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  1. Oh right, yes more windows and window types please. And flat square/circular water textures.
  2. My mind is BLOWN RIGHT NOW. This is stuff that I never thought, not even in a million years, that would ever happen. SPAWN PADS? SELECTABLE SKYBOXES!?! NPCS!!!!!???????? NEW DECORATIONS!?!? LESS RESOURCE COSTS11111111111111 I'm shocked. I really, really appreciate this very much. I look forward to it with GREAT interest. I want to say more than what I have said, but my brain is fried with this information.
  3. Clan Name: Syndicate Synergy Clan Tier: Moon Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Architect Feature Image: Image Album: https://imgur.com/a/00aI1tY Conglopoly Board Game Note:
  4. DE thank you for making Machete available to the public again.
  5. I've decorated in the dojo for a very long time. It's a really enjoyable activity for me to see what I'm capable of creating or recreating. I first noticed the rotation bug back when The Sacrifice was introduced, but it could've existed before then. Since that time, I always had to be extra careful about rotating decorations because even the slightest tilt would cause a chain reaction when decorations were copied to extend walls or what have you. There were times where I spent days just making sure everything was aligned properly, measuring what was placed and measuring the tool of measurement
  6. MACHETE BP IS NOT AVAILABLE FROM SIMARIS OFFERINGS I checked with people who have mastered it, and they don't see it in the offerings either.
  7. Category: Unedited Description: The Master of Harpoon Fishing arrives in Cetus on a stormy night to catch the rarest of Norg said to only show itself once every 4 years.
  8. All the Sawgaw Floofs are the same color. I made a bug report topic about it already, but I wanted to leave a reminder here just in case.
  9. I don't know what caused this, or how to fix it.
  10. Good stuff. Definitely something worth the effort to do.
  11. DE thank you so much for fixing all the broken decorations. I can finally finish a room I was working on for weeks.
  12. Here's a picture showcasing the broken decoration Natural Vallis Tree and how it can't be highlighted, funded, or deleted.
  13. There is one bug to report, new dojo decor might be bugged. Can't be highlighted, which means it can't be funded or deleted. EDIT: Natural Vallis Tree is also untouchable/unfundable/undeletable
  14. I can also attest to this. Orb is placable, but can not be touched, funded, or deleted. It is void. Despite the bug, I love how big it can get in size.
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