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  1. Yall at DE have been doing great things for dojos lately, keep it up!
  2. Operator, I just thought of a joke. An artificial intelligence visited a relay, a staff member approached the artificial intelligence and asked 'Why the long face?' The artificial intelligence, incapable of understanding the staff member, promptly attempts to understand, fails, and leaves!
  3. I have the same exact problem It will rank to 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 0, 7, 0, 8, 0.
  4. Rotation bug in Dojos is still alive and not dead. Examples:
  5. Looking at this warframe, I'm imagining an imperfect biological form that evolves into a stretchy yoga warframe. Default Passive: Every 60 seconds, gain 15% Power Strength/Range/Efficiency/Duration at the expense of 15% Shields. Refreshes every 60 seconds. Does not accumulate. Apogee Form Passive: Every 30 seconds, restore 30% HP. Cancels default passive ability. 1st Ability: Subsuming Discharge 5 Meter AOE Electric damage blast explodes from the warframe. Each target hit restores x shields. 2nd Ability: Amputation A limb is dropped to the ground and spreads connective tissue in a radius for a duration of time. Enemies passing through become stuck for a duration of time and have a % chance of being disarmed. Enemies stuck to the connective tissue endure ticks of cold damage. Pressing and holding 2 again while targeting an unstuck enemy will cause the discharged limb to stretch from it's connective tissue and grab that enemy. Casting Subsuming Discharge on a group of enemies under the effects of Amputation will discharge magnetic damage instead of electric damage. 3rd Ability: Attachment The warframe shares pieces of itself by stripping it's connective tissue (causing it to leak) to buff allies or nerf enemies within a set radius for a set period of time. Allies receive increased fire rate, attack speed, and parkour velocity. Enemies will be briefly stunned, afflicted by toxin status procs, and have reduced accuracy. Casting Subsuming Discharge on enemies afflicted by Attachment will damage them with corrosive damage, each target hit will restore health. Casting Attachment on enemies afflicted by Amputation will proc viral status. 4th Ability: Apogee The warframe temporarily repairs itself into a complete form. In this final form, the warframe's passive and first 3 abilities change, and it's attributes are increased: Apogee Form Passive: Every 30 seconds, restore 30% HP. Cancels default passive ability. 1st Ability (Changed): Subsume 5 Meter AOE suction field steals enemy health and shields and gives it to the warframe. 2nd Ability (Changed): Sprawl The warframe stretches it's arm out to grab an enemy. If an enemy is grabbed, it is slammed into the ground in an icy explosion. If no enemy is grabbed, the warframe forms a giant fist and punches the ground, knocking down enemies. 3rd Ability (Changed): Percolate The warframe exudes an aura that increases shield regeneration for allies within a radius for a brief time, and lowers enemy accuracy.
  6. When you wash your face with bug fixes:
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