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  1. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki just in case any other very very easily answerable questions arise
  2. If you are holding the ability nothing is even supposed to change. That's the old functionality. The new addition is when you just tap the ability and the enemies will be sucked in.
  3. Pillage will be fun. It's amazing for shield gating as well.
  4. The broader issue is the bad spawn rate of eximus units. Doing 1 hour+ survivals will always be many times better than any other missions as long as the eximus spawn rates are total poo. No matter what the drop rate is, if you get 0 eximus spawns during a mission you also get 0 rolls on Steel Essence.
  5. I just use it when I get a Kavat Charm crit buff or need to clear a group of weak enemies with or without the buff.
  6. People have no problems afking and leeching half the missions they play. Its not THAT fast paced.
  7. Simply making Silence re-castable will stop a low range savage silence build sabotaging the rest of her abilities. Modding for low range makes the rest of her abilities really damn bad, and Resonance becomes absolutely mandatory if anyone even thinks using Sonar with savage silence in the same build. Making Silence re-castable would also improve her shield gating. Silence has the most expensive instant energy cost of any of her abilities, so with Brief Respite and/or Augur mod set that would be the ability to recharge the most shields.
  8. The effect is that it sets your crit chance to 200%, which is an intended mechanic. If its intended, its not broken, and thus this thread is asking a buff.
  9. That's exactly why they run low range: they can re-stun the enemies. If there are 10 enemies in the range, you will not be able to kill all of them during that single stun. After the initial stun ends, you run out and back in to kill the rest of the enemies.
  10. Ye just casually asking for a buff for the most busted crit boost in the game, no biggie.
  11. The larger picture of this is the fact that we have 200+ nodes out of which a maximum of 10 are actively played outside of the random kuva siphon, fissure and sortie nodes. Suggesting alternatives to kuva farming and adding worthwhile rewards to more missions isn't a bad thing. It would be nice to have something else apart from Requiem fissures or kuva survival (or a requiem fissure kuva survival in the best case) while waiting for the siphon missions to reset after doing them all. Adding rewards to the rest of the kuva fortress nodes doesn't give players ''more'' free kuva, it just gives us more alternatives, because doing those missions takes time just like any other kuva siphon, kuva survival or requiem fissure mission.
  12. Customization doesn't mean giving us a lot for literally every useful mod, and there is no point in nerffing the good ones because then regular mods will once again just be far superior than the augments. There should always be room for choice when modding warframes for your own personal playstyle, and you shouldn't be able to fit every powerful mod out there without some drawback. It is a good thing that some mods sometimes have to be dropped for other mods, and there really aren't any mandatory warframe mods like there are damage and multishot mods for weapons.
  13. Augments would have to be divided into 2 categories: dogS#&$e and the actually decent ones. Only the dogS#&$e augments should be allowed to put into their own slot. Some augments are powerful enough to not need a slot of their own.
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