing 2x damage on contact (not related to Antimatter Drop's explosion damage).
- Fixed base explosion damage to match the Ability's scaling explosion damage (was 100, now 100/125/150/200).
- Fixed sometimes doing minimal damage when used by Clients, regardless of how much players pumped into it.
- Fixed low damage as Host or Client if the projectile hits where you are aiming (as opposed to hitting something while trying to get to your aim position).
- Fixed aiming at the projectile not causing it to slow down.
- Explosions from Antimatter Drop will no longer fuel the damage of other nearby AMD projectiles.
- Projectiles from Antimatter Drop will now get brighter as you do damage to it.
- Various changes have been made to improve the visual and audio fx of Antimatter drop.
- Nova now shows a proper animation during multiple casts of Antimatter Drop.


- Fixed a location on Ceres, Exta where players could become stuck against terrain and the level ceiling.
- Fixed issue in Gifting caused by selecting a negative quantity, also prevented players from Gifting negative amounts in the future.
- Fixed upgrades to Sentinel ammo capacity not properly reflecting in the Arsenal.
- Fixed an issue where players with high latency could turn the UI invisible, preventing them from being able to select Missions.
- Fixed rare and ultra-rare loot crates using the regular drop table in Survival and Void Survival.
- Fixed visual effects not appearing on the Edo Prime chest armor.
- Fixed players not getting their Friends List updated to reflect a Friend having completed the Mission they were in.
- Fixed a graphical issue on some transparent surfaces.
- Fixed various issues with AI pathing in Orokin Survival.
- Fixed an issue on Grineer Forest tilesets where players using Zephyr can float above the level using Tail Wind, but then become unable to get back to the ground.
- Fixed lighting issue in elevator connector room on Corpus Power Storage tilesets.
- Fixed issue that would cause Loki's Invisibility texture to fill the entire screen.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when using the /unstuck command in non-Mission levels.
- Fixed the Archwing loadout section of the Arsenal appearing for players who have no Archwings.
- Fixed an issue that was causing Mods to not drop properly from enemies.
- Fixed the Kogake's slide attack sweeping from the left hand instead of the left foot. Also adjusted the timing to better match the animation.
- Fixed Mastery Rank Sigils not displaying properly in Relays.
- Fixed broken Navigation markers not working properly in Void Derelict hallways.
- Fixed Proto-Excalibur helmet not working with other skins.
- Fixed players who purchased the Proto-Excalibur skin not receiving the Proto-Excalibur helmet.
- Fixed the Martial Magnetism Mod not functioning properly.
- Fixed clients being able to ignore the Grineer Manic's cloak ability.
- Fixed the announcement for a player joining a Squad displaying for the player who is joining the session.
- Fixed the Cephalon in Cephalon Capture being unrecoverable after a Host Migration.
- Fixed players being unable to capture the Cephalon in Cephalon Capture after a Host Migration.
- Fixed attachments to the Dragon Nikana's sheathe not displaying properly.
- Fixed the Grineer Scorpion Machete attack not hitting stationary players all of the time.
- Fixed emblems appearing on shoulder rotated incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where players using their 4th Warframe Ability during a Mastery Rank Test in Sanctuary would stop spawning enemies, making it impossible to complete the Mission.
- Fixed some issues with players scrolling up and down through items in the Inventory.
- Fixed an issue with the Soma where the weapon clip would sit in the wrong position.
- Fixed visual issue with the Edo Prime Chest Piece when equipped to a Mirage using Eclipse.
- Fixed players in the Tutorial level being able to use the Friends or Clan member list to join another player's session, effectively breaking the tutorial and preventing the player from being able to use any Warframes, weapons or Quests.
- Fixed Host Migration in Conclave opening the team selection screen.
- Fixed players being unable to swap the polarity of their 'Aura' slot for Sentinels.
- Fixed players being unable to see items owned in the Arsenal.
- Fixed players still showing on the enemy team when switching sides in Cephalon Capture.
- Fixed player emblems not showing properly on right shoulder.
- Fixed an error that would occur when using Nyx's Absorb.
- Fixed Nyx's Chaos sometimes ending early when a target under Chaos dies.
- Fixed the First Daily Win reward being given in Conclave on loss.
- Fixed an issue where a downed player could not be revived while moving upwards on an elevator.
- Fixed Conclave host migration occurring with only one player left in the match.
- Fixed Clients sometimes getting stuck/frozen when getting revived after killing a member of the G3.
- Fixed the Tactical Reload Conclave Mod being equipable by Bows.
- Fixed XP locked weapons in the Market not showing their cost.
- Fixed enemies detecting players through player flashlight lighting.
- Fixed typo in Mesa's Longhorn Helmet blueprint.
- Fixed Helios' Simaris skin using the wrong energy color.
- Fixed emblems not sitting properly on Frost, Frost Prime and Mag Prime.
- Fixed Ash getting stuck in Bladestorm animations when used on Zanuka.
- Fixed Cephalon's duplicating in Cephalon Capture after a Host Migration.
- Fixed visual issues on exploding Grineer Galleon featured in tutorial missions.
- Fixed space skybox showing on some planetary tilesets.
- Fixed a 'black portal' to a dead end room in the Corpus Gas Cities.
- Fixed Grineer Forcefields and Spy vault laser traps affecting Limbo while in Rift Walk - he should be immune to these traps while in the Rift.
- Fixed issues with some Archwing missions being unplayable if a full loadout wasn't setup.
- Fixed Zanuka/Harvester's pin attack not working properly.
- Fixed a game freeze that could occur when using Excalibur's Radial Javelin on ragdolled enemies.
- Fixed a visual issue where carried Cephalons turn into power cores after a Host Migration in Conclave.
- Fixed issue that caused Excalibur's Radial Javelin to not kill enemies.
- Fixed Archwing components not showing up in the player inventory after crafting was complete.
- Fixed various issues causing Host and Client hangups on the loading screen in Conclave.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when using Ash's Blade Storm when inside Limbo's Rift.
- Fixed the End of Mission 'Summary' screen showing an incorrect number of Mods obtained.
- Fixed Simaris' dialogue appearing twice when making a purchase in his Sanctuary.
- Fixed an issue where the HUD would freeze after using an Ability Power.
- Fixed an issue where some Upgrades were not properly showing stat changes after ranking up.
- Fixed instances of the Manic getting himself stuck in open areas.
- Fixed Nullifier Crewmen not nullifying Chroma's Effigy or Nekros' Shadows of the Dead summons.
- Fixed an issue in Archwing missions causing Missions to lock up mid-combat.
- Fixed issues with lighting and colour effects on certain Venus maps that could result in a very flat and desaturated look.
- Fixed a crash that would occur in the Relays as players joined and left.
- Fixed various gameplay crashes.
- Fixed MK1 Braton not being able to use skins.
- Fixed the Temple of Honor not appearing on the player map in Dojos.
- Fixed missing wall textures in Cephalon Capture Orokin level.
- Fixed a lack of collision on some wall textures on Corpus ship tilesets.
- Fixed a door texture on Assassination Missions in Grineer Shipyards that had missing textures.
- Fixed the Rakta Ballistica not sitting on Chroma when holstered.
- Fixed Clan ranks not being properly localized.
- Fixed various broken textures in Archwing Missions.
- Fixed muzzle flash not showing properly on weapons.
- Fixed the Kubrow using the wrong finisher on enemies.
- Fixed the Kubrow's finisher animation on the Drahk Master making the victim immune to outside damage for the duration of the animation.
- Fixed issue that would occur when using Mirage's Eclipse that would prevent the player from using this Ability, or other powers, again.
- Fixed ugly textures that would display on some Grineer doors.
- Fixed Nekros' Soul Survivor Augment not properly tracking revives or counting towards revive challenges.
- Fixed issue that would cause player's map to break when trying to type during Ash's Bladestorm animation.
- Fixed players losing duplicate Arcane Helmets after trading one of the helmets.
- Fixed an issue that would occur during an enemy ragdoll, causing a crash.
- Fixed some instances where terrain would inappropriately meld into another room.
- Fixed placement of hints during Simaris' Scanning tutorial.
- Fixed Chroma's Effigy moving when in electric water or similar environmental hazards.
- Fixed the Dojo Polychrome Bot being unable to be removed after placement, or potentially being able to be placed in an area that cannot be reached.
- Fixed an issue that would not properly refund Platinum to the Clan Vault if a room painted via Polychrome that was rushed is destroyed.
- Fixed issue that would cause knee-slide audio done by Clients to play for the Host anywhere on the map.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when timing out in the Dojo, causing the game to crash.
- Fixed an issue that would show Kubrows and Sentinels as wearing two badges.
- Fixed Mesa's Longhorn helmet not properly reflecting energy color.
- Fixed the minimap occasionally breaking in some rooms on the Grineer Galleon tileset.
- Fixed players having Primary and Secondary weapons unequipped after completing the tutorial.
- Fixed Darvo's VO not playing in the second mission in Vor's Prize.
- Fixed an issue where weapon skins were not displaying properly on login.
- Fixed audio effects not properly going off when players capture a Cephalon in Cephalon Capture.
- Fixed some broken water physics that would occur in the Orokin Void tileset.
- Fixed an issue that would prevent Clients from being able to complete a Corpus Sabotage Mission after a Host Migration.
- Fixed Arcane HUD indicators from showing as though they were debuffs from a Dragon Key.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when fighting Sargas Ruk in melee.
- Fixed Clients that get knocked down appearing as though they are sliding to Hosts and other Clients.
- Fixed error that would allow Punch Through Mods to create unlimited multishot when a weapon is fired through Volt's Electric Shield.
- Fixed players being able to get stuck under elevators on the Corpus Ice Planet.
- Fixed MK1-Furis showing a price of 120 Platinum in the Market.
- Fixed players showing as having default skins and colors when in a Relay.
- Fixed issue where Clan Emblems would not show up until after logging in.
- Fixed Uru and Pyro Sugatras not appearing properly on some weapons.
- Fixed an issue that caused Lephantis to become invisible and immune to damage.
- Fixed some water clipping through textures on Earth Defense tilesets.
- Fixed a typo in the Patient Zero Quest line.
- Fixed some grammatical errors in the Codex description of Defense Missions.
- Fixed localization descriptions on Lephantis Nav Coordinates, they now refer to Lephantis instead of Golem.
- Fixed default colors on a Warframe not displaying properly in the Codex diorama.
- Fixed Kubrows who had their appearances altered in a previous Update.
- Fixed Clients being unable to pick up Void Key in Void Sabotage Missions after killing the miniboss.
- Fixed held melee attacks being usable in mid-air, causing a 'gliding slam' onto an area. Slam attacks will now drop players directly to the ground.
- Fixed Amprex not chaining to nearby enemies.
- Fixed Ammo Stock mod incorrectly appearing as its Prime counterpart across various UI screens.
- Fixed missing graphic for Vex Armour augment.
- Fixed unreleased weapons appearing in Codex.
- Tweaked volume of Braton Vandal.
- Fixed Clan emblems not being activated even though they had been approved. All Clan emblems that should have been active (you received approval confirmation) will Now be available in game!
- Fixed Oberon's Reckoning not lifting enemies when cast.
- Fixed players spawning in unsafe locations when using the /unstuck command.
- Fixed Uranus missing an Archwing Mission node.
- Fixed an issue where players would load with the wrong items when playing Archwing after having finished the Zanuka capture mission.
- Fixed a potential crash that would occur in Conclave during a host migration.
- Fixed Spy missions giving out rewards randomly, instead of giving out rewards based on how many vaults have been cracked.
- Fixed the Explosive Demise Mod harming the player that has it equipped.
- Fixed players getting stuck in a knockdown state after being hit by a knockdown attack just after a parry.
- Fixed the Quanta Vandal not appearing in the player Codex.
- Fixed damage from Rhino's Charge lagging slightly behind Rhino, causing him to slide past enemies in Conclave without hurting them.
- Fixed an issue in Conclave where players would never lose their damage immunity on respawn when joining a match.
- Fixed energy respawners in Conclave not creating energy orbs after a Host migration.
- Fixed teams in Cephalon Capture occasionally grouping players into 5v3 matches.
- Fixed a Mission Node on Mars reading as “Deimos” instead of “Hellas”
- Fixed Host migrations on Corpus Sabotage missions preventing all other clients from completing the missions.
- Fixed maxed out negative reputation with Syndicates showing as 0 reputation lost or gained when handing in Syndicate Tokens.
- Fixed locations on MOA enemies that were previously difficult to hit, including a small location between the 'head' and gun, and a spot on their MOA-butt that was tough to shoot.
- Fixed Syndicate Assassins dropping blueprints that give more Spectres than intended.
- Fixed Volt's Electric Shield giving improper damage multipliers.
- Fixed the distance that loot crates would visually appear being too short on Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed a potential issue causing a rare deadlock on launch.
- Fixed visual issue with muzzle flashes on weapons not properly following weapon barrels.
- Fixed a number of issues with Sigil customizations not saving.
- Fixed an issue where rotating the position of a sigil would default the color to grey.
- Fixed players being unable to get back up after being knocked down by enemies with knockdown abilities.
- Fixed negative standing with Syndicates showing as blue when it should be showing as red.
- Fixed ambient 'static noise' that could be heard on Grineer Forest and Relay tilesets. Coming Soon.
- Fixed crits on enemy heads giving inconsistent crit numbers depending on what 'part' of the head you hit. Headshots on enemies will now properly do a 2x damage multiplier regardless of what spot has been hit.
- Fixed crits on Infested Ancients being inconsistent depending on which non-headshot part of the body was hit. Hitting vulnerable points on limbs will now properly do 3x damage, consistently.
- Fixed some inappropriate body contortions when sliding while shooting a bow.
- Fixed players respawning with their secondary weapon due to dying in a bleedout state, instead of spawning with their primary.
- Fixed an issue where Sugatras would not update their colors properly.
- Fixed a rare crash that would occur on loading screens during texture loading.
- Fixed some issues relating improper visuals on Kubrow.
- Fixed positioning of melee decorations on the Obex and Kogake.
- Fixed Uru and Pyro Sugatras not properly appearing on some two hand weapons.
- Fixed excavation drills in the Excavation game mode not properly taking damage from enemy attacks.
- Fixed players not being able to see the health of excavators in the Excavation game mode.
- Fixed Syndicate Syandanas showing at minimum brightness when previewed in the arsenal.
- Fixed the countdown timer in Survival being replaced by the 'Extraction countdown timer' that triggers when enough players step into the Extraction zone, even when players step away from Extraction to continue the Survival Mission.
- Fixed players not getting paid for Invasions if they were still playing the final Invasion Mission when the Invasion ends.
- Fixed players being unable to build a Specter if their equipped loadout is under the conclave requirement for the Specter they want to build.
- Fixed issue causing projectile weapons to not properly register extra damage on headshots.
- Fixed inconsistent upper and lower case descriptions on Knockdown related Mods.
- Fixed ability timers getting reset when players pick up a Mod.
- Fixed a crash caused by crafting new weapon blueprints in the Dojo.
- Fixed Chroma's Spectral Scream preventing players from being able to use quick melee.
- Fixed some misaligned text in the World State Window.
- Fixed waypoint markers placed on elevators disappearing when map is toggled.
- Fixed the Freedom and Discovery Conclave Sigils having the same icon.
- Fixed waypoint markers in Interception not properly updating.
- Fixed the Shade Sentinel's Ghost and the Hura's Stalk Ability not properly functioning.
- Fixed the Clan's 'Join Session' button not functioning properly.
- Fixed an issue causing Glaive weapons not to appear as full size when viewed in the Codex.
- Fixed buff display on the HUD not properly disappearing after the buff expires.
- Fixed numerous stability crashes.
- Fixed Mag's Shield Polarize wiping any overshields you had regardless of having Mag's Shield Transference Augment Mod or not.
- Fixed Shield Restores not working on Sentinels.
- Fixed some of Vauban's powers only lasting for 1 second.
- Fixed the Navigation menu not opening right away when in the Conclave mode selection menu.
- Fixed Capture Targets being uncapturable if you die and get revived during the mission.
- Fixed incorrect spelling in Simaris Synthesis lore entry.
- Fixed Teshin over using the term 'Begin!' during a conclave match.
- Fixed the Prime Velorum Sigil sometimes having a black outline instead of the intended gold outline.
- Fixed Mastery Sigils overriding future equipped sigils and all sigil previews in the Arsenal.
- Fixed cracked glass in the Dojo not rendering properly if fluid was behind it.
- Fixed Polearm weapons not being extended in the Codex or when in the Parry pose in the Arsenal.
- Fixed flashlights on bows and other weapons not following the camera.
- Fixed selecting the Navigation menu from Syndicates UI does not close the Syndicate UI.
- Fixed temporary color customizations being reverted when navigating through the Arsenal.
- Fixed the Dread arrow not applying your Energy color. Not fixed, further investigation required!
- Fixed the Pause menu appearing behind the Simulacrum UI.
- Fixed a rare instance of the Drahk Master stealing your weapon and placing it in a teleport zone; making it irretrievable. Your weapon will now be moved to a safer zone where you can retrieve it.
- Fixed Mod rewards being displayed as Rank 0, even if they are greater than Rank 1.
- Fixed Hellion Power Carries not spawning on Stickney, Phobos.
- Fixed numerous NPC related crashes.
- Fixed the Navigation menu overlapping with a kiosk screen when opened in the Relays. 
- Fixed Corpus Crewman muzzle flash not updating position.
- Fixed Ember's Fireball Frenzy Augment causing Fireballs to bounce off of Mesa's Shatter Shield.
- Fixed objective markers disappearing in Defense missions.
- Fixed persisting enemy markers after an enemy has died.
- Fixed a script error when receiving Invasion Battle Pay (not related to the event).
- Fixed players receiving a script error when crafting - this could result in a game freeze.
- Fixed overlapping lines in the Chat window.
- Fixed the Tipedo not having Tenno script on it as intended.
- Fixed right side Transmissions being cut off due to having a low resolution.
- Fixed text issue with lengthy player names in the End of Mission and Mission Progress menus.
- Fixed Carrier's Vacuum not picking up Pigments.
- Fixed revived players seeing themselves as friendly AI on the minimap.
- Fixed Loki's Invisibility not being affected by energy colors.
- Fixed an issue occurring in reverb audio settings.
- Fixed some incorrect collision detection on the Ogma.
- Fixed Frost's Snowglobe ability not properly getting a tint from the player's energy color.
- Fixed energy colors not properly getting applied to Syndicate Syandanas.
- Fixed Syndicate Syandanas not reflecting changes until you leave the attachments menu.
- Fixed players being able to bypass trade cooldowns by moving quickly between the Dojo and Liset.
- Fixed issue during Alad V and Zanuka boss fight that would cause Zanuka to stop attacking.
- Fixed Transmutation and Fusion cores appearing when players enable the “Show Maxed” filter in the Mod menu.
- Fixed the hinges in Darvo's shop floating about inappropriately.
- Fixed issues with Rhino's Iron Skin.
- Fixed an issue causing bottom custom colors of the Liset not matching the top.
- Fixed a crash caused by weapons and abilities that caused radial damage.
- Fixed incorrect channeling FX on Excalibur's Proto Armor skin.
- Fixed coloring on Nukor.
- Fixed some channeling FX not showing up correctly for Hosts and Clients.
- Fixed Hydroid's Tempest Barrage not properly scaling in damage with rank.
- Fixed Oberon and Banshee's Immortal Skin not properly applying to their shoulder pads.
- Fixed the Capture target becoming uncapturable if a player dies and then revives mid-capture.
- Fixed the player's Warframe colors changing when viewing different Archwings in the Arsenal.
- Fixed an issue in Corpus Hijack Missions that would prevent mission completion and stop all enemy spawns.
- Fixed an issue on Void tilesets that would break navigation markers and enemy navigation.
- Fixed a lighting issue that would appear in Dojo hallways.
- Fixed Helios not attacking enemies when equipped with the Deconstructor.
- Fixed multiple Conclave Mods that were not showing up as available for purchase through Teshin.
- Fixed issues with Energy Orbs falling through the floor in PvP.
- Fixed issues with host migration interfering with Energy pickups and generation in PvP.
- Fixed missing firing animations for a number of weapons.
- Fixed issues with many missing animations for weapons in a number of scenarios.
- Fixed crashes associated with radial damage.
- Fixed Loki and Loki Prime's Decoy not firing his pistol.
- Fixed players in the Dojo all seeing a 'player down' notification when someone is defeated in a duel.
- Fixes for missing player avatars in inbox messages and gifting.

Hotfix June 5th:
- Fixed a crash caused by weapon swapping. 

UPDATE 16.7.2 (June 19th)

Tenno, show your true colors with new Customizations! Give the outside of your Liset some flare with new Skins, style Vauban with a new Alternate Helmet and add power to your Warframes with new Ability Augments Mods.
KOTARA: Cover your Liset in geometric forms inspired by nature’s order with the Kotara Liset Skin.
PAHTA: Add an explosive plumage design to your Liset with the Pahta Liset Skin.
ARMISITICE VAUBAN HELMET: Add this uniquely-styled helmet to your Arsenal and give Vauban a new look.
Anku scythe available now!
Reap havoc with the Anku! This full-sized Tenno scythe's design is inspired by the Paris Bow and is just as deadly.
Add the Anku to your Arsenal by visiting the Market or Tenno Clan Research today!
Black Seed Scourge. This alert is coming July 15th to the 20th @ 2pm EDT. 
Limbo - Cataclysm: Cataclysmic Continuum: Duration is restored by 1s whenever an enemy is killed inside.
Saryn - Contagion: Contagion Cloud:  Melee kills will leave behind a cloud of gas that deals 150 damage per second for 12 seconds within 2 meters.
Nyx - Chaos - Chaos Sphere: For a % duration of Chaos, any enemy entering the effect radius will be affected by Chaos.  This effect radius decreases over time.
Banshee - Sonic Boom - Sonic Fracture: Enemies hit by Sonic Bomb have their armor reduced.
A new Spy Mission is available on Earth, Cambria!  This Mission contains Spy Vaults unique to the Earth tileset, including unique security measures for day and night cycles!
Some weapon attachments will now support energy color changes.  This feature will slowly be expanded to other weapons, so keep an eye out for special effects on those dangles!
Added several missing weapon entries to the Codex.

Ash is now balanced and playable in PvP!
Respawn timers are now independent for each player killed instead of respawning players in communal ‘waves’ in Annihilation.
Health orbs now heal for 50 HP in PvP.
Reduced the range and damage of Ember’s World on Fire in PvP.
Oro pickups in Annihilation are now colored red.
Braton stats fixed in the Conclave Arsenal.
Warframe Ability projectiles no longer deal double damage to players on headshots.
The Forfeit Timer will now properly activate when there’s only one player in Annihilation.
Weapons in the Conclave Arsenal will now display their Impact, Puncture and Slash values.
The amount of ammo collected from ammo pickups has been increased.
Ammo pool is now capped at the amount of ammo you start with.
Frost's Freeze damage has been reduced in PvP.
Ember's Fireball damage  has been  reduced in PvP.
Mag's Pull damage  has been reduced in PvP.
Volt's Shock damage  has been reduced in PvP.
Excalibur's Slash Dash damage has been increased in PvP.
Oberon's Smite damage has been decreased in PvP.
Strun’s damage has been increased in PvP.
MK1 Strun’s damage has been  increased in PvP.
MK1 Braton’s damage has been decreased in PvP.
Strun Wraith’s damage has been  decreased in PvP.
All Latron series weapon damage has been decreased in PvP.
Daikyu’s damage has been decreased in PvP.
Cephalons in Cephalon Capture have received a visual update!
The following mods have been disabled in PvP: Magazine Warp, Slip Magazine, Burdened Magazine, Stabilizer, Steady Hands, Fast Hands, Quick Draw, Tactical Pump and Terminal Velocity. They have been replaced with PvP specific versions that have been added to the Mission Rewards of all PvP game types.
The Anku is available for use in PvP.
Reduced the damage of Strun Wraith in PvP.
The Lucky Shot PvP Mod is now compatible with Bows.


Increased the time taken by AI to hack consoles in Trials from 2 seconds to 4 for the Vay Hek stage.
Earth: Cambria is now a Spy Mission.
Earth: Lua is now an Excavation Mission.
Many Grineer and Corpus environmental props have received PBR updates!
The Strun has received a PBR update!
Nyx’s Chaos Sphere Augment FX has been made more visible.
Added a new sound effect to the Hyena Pack’s charge ability.
Reduced the amount of Lotus transmissions that occur during Spy Missions.
Made various updates to incorrect or inaccurate item / Mod descriptions in game.  More to come!
In an effort to reduce in-game spam, accounts with a Mastery Rank of 0 can only start conversations with friends, clanmates, or recently encountered players.
Slightly altered the vocal sounds of Infested Chargers.
Players can no longer open the pause menu when playing a hacking minigame.
Rare Resource Blueprints can now be sold for 30,000 Credits.
Added a marker to capture consoles to make the target more easily visible.
Eos Prime Shoulder cosmetics are now properly labeled with ‘left’ and ‘right’.


Fixed a “crash to dash” bug - hopefully will fix most cases of this bug occurring. 
Fixed a crash that would occur due to enemies self destructing.
Fixed an issue where cosmetic attachments would not properly display their intended location.
Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control removing armor from enemies.
Fixed items vacuumed in by the Carrier becoming stuck to the Carrier.
Fixed Manic Grineer becoming impossible to kill due to continued teleporting.
Fixed minor visual issues with Oro visuals in the Conclave dioramas.
Fixed Annihilation Conclave matches not ending when only one player remains in the Conclave.
Fixed players not properly being assigned to even teams in Conclave.
Fixed an error caused by a host leaving a solo game of Cephalon Capture.
Fixed Energy Surge not properly activating in Conclave.
Fixed an issue causing players to immediately pick up the Cephalon after dropping it in Conclave.
Fixed the Braton’s stats not reading correctly in the Conclave Arsenal.
Fixed Clients being unable to see Kubrow’s revive percentages or downed timers.
Fixed red enemy markers appearing on the mini map/HUD after a Kubrow has been revived.
Fixed the visual quality of enemies dropping when fighting in thick fog.
Fixed an issue causing Clients to spawn outside of the level when entering a Mission on a Void Derelict tileset.
Fixed the Jackal sliding around on the ground or getting stuck when firing its grenades.
Fixed the Daikyu becoming locked in a full draw animation when sprinting.
Fixed an error causing Clients to be unable to see bonus Mission objectives through the pause menu.
Fixed an error that caused the minimap to not display properly in Interception Missions.
Fixed an issue that allowed the Dera to retain damage bonuses from Volt’s Electric Shield, resulting in higher than normal damage.
Fixed a visual bug on Kubrow dens that showed their homes being made of reinforced metal!
Fixed Carrier Sentinels not sucking in Sigils and other item drops.
Fixed Navigation segments becoming unlocked if a player completes a quest on a segment that they have not unlocked normally.
Fixed an issue causing shots from a weapon equipped with the Terminal Velocity Mod to freeze in mid air, becoming impossible to shoot through.
Fixed Nullifier enemies appearing in non-Nightmare Law of Retribution Trials.
Fixed the objective in Hijack Missions not properly draining shields from players.
Fixed Rescue Mission Mastery Tests becoming unbeatable if the Rescue target falls off the level.
Fixed the Law of Retribution’s second phase becoming unbeatable if a player dies before the pressure-plate puzzle can be completed.
Fixed Clients seeing double experience when an enemy is killed.
Fixed some Conclave-only Mods being usable in normal gameplay, and vice-versa.
Fixed Daikyu’s charged shots causing odd animations when turning to aim.
Fixed punch-through Mods sometimes not having a proper effect on weapon’s fire.
Fixed Grineer Rollers becoming stuck when summoned.
Fixed the Datamass disappearing if a player is killed while picking it up.
Fixed Warframes switching from default animation when changing Sigil color.
Fixed some visual errors in scanning if the player has the Scanner bound to a hotkey, switching away from the Scanner while in use.
Fixed the Strun Wraith and Gorgon weapons not showing the correct Impact / Slash / Puncture stats in the Conclave Arsenal.
Fixed overlapping chat screens that would occur in the greeting message of our chat channels.
Fixed an issue with blurry attachments on Warframes (Targis Prime, etc).
Fixed an issue with incorrect Waypoint markers on Earth Spy missions..
Fixed an issue with loadouts not saving if a player does not leave the Arsenal before entering a mission.
Fixed various localization issues with Tactical Alert messages.
Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence not properly deflecting some ranged attacks against hit-scan enemies.
Fixed an error causing a Hive related message to appear on Interception Missions.
Fixed Design Council features not properly appearing in Korean.
Fixed Banshee’s Sonic Fracture FX lingering if the target became immediately ragdolled.
Fixed Warframe armor not properly showing on Chroma when Effigy is cast followed by a cloaking ability.
Fixed players being able to kill ragdoll-able bosses by flinging the boss off the map.
Fixed an issue causing ragdolled bosses to take a long time to revive.
Fixed players not properly entering a dive animation when jumping, sprinting, then firing their weapon.
Fixed the Tonkor’s projectile preview arc appearing underneath other effects.
Fixed the Daikyu killing the client if being drawn during a Host Migration.
Fixed an error that would occur when viewing Soma Prime in the Codex.
Fixed player arrows not returning to their default visual when the Meer Arrow Customization is unequipped.
Fixed player’s weapons becoming stuck when changing weapons after firing a bow.
Fixed Valkyr’s Hysteria playing sounds from related to the player’s un-equipped melee weapon.
Fixed an issue preventing the use of Mods shared by Sentinels when the player does not have a Sentinel equipped or active.
Fixed the description of Excavation Missions in the Codex having incorrect information on how to play the Mission type.
Fixed an issue preventing players from properly blocking AoE attacks
Fixed the Paris Prime showing covering up menu options.
Fixed an issue causing the UI to freeze after Zephyr casts Tornado.
Fixed an issue causing duplicate FX to occur, resulting in increased latency.
Fixed a hangup caused by opening the pause menu mid-hacking.
Fixed fancy sparkly trails not showing up on all unique Arrow Skins.
Fixed a typo in Darvo’s VO present in the tutorial Missions.
Fixed Warframes with 100 base stamina showing as 8 stamina when equipping the Warframe in the Arsenal.
Fixed water in Orokin-themed Conclave maps appearing as black.
Fixed a crash in Conclave’s Annihilation when a Host Migration occurs after a fourth player joins a game mid-session.
Fixed players falling out of the map when joining in-progress Missions on the Corpus Gas City tileset.
Fixed the Grineer Toxin Injector appearing under ‘Tenno’ in the Codex.
Fixed wrong planet name showing in the UI for Event Missions.
Fixed offset placement of the Aseron Sekhara badge.
Fixed players colliding with light fixtures in the Earth Spy Vault tileset.
Fixed a couple typos and grammar errors in Simaris’ Synthesis lore.
Fixed an issue occurring in doorways in Earth Spy Missions.
Fixed navigation markers not showing proper pathing on Corpus Gas City tilesets.
Fixed Soma Prime not sitting properly on Saryn when holstered.
Fixed the Paris Prime and Diakyu sitting strangely on some Warframes.
Fixed grammatical errors in the description of Trials in the Codex.
Fixed an issue that prevented us from listing the Nyx Nemesis skin

Hotfix July 7th:
- Added new Prime items to drop tables
- Added new Prime items to the Codex
- Added Nightmare mods to drop tables
- Fixed Thumper not working properly in Archwing
- Added option to view profile from invite screen. 
- Removed Mag Prime from drop tables
- Removed Dakra Prime from drop tables
- Removed Boar Prime from drop tables
Hotfix July 8th:
- Fixed incorrect Carrier description
- Added Sweeper Prime to the Codex
- Increased time on Sanctuary targets
- Fixed incorrect drop from loot caches 

Hotfix July 14th:
- Fixed FX bug on Nova's slipstream helmet
- Fixed instance of shields not being properly removed in Nightmare missions
Hotfix July 17th:
- Fixed issue with portal key in Void Sabotage missions
- Fixed Ash Prime helmet not showing up properly in some instances
- Reduced frequency of Forma drops in T3 Defense Rotation C
- Added Bo Prime Blueprint and Ember Prime Helmet Blueprint to T3 Defense Rotation C
- Potential fix for EoM crashes
- Potential fix for ledge grab bug
Hotfix July 20th: 
- Fix for black screen while toggling through weapons in the Arsenal. 
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is the update supposed to be 13 gb? because that's how much my ps4 wants to download.

if so that's crazy talk right there! if it's a bug please fix it because i'm running on a limited data cap and 13 gb update is a no go for me.

The first 11gb should be showing as already downloaded. 

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The first 11gb should be showing as already downloaded. 

ah ok, seems to be a bug, i guess i have to download the whole thing again, it's weird because i never had this thing happen to me but i've seen enough people having the same problem with other games to be not surprised, well thanks for the respond.

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