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  1. Just farm plat and buy Grendel if you're bad at the game.
  2. Just add alerts back. Both Nightwave AND alerts can exist at the same time.
  3. You get a total of 4k at level 40, 200 extra per forma. You also gain extra mod capacity from 30 to 40.
  4. How many have you killed since the Lich patch? The ephemeras were made significantly more common in that update. If the majority were killed before that, you had significantly smaller chance of getting one. Currently you have a 20% chance or 1/5 chance of getting a lich with an ephemera. You could easily go just unlucky even with that chance. EDIT: I've had total of 4 ephemeras (1 duplicate fire) in all these liches. Most were killed after the patch.
  5. People could just do relic farms solo. It's so #*!%ing disrespectful to extract during a siphon.
  6. I don't know how leaving missions is a problem? Just do captures in solo.
  7. I even ran public lobbies using my rad relics from ESO farming. Most of the time other players had nothing but intact relics. If ran rad shares entire time it would probably take like max of 3 hours? Or even less.
  8. I started farming after Baro arrived and I'm already done with the mod + the leg armor pieces. I started from 200 ducats. It's fast af.
  9. And if you're playing a bulky warframe with some shoulder armor pieces, you could just as well wear a blindfold irl.
  10. That isn't even long considering the weapons are some of the best ones in the game. I personally prefer being rewarded for actively playing the game instead of waiting 24 hours for a weapon to build and doing absolutely nothing meanwhile.
  11. You can quickly calculate it by yourself on an unmodded weapon, but having it simply displayed in the UI would be really good.
  12. For the Kuva Kohm you need a riven with +100% projectile flight speed to increase its effective range. Neither of the Kohms are worth using without a riven, because otherwise the weapon has no build variety requiring all 4 elementals mods resulting into a garbage status proc distribution.
  13. If you are surrounded by enemies, why would you even go by stealth executing them one by one instead of just using melee or some other AoE weapon to kill them all in a single hit? This is once again not hard because they spawn in generic Grineer missions, and not in any high level ones such as Sorties.
  14. You get clearly notified with a larva spawns and they are even marked on your map. I don't know how one could still manage to ''accidentally'' execute one unless you pay literally zero attention what is happening in the game and turn your brain off instead. I don't think that the game should do literally everything for you, especially when avoiding the spawns is extremely easy.
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