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  1. 90% of the missions you actually do in this game for farming and stuff is filled with trash mobs. If you can fit a Saryn into your secondary weapon, it is worth for those cases. In high level missions the build would definitely lack damage, but it works as an amazing tool to apply status for your Condition Overload melee build.
  2. Giving regular and chaining beam weapons separate range mods would be nice, especially if the regular ones get an exilus range mod.
  3. The interaction for shotguns and beams is the same when the beam doesn't chain. Both the beam and the shotgun pellets simply move forward hitting enemies behind the initial enemy. However, when the beam weapon chains, this happens:
  4. +MS +CC +CD with a harmless negative. Since the weapon is barely used, I doubt it would still fetch a good price. I would personally use it as transmute fodder.
  5. I doubt it, but since Twitch uses an automated process to detect any copyright infringing material, I guess there is always a chance even though a very minimal one. You can mute your own Mandachord's sounds from the volume mixer when making a mandachord song, which doesn't affect Octavia's abilities or performance at all. Or alternatively in audio setting there are also option to mute self and ally mandachord volume.
  6. Big wow, Panthera Prime will be finally usable in like 4 months after the next buff.
  7. Back when I played with the original Zakti + a glaive I barely noticed the reload. Sure the mag increase is a welcome QoL improvement, but it still doesn't have a huge impact on the intended gameplay. The self-stagger is a much more significant limitation on how you either need to choose or build your Warframe. Sure it works, but I would argue using Nezha's Divine Spears + Blazing Chakram synergy just with a regular non-finisher melee build or even a gun build would vastly outperform a Zakti finisher build. You gotta factor the lack of crit as well. Sure the base damage is dece
  8. When self-stagger and piss poor damage are considered fun, you know people are going crazy during the content drought. Functionally the weapons are the exact same. The Prime variant has slightly higher damage, but not enough to make the relevant outside of low level trash clearing.
  9. You might want to consider having Twitch drops on permanently, because at least the Twitch bots would boost up the Warframe directory when the game doesn't have any watchable content.
  10. Capitalism babyyyyyy! Would have loved to see some weapon skins from the alerts instead.
  11. Canadian company cashing in with Chinese New Year. Very nice.
  12. Nah the skin looks like some 15 year old doing an edgy anime character cosplay.
  13. The core gameplay doesn't change at all from day 1 to year 7 of playing the game. That S#&$ gets old.
  14. Their difference in stats isn't that significant, so you could pick either one based on your personal preference. Rivens for Hate will have slightly higher stats, and it is still probably easier to get Hate than Reaper Prime, because the Reaper Prime relics are vaulted. I personally would use Reaper Prime, because I prefer the faster attack speed.
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