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Devstream #62 Overview


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24 hour Dark Sword alert starting at 3:30 EDT


Update Warframe Nexus App

• Was supposed to release to-day, but needed a bit more testing

• It will be able to be linked to any Warframe account, PC or console

• Can check active alerts

• Can deploy and collect extractors

• Can check the news stream

• Can check arsenal, including seeing mods equipped on Warframe and Weapons

• Can fully manage Kubrows, including retrieving from Stasis and Interacting

• Can operate Foundry, including claiming and starting builds

• Can access Codex as well

• Hopefully the app will be submitted for cert next week

• Steve wants to add mini-games that will be playable in the app to earn resources

• Apple and Android releases only initially

• Click
to see Rebecca test the app


Animation Studio Updates

• The animation team received a new mocap studio for much more accurate animations

• Multiple actors can be captured at once

• Hopefully will expedite animation production

• This might lead to cinematics being inclulded in each update, and a more cinematic story




• Launch date is projected for next week hopefully

• Click
to see some new animations for Mios


Saryn Revamp

• Release date for the revamp is next week

• The Orchid skin is being included with the revamp! (not shown though)

• Low Duration builds might be viable, but playstyle will need to be altered, probably involving Saryn's other powers to buff Miasma damage

• Output with a low duration build seemed extremely weak, although the devs insist she can be very powerful when built correctly

• Click
to see Rebecca pre-view the latest Saryn build


Archwing Enemies

• There's a new Corpus Archwing enemy coming, a crewman with a large jetpack and jackal arms

• The devs are aware of the ridiculous scale difference between Archwing enemies and players, working on fixiting



Archer Warframe

• Experimenting with a hold mechanic that lets the player select different kinds of arrows

• Her ultimate will be in the vein of Excalibur's - will involve custom UI

• Releasing in U18


Update 18

• Gore is getting updated - the new units will be able to be eviscerated like the older units

• In Update 18 there will be increased damage responsiveness with enemies taking damage; shooting an enemy in the leg might make them stumble and fall over

• Starchart revamp is being called ino question for U18 or U18.5 - it might come later

• Orbiter is being expanded, which is related to the lore involved in the Quest

• There will be an option - while in relay - to enter a tradable mode that will hopefully ease trading, sort of like setting up a shop

• Chat revamp from last devstream is NOT in U18, it will be U19 instead

• Wukong will release before the end of the year, but probably after the Archer Warframe

• Still scheduled to release by the end of November, next Devstream should reveal the full poster Steve teased


Other Stuff

• Deluxe Trinity skin is being worked on

• The devs want to work on Volt's ult so he's a more appealing starter frame

• The first round of Tennogen skins will be judged on November 6, and the accepted ones are scheduled to release the following week

• Currently, the devs are only accepting 3-D models in Tennogen for Syandanas, in the future this will hopefully extend to Warframes/Weapons

• The devs are aware of players resenting being forced into using specific cosmetic items to enjoy Arcane Enhancements

• The Gersemi Valkyr Skin is coming to consoles next Tues-day, will remain available for 2 weeks

• Sentinels are getting AI improvements - things like prioritizing Grineer sensor bars for targeting

• Rhino's Iron Skin with the Temple Guardian skin was showcased; it maintains most of the skin's aesthetic


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Oh wow they decided to keep the gold bits on rhino primes palatine skin fml. So that means i may have to get regular rhino just to get the skin like concept art FML. Thx anyways bunny


I know the feeling - I like to use the Tennogen skin on Vectis Prime, but it keeps that spinning gold wheel no matter what skin it has. Hopefully Rhino will receive PBR soon and his gold will be tintable. It wouldn't stick out so much if you could make it silver to match the skin. That's what I did with Vectis Prime.



I came an hour late.


I value your trust! You're welcome.

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Trinity Skin looks good so far, I can't wait..  ^-^


018.jpg  *awaits #RIP related comments from butthurt four2win saryn players*


She still doesn't have any feet... if she moved like Zone of the Enders where she slid everywhere (complete with sparks flying up) it could look awesome, but I feel like it will look ridiculous to see her running around on those pegs.

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She still doesn't have any feet... if she moved like Zone of the Enders where she slid everywhere (complete with sparks flying up) it could look awesome, but I feel like it will look ridiculous to see her running around on those pegs.

Zone of the Enders :D

&& I was really hoping on a update on the focus system ..

Edited by (PS4)Akuma_Asura_
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