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The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5


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If this is the wrong section to be asking this, let me know; but why the change in sigils? They used to glow and shine but now they are all dull and dark. It isn't very appealing, and I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way. Could we perhaps have an option to make our sigils glow or not? That way people who like the new change won't get left in the dust but those of us who prefer the old look can use it too. I don't know how hard that would be to program, though.

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The Karak Conclave skin is still broken: You can't put it on the Karak Wraith, and the magazine still appears to be the default texture, it just adopts the skin's color scheme. Also, the cloth-physics portion of the strap that's wrapped around the barrel is colorable while the rest of the strap is not.


Still no fix for the Akstiletto Conclave skin having messed up magazines on the Akstiletto Prime.

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I'v lost all the exp i got in the last mission where the red text apeared.Why? just why? :(

In my profile it shows that i have prisma tetra at max rank but in the arsenal i have lvl 23 (the one i had before mission).

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Future explanation
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2 minutes ago, Plasmaface said:

Eh, I don't think those big shiny backpacks will be too hard to notice. 

They will be like comba and scrambi, which is a bad thing, imo, considering that a lot of Corpus maps don't offer much in a way of Line of Sight. I appreciate the effort of, at least trying to respond to our requests of somehow blancing nullies, though.

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Still no fix for:

1.Credit reward on excavation bugged?
Instead of 3000, 4000, 5000 we now get 2000, 2500,3000.
I am so tired to farm new relics, and just realized that I get even less reward from grinding.

2.whenever I join a group and start a mission, if "session unavailable" happens,
I am sent back to the liset and the team UI disappeared complete.
And I can not leave the group or play any mission.
If I tried to enter my dojo, the game client will hang forever.


3.When using overlay map, the player indicator is no longer at the top layer, it's on the bottom. It can be covered by enemies, allies, loots and interception towers... simply everything.

In this screenshot I can not see myself:


4.Most primary guns and polearm weapons still misplaced while holstered.


Reduced the reaction time and animation for enemies being corrupted by Void Fissures. Thanks... but the invulnerability is still very annoying, especially if you are using Tigris, sniper or something like that. Just make them INSTANT or REMOVE the invulnerability.

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16 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

Conclave Changes & Fixes:
- Fixed an issue with the Conclave Karak Skin.
- Reduced camera-shake on Glaive throws.
- Made the world state window shading darker for the Conclave window.
- Fixed an issue with Conclave affinity percentages showing negative percents (%+-10)

Changes & Additions:
- All Nullifier units (regular, Corrupted) now spawn without their Bubble intact, but it grows to full size over time.
Reverted some cloth changes to Nekros.
- Increased the health and armor of The Silver Grove shrine, but removed shields. The new health and armor values should make protecting the shrine easier.
- Improved performance in Relays by creating better rules for what is loaded.

- Fixed issues with hitches and hiccups in Fissure Missions started that were started after they  had expired from the World State Window.
- Fixed an issue where players could become unable to select mission nodes on the Star Chart.
- Fixed an issue where a crash that would occur when a lobby was host migrated in the Star Chart.
- Fixed an issue where the mission countdown would get stuck at 1 second.
- Fixed issues with the Datamass falling through the floor on Uranus Mobile Defense.
- Fixed an issue where default Operator customizations were not correctly refreshed.
- Fixed an issue with Operator noses sometimes poking through closed hoods.


- Fixed an issue where a crash that would occur when a lobby was host migrated in the Star Chart.


Finally! Thank You DE! <3

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