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  1. But that point is arguably wrong because Nidus, the only other shieldless Warframe in the game in addition to Inaros, doesn't mind taking leathal damage at all at the expense of a few stacks. Thus this is all about Inaros being dog poop.
  2. I dont even want there to be an option to sink further extra forma into that useless piece of garbage. Being able to mod Merulina wouldn't fix any of Yareli's problem, it would only generate DE more money for bad game design. We shouldn't be encouraging that. Last time I checked there weren't mods for negative jump height and speed, as that's what se actually needs for regular missions in regular tilesets when the camera clips through ceilings and walls due to excess momentum. Mad Stack, Quick Escape and Perfect Balance would arguably be the only useful mods, but those features could just be included in her base kit instead.
  3. That all once again depends on the player and how much attention they are paying to the game. That also doesn't excuse the dogS#&$ ability kit of Inaros. The point here is that he isn't even close to being the best tank in the game, while also rocking the worst ability kit in the entire game by a landslide.
  4. On any other warframe you have time to change into operator during the shield gate invulnerability (or during Nidus stack invulnerability) and save your ass 🙂
  5. Funnily these players often have the worst fashion frame and thus objectively suck at the only endgame content this game has 🤣
  6. The Mutagen Sample grind is so much easier nowadays since you can just gain them passively by doing Steel Path Essence or Arcane farming in Deimos or Entrati Family reputation farming in Cambion Drift. You even have open matchmaking to work with, unlike in the old Derelict missions for which you had to manually form teams to play and farm with. The point of a clan is to work together you fool.
  7. The thing is that stacking all that health is totally pointless, since you're eventually going to reach that one-shot territory of game content anyway, which was the entire point of this thread incase you failed to notice that. You're more useful buffing your team mates, even if the Roar is a weaker version of itself. It's still a multiplicative damage buff..
  8. None of that is in any way exclusive to Inaros. Please, at least give him Roar so that at least the rest of your team can carry you just a little bit harder.
  9. This is just an Inaros problem though, because at least Nidus can gate lethal damage with his stacks and passive. Can people just accept the fact that Inaros is hot garbage and stop leeching with him in Steel Path.
  10. Ah yes, en exploit that was intentionally added into the game after 7 years of asking DE to do so. My favorite type of exploit.
  11. Inaros is the weakest tank in the game cuz he cannot shield gate and he's the only warframe in the game with no way of gating lethal damage. I don't know what's new here. Meanwhile my Banshee with Brief Respite can tank him without any problems.
  12. Operator arcanes are your answers if you do not want to spend a single mod on healing.
  13. He's pretty good, but dont buy him. His parts drop from eximus enemies and you will eventually have several hundreds of his spare sparts.
  14. PvP simply doesn't fit the game, and conclave having public matchmaking with no players in it makes it completely embarrassing game design in the eyes of a newer player who would be looking to try it out. It honestly all comes down to game balance. PvP with no balancing would be the most unfair piece of content this game could ever have. The old Dark Sector PvP back in the day was like that. You could be completely immortal depending on which Warframe you picked, while others died in a single shot from any weapon. That is why the Dark Sector PvP was scrapped and the Conclave was eventually introduced in the game. DE spent a lot of effort into the balance of Conclave. There's a huge list of patch notes on Wiki that have been implemented over 6 years. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Conclave#Patch_History While the PvP combat did become much more fair in the process, it also stripped down the combat from everything people loved about the PvE side of the game. Despite Conclave receiving by far the largest number of patches out of any other individual system in the game, it never gained popularity.
  15. Even if it wasnt tied to MR it literally doesn't matter. You have 5 minutes of gameplay per built forma regardless your MR. The timegate is still there to block progress.
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