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Warframe Mindset: Newbie vs Veteran


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I am still newbie but not feel so much difference between veteran and new players both can easily adopt to a game or be bad in a game. My first step was to read about the game and checking the wiki sites and other infos about the game then I spent my starter plat on slots (2) and the rest on a glyph. I got 75% 3 times and used well.

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I thought gallium was the rarest thing ever when i was new, so i bought some with my starting platinum, when i finally built a scindo with that gallium i was like... yeah im op (i went without mods to missions, the scindo started to be weak fast)


Then a friend explained me a bit how everything worked, a bit because he was new also lol


Also i remember that in update 10 or so they gave us 50 plat free or something so i got a syandana to my excal and i was like: looking good, with my dread, (i love bows) that i unlocked thanks to my team... good times back in 2013 when we floated over the starmap


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lol, the first time I started, I had literally no idea how to do anything. I was staying at my friend's place for the weekend and I remember him going over every little aspect of the menu and all the ship stations before I even started because I had no idea how to life in warframe :P

After I got that down, I started playing and got my &#! handed to me. BUT, I still enjoyed the ever-loving crap out of it. I chose to start as Loki and I found it easier to survive cause I would just go invis. At the time, I didn't have any OP mods, so I only had a few seconds of invis. But it was enough to make it count. I remember asking my friend how long his Loki invis build made him invis and then feeling extremely jealous cause he could get 32 seconds :P

I remember not long after, my friend power leveling me through Draco and quickly getting me my favorite frame: Valkyr. I played her so much and didn't touch another frame for weeks. I remember playing Draco to such an extent to level all my new awesome weapons that my friend gave me and entire set of mag prime along with plat to rush it just so that I could be greedy mag for his mesa :P

Actually, I remember further back, before Draco was actually a thing. Can't remember the node, but it's the same tileset as in the quest to get the heat dagger. I remember that was the tile to go to level and you would bring excal (before excal got a LoS nerf). Back then, you would bring a Trinity and a crap tonne of energy pizzas. Excal would then spam 4 (when 4 was dmg) and kill everything. But back then, warframe was soooo big and so unbecoming of a new guy that it was hard to wrap my head around all that was inside. I remember doing extremely long survivals in the void for those sweet, sweet prime parts with my trust Loki or my beloved Valkyr. But back then, the world of warframe hadn't even started for me. The world was so big I literally felt like an ant in the game.

I also remember back in update 11 or 12 when the changed the star map. I really liked the old star map a lot better so I felt kinda sad :P. I also started back when you got 75plat as a start instead of 50. So when I started, you had just enough to buy one colour pack. the first 75p was spent on ash colour pack cause I wanted full black. I have also never spent platinum on buying a warframe or a weapon. I've spent thousands on slots, forma and orokin catalysts :P

I remember back in update 9 I think it was when Nekros was introduced. When I first did that boss battle, freaked me the s**t out. Couldn't sleep without nightmares. Again, back then warframe felt really big, so it felt like bosses were really far away and couldn't touch me, but when you fought one, they felt terrifying as such a weak warframe.

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Well i created my account 2 years ago, i remember i found the game boring because i was exploring every single corner of the maps (it was slow an boring) then leave the game there, i got back one day because i was bored and i was like "warframe? Let's see" 

I played an excavation on earth met this guy with an oberon (i was like OMG HE KILLS EVERYTHING IN ONE HIT sorry for caps) and after finishing the mission he asked me "so you know who's gonna be your next warframe?" a told him i was just getting back and he took his time to explained me the basic stuff like mods and void keys, sadly he no longer plays warframe :'( but thanks to him now warframe is my life :3


Sorry for the wall of text <3

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Before: Element mods weren't worth slotting.
Now: Element mods are essential.

Before: Tigris is kinda meh but I like it.
Now: Tigris is absolutely amazing and I love it.

Before: Wish I had enough cores to upgrade this serration/hornet.
Now: Wish I still had the feel of wanting those mods maxed.

Before: Too bad I don't have a Orokin Reactor/Catalyst to upgrade this weapon.
Now: Too bad I don't have enough cool gear to use these potatoes on.

Now: Wonder what weak weapon I should maximize next.

Before: Damn! Nyx is awesome.
Now: Damn! Nyx is awesome!

Before: The vets are moving around the levels too fast.
Now: These newbs are moving around the levels too slow.

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When I first started as a newbie, everything about the game is exciting.  I have much appreciation to the game itself as well as the special developer-to-community relationship uncommon in other titles.


Now as an experienced player, I feel compelled to start another new riven mod topic every 5 minutes because the 15 thousand other riven mod topics are apparently not enough and I have to repeat everything that was said in every other topics, in both positive and negative perspective, 15 times each, and duplicating them in both the official forum as well as reddit.  Because this is the only thing that gives meaning to my life.

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When I was a newbie, I didn't give a crap about meta. I'd take every kind of crazy loadout for fun.


I ended up buying limbo, and using a loadout of--> Limbo, Dread, Dex Furis and kronen.


I didn't care if limbo was "weak". He was fun, and I loved playing him, so I kept playing and playing and playing him..


Till I understood my pc was too much of a potato to handle warframe (This was back in 2013 where stamina was still in action). Then I returned in 2015 (september more or less) when I got a more powerful pc.


Since then, my "beliefs" started changing. I gave up on my dread to follow up with soma prime. I left my dex furis and went with lex prime. I left my kronen and went with dragon nikana. I abandoned limbo forever and went with equinox...


As much as I could enjoy, I felt something was missing. The game felt too easy, too emotionless, which led to multiple breaks/burn outs. This is... until titania was released. I fell in love with titania. I used her as much as I could, spent so much time tweakin' my "style"... Changed my soma prime back to dread and currently in dex sybaris. My lex prime got replaced with sonicor, then staticor and currently akstilleto prime. Dragon nikana got "upgraded" into nikana prime.


My mindset is so different. Certain builds I'd do, certains ways of playin' I'd do... they are completly different now. A more stealthy approach is now a sudden rush, a quick extermination.


But I'm startin' to abandon some of my "veteran" ideals and tryin' to play as a "newbie". How? Starting to zerg less. Starting to care for real about the missions. Enjoy every little piece the game has to offer like it was my first time playing warframe.


Oh, what a great and thrilling adventure that warframe was to me... still is, with every new update boostin' my already insanely high beliefs on warframe!

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The first thing which striked me was, when I wanted new weps, at first glance, in the market, EVERYTHING HAD TO BE BOUGHT WITH PLATINUM. 

I was so ready to drop the game as I was not gonna stand for a pay 2 win/play game. 

But after some research on wiki, I found an extra tab "weapon blueprints" and that brought me right back lol.

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Me? Oh boy....

When i first started warframe, i had no idea what alloy plates were and bought them from the market to craft a Bo staff. I thought orokin cells were potatos and bought them then got really confused when i could not install it on a thewarframe.Then I realised i only had 10p left and attempted to make plat by typing WTS>Morphics 10p each in chat.....

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