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Hotfix 18.0.7 [Spoilers!]


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Conclave Changes and Fixes:


  • Fixed Focus powers being useable in Conclave.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Conclave Mobility stat not reading correctly in the Arsenal.
  • Castanas now have a 10 second lifetime duration when used in Conclave matches.
  • Castanas will now wake up Rested targets in Conclave.




  • Increase the audio FX for the Daikyu’s full draw.
  • Tweaked some audio FX on the Unairu’s Focus Ability.
  • Sentients will no longer intensely focus on defense targets in Mobile Defense.
  • Sentient AoE attacks will no longer damage defense targets in Mobile Defense, with exception to explosion damage.
  • Sentient Oculysts will now retreat sooner in Mobile Defense Missions, and will not return if avoided entirely.
  • Slightly adjusted Ivara’s Artemis Bow’s fire and draw audio FX.
  • Adjusted various audio FX on Sentient attacks.
  • Adjusted NPC spawning to ensure that enemies no longer spawn in places where enemies had just recently died.
  • Slightly improved the procedural generation of Uranus Capture Missions.
  • Removed Spy-Vault Sortie popups as there is nothing actually in these vaults for Sortie missions.
  • Slightly adjusted the ‘electrocution’ audio FX.
  • Sorties will now rotate through all Mission types and Sortie modifiers before repeating any potential Missions.




  • Fixed various lighting issues visible on doors in the Law of Retribution Trial.
  • Fixed Conclave Affectors not persisting in a match after a Host Migration.
  • Fixed audio FX for charge weapons not working properly.
  • Fixed some particle FX on Ivara’s Navigator Ability.
  • Fixed visual flickering on the Pyra Syandana.
  • Fixed issues with environment art materials.
  • Fixed enemies spawning in the walls of the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset’s elevator room.
  • Fixed some navigation icon issues that would occur in Uranus Capture Missions.
  • Fixed enemies not properly firing at players when taking control of a Grineer Rampart.
  • Fixed an error causing the game to freeze after selecting the Trinculo Mission node on Uranus.
  • Fixed spending a revive not properly reducing player XP.
  • Fixed players using a Steam Controller not being able to properly melee attack.
  • Fixed an error causing players to get stuck on the Focus tree menu after failing to commit their Focus.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to reset available Focus after unlocking a Focus node or purchasing Focus capacity.
  • Fixed Vazarin, Zenurik, Naramon, and Unairu Focus Abilities having 6 ranks instead of four.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with Operator hair during Focus Ability use.
  • Fixed players no longer having audio FX from their Warframe Abilities after using a Focus Ability.
  • Fixed the Cerata not being purchasable by Platinum in the Market.
  • Fixed the Stalker appearing in the Shadow Stalker’s Codex Diorama entry.
  • Fixed an error caused by activating a Focus Ability during a Void Portal collapse resulting in the player becoming stuck on the wrong side of the portal, making the Mission impossible to complete.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
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