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Update 18.6


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Tenno Reinforcements



ZHUGE: This devastating automatic crossbow is the perfect marriage of ancient Earth weaponry and Tenno technology.

NEZHA CIRCA HELMET: A different look for Nezha!


Conclave Changes

  • Daikyu flight speed has been increased by 35% in Conclave.
  • MK1 Paris charged shot flight speed has been increased by 35% in Conclave.
  • Paris, Paris Prime, and Cernos series charged shot flight speed has been increased 50% in Conclave.
  • Conclave Weekly Mission Conditioning requirements reduced to 10 Daily Challenges from 20.
  • Reduced the range and damage of Nekros’ Soul Punch in Conclave.
  • Inaros’ Dessicate and Banshee’s Sonic Boom range has been increased and now hit in a 40 degree FOV.



  • There is now a ‘Active Tab Notification Only’ setting in Chat Options. With this setting turned on, you will only see in-game chat notifications from channels that you’re currently active in.



  • Baro Ki’Teer will now have a unique greeting when interacting with Inaros.
  • Increased overall ambient lighting across various tilesets to help improve the quality of character lighting.
  • Lowered the effect of the Powerfist’s screen shake FX.
  • Bloom has been reduced on Reactor Sabotage Mission Caches to improve discovery.
  • Reduced the number of magnetic bubbles that spawn in enclosed areas in Reactor Sabotage Missions.
  • Reduced the overall size of Reactor Sabotage tilesets.
  • Players can now trade the Carrier Sentinel’s Looter Mod.
  • Improvements have been made to the responsiveness of portals and fissures in the Orokin Moon Spy Vaults.
  • Adjusted the volume of the Liset’s audio FX.



  • Fixed the Celestia Syandana’s energy trail visual FX incorrectly displaying during melee channeling.
  • Fixed an error causing lens flare FX to appear twice.
  • Fixed the Drekar Ballista Eximus and Drekar Scorpion Eximus not properly appearing in Missions or the Codex.
  • Fixed two Landing Crafts that would fly through each other in the landing bay of the Relay.
  • Fixed some visual fx causing the torches in the Sands of Inaros Quest to appear pixelated.
  • Fixed the Mutalist Cernos’ swarm visual FX not properly appearing.
  • Fixed the Xiphos’ air support turret not properly regenerating shields after they’ve been damaged.
  • Fixed fires not properly extinguishing for Clients in Reactor Sabotage Missions.
  • Fixed an issue causing alarms to pause the timer in Spy Missions indefinitely on the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy patrols in Grineer Reactor Sabotage Missions.
  • Fixed some animation issues with coolant visual FX in Reactor Sabotage Missions.
  • Fixed the Ki’Teer Sentinel Mask not properly using energy color.
  • Fixed a bright green visual FX showing on Saryn Prime when using Toxic Lash.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur due to poor connectivity.
  • Fixed an issue causing Operator customizations to not load properly when returning from a Mission.
  • Fixed Banshee’s Sonar created outdated enemy markers on the minimap.
  • Fixed an error causing a warning message to repeatedly play when a player does not have a weapon equipped and is trying to access it.
  • Fixed an error preventing players from climbing up or grabbing onto ledges while holding the Staticor.
  • Fixed Loki’s Switch Teleport occasionally allowing players to be teleported into walls.
  • Fixed the UI incorrectly stating that you had invalid Inventory slots when claiming Daily Tribute items that require a new slot.
  • Fixed buff icons displaying as grey squares in the Conclave.
  • Fixed a hang when loading into an Orokin Moon Spy mission.
  • Fixed Chat tab icons being removed once the tab was maximized.
  • Fixed Angstrum, Opticor and Stug displaying incorrect noise levels in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Infested Hives being invincible.
  • Fixed always having your Primary equipped when dropping in-game objects (Power Cell, Datamass, etc) even if you had your Secondary or Melee equipped prior to dropping the item.
  • Fixed incorrect description on the Secondary Wind Conclave Mod. This Mod is intended to have the effect last for 5 seconds when maxed ranked, not when unranked.
  • Fixed not receiving an Inbox message after completing the Sands of Inaros Quest.
  • Fixed experiencing a script error when casting Hydroid’s Undertow in the Conclaves.
  • Fixed Sentinels not properly calculating rank reduction for Capacity when a player uses a Forma on a Sentinel Mod slot.
  • Fixed Sentinels not properly calculating rank reduction for Capacity when a player uses a Forma on a Sentinel Weapon slot.
  • Fixed a Landing Craft loading screen that was unnecessarily bright.
  • Fixed weapons losing their polarity after a Host Migration.
  • Fixed some unusual visual FX on Darvo’s marketplace banners.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow not properly applying to players that walk into the puddle in Conclave.
  • Fixed Recruit Conditioning not properly indicating as being on or off when in Russian.
  • Fixed Conclave matches formed through Host Migration not properly being joinable through matchmaking.
  • Fixed audio FX on modular Corpus enemies not playing properly.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to cast other abilities during Inaros’ Devour after entering the pause menu during Devour’s cast.
  • Fixed a crash report that would automatically open after closing the Warframe client.

As a special note, please be aware of the steps we’re taking to repair some of the damage caused in the wake of a recent DDoS attack:




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Edit : Why Rhino Cant absorb dmg from void lasers anymore T_T ?? let us use the environment , instead of the old self dmg thingy .. =(


also Thx !! and Stay Strong against those infested DDoS attacks !!

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