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  1. It gives xp and unlocks more slots for Helminth. You eventually get unlimited slots.
  2. There is an instakill build for frost combining his snow globe's true damage with viral procs. You can increase the 50% true damage past 100% with enough viral procs. ''Upon activation, Snow Globe freezes enemies within its radius over a duration of 3 seconds while violently pushing them outwards. If the enemies hit obstacles, they can be dealt as much as 50% of their maximum health as True damage.'' https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Snow_Globe That is infinitely scaling damage.
  3. You do often spend 8 forma on useless weapons as well for the sake of ''completionism''? Personal preference I cannot argue with, but considering how awkward and clunky Necramechs are in their current state, people who actually like them are probably a small minority.
  4. There is literally no reason forma them anyway until that either.
  5. Man, it takes 5 minutes to level up your S#&$ to 30, a bit longer if its a warframe or a companion. Its not a big deal.
  6. Not sure about that whole 7 years part. Updates that only added weapons used to mean that you would either research at Dojo or buy the blueprint straight from the market with materials that you already had. All materials dropped passively when leveling up your equipment or while playing the game just for fun. There used to be no need to go out of your way to do mining or fishing for example. Non-prime weapons that are built from parts that are farmed from different missions are a relatively new thing. Before Plains of Eidolon, there had only been a limited number of events with that type
  7. The new Arcana vaults in nutshell: run through all 3 tiers of regular vaults, do the t3 arcane vault twice until the mission bugs out and you cannot continue. Leave Cambion Drift, and go back to Mother. Accept t1 regular vault mission from Mother, run through t1 vault just to notice that the bounty interface at Mother in Cambion Drift is bugged and it doesn't even offer the t2 vault bounty. Leave Cambion Drift again and go back to Necralisk to start over and hope that the bounties work properly this time. Repeat. I wouldn't mind replaying the content IF IT ACTUALLY GODDAMN WORKED LIKE IT
  8. CoD MW2 handled host migrations better in 2009.
  9. I was running a public mission in which me and some other player were both running the Growing Power aura. Despite having two of the same auras, the buff icon on the UI only displayed 25% extra power strength, even though it should probably state 50%. Either the UI is displaying an incorrect value or the auras aren't stacking.
  10. That only starts to matter at the high 28-30 ranks, and the more items that get added in to the game, the less it matters to max out all the useless amps, archwing weapons and k-drives. Every patch makes those items less and less mandatory to acquire to reach 30.
  11. MR only measures how many rounds of sanctuary onslaught or hydron you have leeched.
  12. I mean that's what I am doing, I get viral + corrosive + heat on the same gun, and they still suck big dong because they sacrifice all their other stats on status that doesn't even work. On melee weapons it's not that big of a deal because you have Condition Overload which gives big damage even if you dont benefit from the viral procs, but for status guns viral is the only damage boost that exists in the entire game. The sniper has a whopping 1% crit, the bow has 7% and the warfan has 9% all of which are bad. The arm cannon, pistol and nunchakus at least have some viable crit. I am not
  13. They are still generally bad everywhere as well, but they are completely unusable in Deimos.
  14. Most of the new infested weapons that came in the most recent update are mostly status focused weapons with base viral damage, with some of them having only slight crit stats. All the enemies in Deimos that can actually so some damage to your warframe are all immune to viral status effects, making these new weapons totally useless in Deimos. Can we just get rid of the viral status immune enemies already?
  15. Exalted weapon as a whole need a total rework. They are either totally obsolete or broken and overpowered; there is no middle ground. In addition to reworking them, they should be modded separately not to hinder our regular melee weapon builds and to make them not benefit from rivens that are for completely different weapons.
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