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Hotfix 17.2.2

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  • Reduced the number of visual particle FX on the Kulstar’s explosions.
  • Slightly adjusted the visual FX on Vauban’s Abilities.




  • Fixed exploding barrels not damaging or triggering alarms against energy walls in Grineer Spy Vaults.
  • Fixed players showing as holstering an Rampart’s weapon after the Rampart has been destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some abilities (such as Nyx’s Absorb or Banshee’s Sound Quake) from being deactivated using the Power Menu.
  • Fixed Frost’s Avalanche not properly displaying the armor reduction in the Arsenal’s Ability description.
  • Fixed slide attacks not functioning properly in Archwing.
  • Fixed some minor improper textures on Frost’s sleeve cuffs.
  • Fixed some visual issues in the Blunt, Rampart, and Lanx Codex Diorama.
  • Fixed Sentinel information appearing in the HUD when players were in an Archwing Mission or under-water.
  • Fixed some minimap inconsistencies showing in one of the Grineer Spy Vaults.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Focused Dexterity Conclave Challenge from being completed.
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