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  1. hybrid is the king the thing is tatsu got quite bad crit stats so idk if its worth to try crit on it You can build full status with normal mods + the riven and see how it works
  2. Nothing with "on damaged" condition for sure So nothing useful for Rhino tbh, i think im using energize cuz what else and some +dmg to rifles/pistols/melee depending what wep i wanna have fun with
  3. out of those two, first u can compare dps output here by making a build with both riven stats
  4. Its not 100% MR fodder but its not that great either Its cool, its fun and can even be kinda powerful at times (was throwing it around on yesterdays sortie and it did kill enemies in 1-3 throws, mainly due to viral/stlash build but still) If u have it id say its worth putting potato +1/2 forma and see for yourself
  5. Thats why best are the ones with +100% dmg augments With a riven best is jaw sword for sure, but i think even without it its still one of the few equal weapons suited for statstick
  6. Is it only me or someone got this too? Im a bit nervous cause someone tried to hack me in the past (praise Two-Factor Authentication)
  7. Shes one of those new type of frames: quite decent at most things but not outstanding in any of them Its "fun" to play with her but only when u accept the fact mentioned above Basically build whatever suits you and forget about her XD or use her from time to time when u feel like it on some low lvl missions
  8. Id reconsider polearm idea tbh I used to love polearms but after being forced to use stances it feels so slow and clunky :c Imo its better with heavy blades now My old endgame polearm zaw is ekwana jai + seekalla + plague kripath + riven with +cold +speed +cd (always build a zaw around good riven if u got one)
  9. Theres no easy way sadly Using pheromones? Rare Not using pheromones? Common Tbh doesnt matter if u use it or not, rng is always against u When i did hunt for uncommon fortuna animals i got so many common/rare tags that i donated around 50 floofs to my dojo XD
  10. Its not worth to even consider using umbra forma on something that doesnt benefit from all 3 mods so i guess go for oberon I put mine into saryn, now she can not only kill everything but also shes tanky as hell (using adaptation and arcane grace)
  11. You carry around your AW weapon all the time anyway, if u got it build for orb fight (so radiation and optional cold) its good against wolf as well
  12. This I like some range on Mesa for a bit of CC her 2nd provides + slower shrink on 4th (whats the point of having aimbot when its so small that u have to actually aim yourself lol)
  13. But thats like super new When i last checked it some time ago it was like 2% for bp/motor and 4% for head/handle + was mixed in with other rewards It can have even 100% for a Sledge part, doesnt matter if he doesnt want to spawn in mission XD
  14. I think DEs not dumb, they know we hate unobtainable stuff We just gotta wait for the very ending i belive (they screwed us with the "increase wolf spawns over time" tho)
  15. Took me 13 kills to do it (got 2x head but traded one for handle so i guess it counts) I rly hope so cause just found out about the wolf mask (another 2% chance crap)
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