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  1. Wyrmius_Prime

    Is Heavy Caliber worth using on the Quanta?

    It barely affects the ''real'' accuracy. Test it ingame, see if you like it or dislike and decide by yourself.
  2. Wyrmius_Prime

    Atlas - overuse of Landslide: Rework his Tectonic and Rumblers.

    I just personally wish that the dash range of Landslide was affected by range mods. That 15 m range is ultimately pretty damn short especially in larger open areas. If the enemy is even 0,1 m too far away, I'm stuck there having to wait for the animation to finish before I can move. It's so sluggish in a fast paced game. This sounds cool af.
  3. Wyrmius_Prime

    Adjust kuva rewards to the cost of rolling rivens

    Yes please!
  4. Wyrmius_Prime

    Opticor cheap-ish build?

    Throw Piercing Hit straight into the trash, get rid of either speed trigger or Vile Acceleration (your preferencce) and add 2 90% elementals and the 60% multishot mod. EDIT: So basically this. And this is how you make your Opticor's damage fall off before level 80.
  5. Wyrmius_Prime

    Phage riven question

    Because of the negative multishot, the mod is pretty much nothing but loss of DPS.
  6. Wyrmius_Prime

    How are you meant to solo plains?

    Take a frame with defensive capabilities for missions with a lot of defensive objectives, such as Frost, Gara or Limbo. You can just AFK the missions. In other words, gitgud.
  7. Wyrmius_Prime

    A good game ....

    100,000's of thousands* Yeah, I'm sure it was the game and not a wooden computer or the potentially incompetent person using the said PC. If you have any proof of the game actually being the fault, feel free to submit a support ticket here https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  8. Wyrmius_Prime

    [QoL]Remove archgun deployment animation.

    Yes, this is all true if only they were powerful. You countered your own argument in your second sentence. You can already onetap any Profit taker part. There is absolutely no point in making the weapons even more powerful than they already are to justify the stupid animation, because all the additional damage would be overkill.
  9. Wyrmius_Prime

    Zenith or Zenistar?

    Personal preference, really. Zenistar sucks apart from the disc throw. With stealth multipliers and you can some decent damage and status going. The regular melee attacks are useless. However if there is a Saryn or any other dps frame in your team, she's just gonna steal every single kill from your disc. Zenith is a great assault rifle, but not the best in its class. With or without a riven it can kick the ass of sortie 3 enemies. I would personally go with Zenith cuz I just hate the Zenistar. That's probably a rare opinion tho.
  10. Wyrmius_Prime

    Are the forums ever heard? Does DE look at these discussions?

    The devs are definitely more active on Twitter and Reddit. I bet they occasionally browse through the forums, but it is really rare to see any replies to suggestions, bug reports or feedback in general.
  11. Wyrmius_Prime

    Increase Nidus drop chance by 20 in infested salvage

    How can I take you seriously tho, when you didn't provide me any exact numbers previously? Now that you've actually told how many runs you've done, I can definitely see why you were frustrated.
  12. That's three mods instead of two mods and the combo will make sure you have absolutely no energy left as soon as a bombard shoots at you. People consider quick thinking to be way better than it actually is.
  13. Wyrmius_Prime

    Braton Prime Reciever Where? (have checked codex)

    Or they could just switch some places with the Stock and BP drops. Those both come from 5 different currently dropping relics.
  14. Wyrmius_Prime

    Braton Prime Reciever Where? (have checked codex)

    It seems that according to wiki every single Braton Prime receiver relic is vaulted at the moment. I hope this is an oversight because Braton P was released way before any Prime access so it won't be available on any prime unvaults.
  15. Wyrmius_Prime

    Increase Nidus drop chance by 20 in infested salvage

    So you probably did like 2 runs, quit farming, and came complaining on the forums. 14% chance is generous as hell, all other farms in the game considered.