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  1. I always lvl up frames on SO (sanctuary onslaught) tho u kinda need naramon +45% xp bonus from melee kills passive But its still a good spot especially for a dps frame since u want to use skills for killing to gain most xp for a frame
  2. Acceleration works pretty well, the buff stays even when arcane timer expires As for the bane mods, im a kind of guy who uses corrosive or viral/slash on all the weapons, rly hate to switch setups between missions
  3. Cant rly test primary charger since i got only r1 for now but arachne does works Not sure about the calc its based on but it goes up form 145 dmg/tick to 171 for the duration of the arcane buff. Idk if thats worth it considering the... inconvinient condition to activate it The void strike doesnt work, starting to doubt any of the focus does
  4. Tested The dmg is the same with/wo +30% mag cap Also tried +25% physical/elemental dmg from focus, doesnt work either 😕
  5. Was bored enought to give Ferrox a second chance, but building for its primary felt meh. Its alt fire aka throw seems interesting tho... This is the build i came up with. I even bought a riven after seeing its performance with just regural mods (riven is +dmg +sc +toxin, was continious misery before) I must say it was a pleasent suprise to see lvl 120 Heavy gunners melt within a single throw even tho its a gas setup (btw corrosive didnt kill them, survived with like 5% hp) So i was wondering are there any other wasy to increase the dmg of this setup EXCEPT WF BUFFS (i wanna use it freely with any frame i feel like playing) Some arcanes? focus school? auras? anything else ive forggoten about?
  6. I started to play Path of Exile recently and saw that option there Thought it might be really useful and cool to implement in Warframe Playing in fullscreen windowed breaks the immersion a bit imo and alt-tabbing/shift-tabbing to check time breaks it even further It doesn't even have to be big, it could be placed inside/next to the "Show FPS" bar
  7. If u wanna check raw paper dps you can use wf builder and see the numbers Imo crit even with +cc on riven isnt that consistent so for a gas build its better to go for fever strike
  8. Its ridiculous how strong those two synergize Your basically immoratal as long as u have ur 2 on So my question is: is it supposed to be that way from the beginning or is it overpowered by mistake? Dont wanna put another forma just to see it nerfed in few days/weeks
  9. Been playing with my operator fashion recently on config C so i dont break my main one and when i asked my clanmates hows it, it occured to them as config A no matter what (even tho when i checked my profile i saw config C) Tested it with warframes and it works just fine so its only operators problem
  10. They normally dont, its just the animation that makes most armors clip Try to equip it and walk around ur ship or test it in mission with some gun out, it looks fine
  11. Kuva disruption rewards only 200 kuva per 4 towers defended instead of 350 like the droptables say
  12. "You do it at your own risk" I dont see how something like this could be considered cheating/playing game for you Unless it gives you some advantage in conclave maybe...
  13. About 3-5k https://discordapp.com/channels/381861898951589901/381862353928716288 Check prices via bot provided by this Discord channel
  14. holy damn... after so many years Edit: Well gj DE, it doesnt even work My syandana is totally clipping through banshee like there was no meshes there XD
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