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  1. Isn't it meant to be exponential? One of the tips (the last one, to be exact) on Lavos' abilities screen say: "Catalyze's damage is doubled for each unique Status Effect applied to the target. Take advantage of Catalyze's exponential damage scaling by teaming up with Warframes like Saryn or Ember." Considering it's from in-game, the intention seems to be the way it is now. Not saying it's balanced or too OP - that's another matter - just that it's likely not a bug.
  2. Amazing guide, impressive how thorough the guide is - mod config screenshot, complete with reasoning for the mods along with tactics & tips in using the build, backed up with clips, not to mention good formatting (no wall of texts or consecutive pictures/clips without explanation). The video on clearing 36th Orphix at the end adds to the value. Thank you for this! Best I've managed with Bonewidow (solo) is only 32. At that time, I felt overwhelmed by mostly Summulyst + Choralysts doing really high damage and that I'm lacking in DPS/Range (tradeoff in Ironbride build), with no idea how
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