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Promo codes!



Editing this post with every other codes I find from here on out. This includes codes generously given by posters within this thread and others all within this forum.

Here's are a list of all the promotional codes i have found for the game so far. They contain two weapons (with their own free slots) some Glyphs, and a Syandana, If anyone knows of anymore, please feel free to share them here so that the rest of us can know, you can claim them through this website here, enjoy!

Glyph codes and the Syandana (still dont know which of these codes is for the Syandana yet):

  • Warframe May not work
  • MCIK works
  • KINGGOTHALION May not work
  • PROFESSORBROMAN May not work
  • BIKEMAN May not work
  • SUMMIT1G May not work
  • SP00NERISM May not work
  • IFLYNN works
  • MOGAMU works
  • SKILLUP works
  • MCGAMERCZ works
  • TVSBOH works
  • BRICKY works
  • N00BLSHOWTEK works
  • r/warframe works

New codes:

  • TOTALN3WB works (added in memory of Totaln3wb, who passed on the 4th of july 2018)
  • BWANA works
  • LILLEXI works
  • BROZIME works
  • LYNXARIA May not work
  • STRIPPIN works

Other codes:

  • FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - (vectis sniper rifle with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) Expired
  • FREESWORD - (Heat sword with free slot and a catalyst pre-installed) works
  • OLDFRIEND - (3 days affinity booster along with an old orokin tea set) works

Special thanks to rfreug and to Indemon and everyone in this thread for letting me know about these codes, you guys are awesome!

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3 hours ago, (XB1)TitanOfStars said:

Actually I have a question, when I use these codes it says thank you for using them but then NOTHING HAPPENS. No weapons or play or credits or upgrades, can someone help? 

Most of these codes are for glyphs, which are also known as your profile picture. Just go to Profile<Glyph, and it'll let you change your glyph there. Hope this helps! 🙂

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3 hours ago, HydraVenom212 said:

EARSON, TERMINALBIGFLIP and SOLARISUNITED codes are avalible untill Nov.12, so hurry up.

EARSON -- a cache containing 3 Forma, Orokin Reactor, Orokin Catalyst, 5 Orokin Cells, 3 Nitain, and a Warframe Model decoration.

TERMINALBIGFLIP -- a K-Drive skin. You can equip it once you craft one, you can't put it on a default one. You put it on through the vehicle tab in the arsenal.

SOLARISUNITED -- a  Fortuna glyph.

Thx I just got a good drop from earson very nice drop really worth the time

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Am 13.12.2017 um 14:10 schrieb Glavenusaur:
  • Warframe doesn't work
  • MCIK works
  • KINGGOTHALION doesn't work
  • PROFESSORBROMAN doesn't work
  • BIKEMAN doesn't work
  • SUMMIT1G doesn't work
  • SP00NERISM doesn't work
  • IFLYNN works
  • MOGAMU works
  • SKILLUP works
  • MCGAMERCZ works

Weapon codes:

  • FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N works
  • FREESWORD works

Thanks for the list. Just typed all in and just wanted to post the ones that doesn't seem to work any longer as of this post.

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On 12/13/2017 at 7:28 AM, Glavenusaur said:

The issue is, I claimed most of them without knowing what they where myself!, but i do know what three of them are at the least.

  1. FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N - This is for the Vectis Sniper Rifle, awesome rifle i still enjoy using! (comes with its own free weapon slot and with a catalyst installed)
  2. FREESWORD - This is for the heat sword as you mentioned above , also comes with the added benefits of the weapons above.
  3. BIKEMAN - I'm assuming this is for the glyph i am currently using right now.

The rest are other Glyphs and a Syandana.

So does the FN6B code still work because I tried it on the in game redeem code section in the market and it said it was invalid im on PlayStation if that makes a difference

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb Xaviara_95:

1. simariscredits - 3 day credit booster

2. simarisducats - 500 ducats

3. simarisdisplay - Display, Tennocon 2019 Sanctuary Showcase


only available for a week!!!

it was only avaible for 24hours. dosnt work anymore 😞

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7 minutes ago, Glavenusaur said:


Will you be so kind to add the information on each code what it is

so we don't have to look thru the whole ship

As i know that FREESWORD =


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