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  1. You'd only ever need to rank up 1 of those mods, so instead of having 573 spare mods of that type, you would have 572 which is still plenty I'd say 😄
  2. I'd like to see this happen. Zaws and Kitguns do not even need the arcane because of how powerful they are without them. However there are hundreds of lackluster melee and secondary weapons that could use the benefits from the arcanes. I would personally like to see Zenistar equipped with Exodia Force 😛
  3. It eats up a ability slot that could have been something interesting. Currently you just cast in once and forget about it. It's as interesting as Iron Jab was.
  4. It depends on what you ultimately end up rolling on your riven. If you roll a riven with status chance, you won't need that high base status chance. I personally went for full crit with my Kripath and even though my status chance is only 22.3% fully modded on my weapon, Condition Overload gives me enormous damage while also being able to red crit with minimal combo multipliers because of the base 36% crit chance. You can also make multiple Zaws, because they are so incredibly cheap to craft. If you roll a riven with some really general stats like damage, attack speed, range, combo duration or elemental damage types of your choice, ANY melee weapon will benefit from those so it doesn't matter if it is crit or status based. I have both crit and status polearm kripaths and also a kripath rapier. That 1 riven fits all 3 of those weapons 😛
  5. The Chinese version of the game isn't probably that active, considering that the PS4 version has not existed since Summer 2017. Using a VPN to access the global version gives them access to a more active game with up-to-date content. According to the wiki page, WF China has been about 3 months behind in content updates, which is even more behind than the global console builds. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_(China)
  6. I wonder how long DE will neglect the AI in this game. Kubrows have already went totally ignored for several years, and if kavats didn't have their passive buffs they would be totally useless as well. Enemies run in circles in mission even when ''alerted'' and they run straight forward to their death as if their life had no value at all. That being said, the only challenge in this game comes from AoE attacks that do not depend on enemy AI in the slightest.
  7. They should be at least 120% status chance at max rank, preferably even more. 15% is laughable.
  8. Yes, those are the only 7 primary weapons in the entire game in addition to Tiberon Prime. Let's just ignore the 100 other primary weapons that need changes even more badly. Just because something isn't used doesn't mean it is bad. Octavia is hands down the most broken Warframe literally capable of doing anything. Still barely anyone plays her.
  9. Tiberon Prime already S#&$s hard enough on other primary rifles. As nice as this would be, I don't think it would need a huge buff like this.
  10. Nah it won't. It just removes the visual UI part of it.
  11. Disabling sniper scopes in settings will give you the regular reticle like when aiming with any other gun.
  12. Wisp's CC and damage are mediocre and his buffs are outperformed by other Warframes. She's a jack of all trades but master of none type warframe similar to Oberon, with the exception that Wisp was actually good on release. The real one man army Warframe is Octavia. Her 4 gives enormous damage boost to the entire team, she has buffs including perma invisibility to the entire team, she has amazing CC combined with infinitely scaling damage with her roller, but still nobody plays her. Being overpowered doesn't mean much in Warframe since the majority of content DE releases requires little to no strategy. You can go with the most OP min maxed build out there on a regular mission, but you won't be finishing it any faster than somebody running with nothing but their weapons on them.
  13. That's the extreme case. ANY number of those auras equipped puts Hildryn into a big disadvantage. The effect of 1-3 CP auras becomes less noticable in level 100+ missions, but there's hardly any of those in the entire game outside of Sortie 3.
  14. The other auras aren't any more meaningful in low or mid level play. I'm either forced to play solo or with a pre-made squad for low level missions if I wish to use my abilities on Hildryn, because people are using those auras by default. Because of the scaling nature of Pilgrim and no minimum shield restoration values to speak of, upkeeping even minor passive shield drain from Haven, Aegis Storm or Balefire becomes a problem especially in low and mid level missions, which majority of the game revolves around. There's no fun to be had with Hildryn in public missions. I recently min-maxed my Hildryn even though I barely play her, and I noticed that I couldn't even get back the shield cost of Pillage back in sorties because armor and shield debuffs from team members hinder her playstyle that heavily. This. People run those auras by default, because majority of the other auras are pure trash. That's game balance at its finest. Since energy siphon is also useless, I end up running with either Sprint Boost or Growing Power. True, but the number of ways to get overshields is much lower, and whether or not the number of overshields restored is adequate enough in relation to Hildryn's ability costs is debatable.
  15. Hildryn in high level gameplay completely relies on her overshield passive boosts to prevent her from taking damage directly to her health. Her only way of restoring shields including her own is Pillage. Pillage's shield restoration is based on the amount of shield or armor nearby enemies have. 4x Corrosive projection and Shield Disruption auras are able to reduce either enemy armor completely or enemy shields by 96%. This means that Hildryn isn't able to restore any shields or only a minimal portion of the shields that she could be restoring. That is a big problem in my opinion, and leaves squads with 2 options: either they handicap their own damage output by not equipping these auras so that Hildryn can restore some shields, or they'll just throw Hildryn to the trash. Let's not also forget that HIldryn's overshield passives do not transfer to any team mates, so the shields she is restoring to them are completely useless for them. Pilgrim's number of shields restored should be calculated from the base armor/shield values of enemies, so that equipping some of the best auras in the game wouldn't handicap her gameplay.
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