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  1. This would make me permanently bench Frost completely and never play him again. He already slows the pace at which missions can be completed by too much. The proposed ability changes are fine, but I don't think they would still compete with the one hit true damage snow globe builds out there. Building him for avalanche armor strip would be more viable due to he higher base values, but the CC buffs are made kinda redundant by the fact that snow globe's true damage can be combined with viral to just instakill most enemies.
  2. The early game in warframe kinda sucks because all early-game guns are pretty bad. The other downside is that guns unlike melee weapons do not have stance mods to increase your mod capacity. The standard Hek with the Scattered Justice mod is probably the most powerful low MR gun in the game, and it is still decent without the mod. The first truly good gun in the game is Acceltra at MR 8. Before that I would personally completely rely on Broken War, which is a quest reward, while leveling other stuff for MR xp. The big detail you missed here is that for a low MR player it is never
  3. I think they announced that there will be 3(?) new kuva weapons coming in the Sisters of Parvos update on the previous dev stream. EDIT: Yep, they did https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-154
  4. Grind and fashionframe are the only content this game ever had. Nothing ever changed.
  5. Nautilus only costs 75 plat, which is faster to farm than the parts even if you got the parts within drop rate.
  6. That's an early-mission problem. You don't have to use it for like the first 30 mins, but then go for it after that once you've stacked enough drops. And if you aren't going for long endurance runs in the first place, it literally doesn't matter what warframe or what weapon you're running.
  7. I got all mine from just spotting the random spawns in the Isolation vaults and killing necramechs.
  8. When the speed at which you kill enemies doesn't matter, slow Nova is better. Situations like these are excavation missions, high level mobile defense missions, any regular high level mission, most open-world bounty stages and so on. One boss I really like slow Nova on is sortie Lephantis, because you get a lot of extra time to attack his heads during the first phase, which usually guarantees one cycle kills.
  9. I highly doubt you've done 300 runs of the node for some odd reason.
  10. That Protea augment is some proper band-aid mod for a feature that players have been asking for several years. Wisp mod is great QoL addition, Zephyr mod has a very nice base duration with good enough base buff values to make building around the mod worth it, and the Grendel mod is cool I guess.
  11. It's simply game balance and nothing lore related.
  12. This would be cool. Even if there was some benefit to it, it would still be really impractical to use it since more than likely the wormhole exit would point straight to a wall like 20-100 meters away depending on how much range you've built.
  13. Rubbing my 2 brain cells together told me that it ain't worth my time.
  14. It's there to add some kind of a mechanic into the gameplay that isnt just hold the firing button or spam the same S#&$ over and over again. The bigger problem the current is facing is that spam E melee builds still go completely through that irrelevant armor the enemies have. I would much rather see enemies gain much, MUCH more defences in addition to stronger armor to make the gameplay more interesting in return.
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