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  1. Raskolnikow

    If you had a Nyx in public run what would you prefer?

    U ever played at lvl idk 70+? Melee mobs are the most dangerous enemies, thats why i abbandoned the idea of using disarm loki for kuva surv - after 30 min they can wreck the harvester before anyone notice. Also squishy frames get 1hit easily. Overall i agree that chaos is a very very VERY soft form of CC cause enemies are still most likely gonna target you/teammates and should get some buff but i wouldnt say that disarm (alone) is much better
  2. Having some fun with her after the rework and started to wonder how to minmax every aspect of her skill set, including being "team friendly" So my question is would you like for a random Nyx to cast her Chaos or not? If so, what color of her energy (so the Nyx holograms on enemies) would you consider the best? Also mind control... yay or ney? AI is kinda dumb and ppl tend to shoot is thinking its regural enemy
  3. Raskolnikow

    Magus repair doesnt heal excal umbra

    title hope thats a bug and not a feature
  4. Raskolnikow

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    My 15m range Guandao and blood rush nerf :/
  5. 2nd sortie today (mobile def with radiation modifier) This happened only with the last objective It started to spin like it was trying to aim at enemies/me XD Dont know what caused this but i suppose radiation might have
  6. Raskolnikow

    Can there be more skins for the lanka?

    Wasnt there some reskin announced few devstreams ago?
  7. This is the most unlucky riven ever... couldnt get anything better than +dmg +heat for the first 200 rolls started getting some decent stats from time to time after 300 rolls this one got at 355 XD Now, im not so picky as it may occur but id rly like dmg/ms/cd/elemental and some more harmless negvative than -grineer, + fire fate increases dps by quite some but im aiming for as much dmg per shot as possible Pls, someone convince me not to roll this anymore
  8. Raskolnikow

    Adjust kuva rewards to the cost of rolling rivens

    Didint want to interfere in the whole system that much, just make it so u can run set amount of missions (2 floods, 4 siphons, 14 harvesters) to do 1 roll and not constantly be missing some kuva cause of rng and the fact that 3500 doesnt divide well with the current rewards
  9. Raskolnikow

    Adjust kuva rewards to the cost of rolling rivens

    I could make all the numbers to fit the lower value, but i do not wish to be eaten alive here XD It would also be dumb, its taking a lot of time to farm kuva as it is and i do not even try it wo a booster and kavat lul PS. Ok maybe in a way it is a bit, but wanted to point out thats more of a QoL thing than real buff imo
  10. Lets be honest here, real cost of rolling a riven is 3500 kuva. The first 9 rolls that are cheaper is minority and shouldnt really be taken into account So my idea of adjuting the kuva rewards is to fit it to that number, so you wont have to run another mission just to get missing 100 or so Sortie: 6000 - idk why was it that much in the first place, should be 7000 Flood: 1100-1400 - the amount should be set and it should be 1750 Siphon: 550-700 - same as flood, set at 875 Survival: 200 - its not that bad after all, especially with kavat and booster but should be 250 to fit the idea Bounties: 100/300/500 - nobody rly farms kuva on bounties and the values are well adjusted to my idea so id only change 300 to 350 It may look like as a request for a buff but for me itd be just a QoL change. After all we can just run another harvester on survival or do siphon mission but im sure the community would welcome such a change
  11. Raskolnikow

    Would this Baruuk build be viable?

    If u need some inspiration here are my builds My 1st one is kinda what you want i belive, all his his skills are viable with those stats tho with so much range runaway daggers are a bit annoying
  12. Raskolnikow

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    wut? why lol wut x2 XD dont see any fix for this:
  13. Raskolnikow

    Valkyr: Armor or health?

    Theres no much sense in going over 1,5k armor cause: Going from 1,5k to 2,1k gonna give u less than 5% dmg reduction
  14. Speed as moving around as fast as possible, no combo/trick stuff, mostly to get the 1 mil travel distance achiv and general gameplay So you say you are slower in midair? Cause theres also a matter of terrain in vallis. Im considering using either Air time or none cause of that. Jumping over the hills is faster than going around them and slower falling helps with that imo
  15. Air time - -20% gravity when falling down Mad Stack - +120% velocity when falling down Isnt one like opposite to another? If one makes u fall longer and the other faster theres no point in using both at the same time right? Or im missing something? If im right, then which ones gonna do better for a "speed" build cause im not sure?