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  1. I love it as well, hands down my favorite mode at the moment!
  2. I'd pick Redeemer Prime over Glaive Prime hands down. The thrown attack of glaives in general hasn't been updated in years, so it doesn't really benefit from over half of the mods people use for their builds nowadays and its damage is really low without using stealth multipliers.
  3. Hydroid got a rework and he is still relatively S#&$ty. That in itself should explain just how bad some of the warframes are.
  4. If it's not supposed to be something you farm then why does is exist in a game literally focused around farming everything. It's not an alternate rewards when getting one feels about as satisfying as getting 100 nanospores added to the stack of 20 million I already have. All the main syndicates are already farmed by doing absolutely nothing related to them. Only with Simaris you are actually required to go out of your way to look for targets, unless you are just going to get the rep passively through other teammates' scans.
  5. 5 minutes per roll, 5% chance (20 reward rolls per medallion on average). 2097 * 5 mins * 20 = 209600 minutes = 3493 hours = 145 days. Most syndicates are 240k rep each for max rank from neutral so that's 240 medallions per syndicate + whatever you need to raise back from negative rank. Honestly speaking there is no point in even using these medallions for anything. You can just farm rep the normal way faster and trade for items from enemy syndicates.
  6. One thing I disliked about the void key changes was the fact that the Void Tower tileset is no longer anything special and just feels really generic and boring now. Imo it just made sense that prime stuff came from the void.
  7. Rad relic sharing significantly reduces the number of relics you need to farm, and finding teams is really easy in recruiting chat. Of course somebody will always get unlucky and needs to do triple the expected number of runs to obtain the drops, but it is still extremely easy to farm all new prime parts within a day or two if all you have at the start is maxed stack of Void Traces. Void Interception missions for example have nothing but Neo and Axi relics on the reward table. It's impossible to get credits, endo or junk mods doing that mission. T3 interception missions only have 3 possible junk mods on A rotation, but both B and C are nothing but Axi relics. Syndicate rep will stack you with Mesos and Liths, along with occasional Neos and Axis.
  8. Doing syndicate medallions somewhat ''daily'' and capping rep and purchasing relics has allowed me to never needing to farm relics. It's not even bad as it is. Void keys in the past were way worse.
  9. Glaxion (Vandal) comes with cold, Cyanex and Zakti come with gas.
  10. No matter what Ignis W build you throw at me, I'll outperform it with Braton Prime.
  11. That would save you like maximum of 5 seconds lmao. You'd save more time by switching melee weapons to something with more frequent attacks, like Ninkondis, which gives multiple strikes per melee attack lmao.
  12. You don't have to complete a melee riven challenge using a melee weapon. For slide kills for example, you can just shoot a gun while sliding, even if the challenge was on your melee weapon.
  13. What kind of a tank doesn't have good survivability? Stacking armor through his rubble has diminishing returns, as stacking armor in general has. Atlas Prime's base armor is 475 (61% DR), with Steel fiber it is 997 (77%) and with Steel fiber and Armored agility it's 1.2k (80%). The max boost from rubble is 1.5k armor (86%, 89% and 90% respectively depending on armor mods) which is an absolute pain to keep up when compared to abilities like Vex armor (upto 10x armor multiplier) or Splinter storm (flat 90% damage reduction). In addition to that rubble doesn't even boost your armor if you aren't full health, and the health regeneration is really bad. The amount of effort you need to upkeep Atlas's survivability is really high compared to what you're realistically going to get out of him in return. If equipping Adaptation becomes mandatory, then you might as well switch the frame you're playing since the mod makes even Banshee good at surviving. Anyway, all that is besides the point, and all I really want is to have Landslide be less clunky to use and for Atlas to become better at dealing damage, whether or not it affects his survivability.
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