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  1. A revisit! Looking forward to it.
  2. Thank you guys so much. That dojo transporter buff?
  3. I got some dojo related feedback: Could you guys transfer the following authorizations from the Architect role and rightfully give them to the dojo decorator role?: Room Console Text Skybox Change The architect role should be primarily focused with the addition or deletion of rooms, and the dojo decorator role should fill in the blanks that the architect creates. It doesn't make sense to tie the ability to delete rooms, a very powerful role that not many clan owners are willing to share, with the ability to write text for a room console or change the skybox of some rooms. Dojo decor
  4. YESSSSSSSS I love that! I love all of this. THIS IS GREAT AND EXCELLENT!
  5. This is all fantastic news. I'm loving all of this. ALL OF IT. I am surprised that the Jupiter/Gas City skybox didn't make the cut, I was predicting which skyboxes would be available in the future, and it was the first one I hought of because of how different it is. But I'm still very happy about the selection of skyboxes listed, and who knows, maybe in the future we'll get the gas city skybox option as well.
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