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  1. IGN: DrLego Platform: PC Type: Dojo (The room is in the Syndicate Supremacy clan) Entry: https://imgur.com/a/cHuVaS5
  2. Totally huge problem, that's like half the obstacles in obstacle courses
  3. All the minor optimizations! Gimme gimme gimme! yum nom nom nom. Thank you for the update.
  4. Thank you for clarifying everything, and reverting the farming nerf. I think the community wouldn't have been as upset with the farming nerf if it came with a resources nerf for blueprints/decorations as well (less needed resources). The revert also benefits those with mod boosters, paid or otherwise, so that's a win in my book. Reverting the nerf also returns to the players more choices of warframe to farm wih, versus in the past when you were stuck with 2-3.
  5. I can't put my finger on a cause. the ports the game uses are free, not getting any errors. It's just for some reason, I've seen a significant increase in host migrations and members leaving a party for the past week. I'll host a game and it's comes across to me that it's 50/50 whether people remain or leave the party. Host migrations have also increased maybe a third of the time. I can't explain it. I need aid because this is becoming a huge problem for me and any groups I either host or join.
  6. It's a tragedy, a blasphemy, how they casually, and handily, sell that so pageantly. Anyway yeah 595 plat is too much for something like that. I hope it's sold separately someday.
  7. Please fix the dojo stuff! We got a lot of bugs at the moment: 1. Rotation Bug, where angles snapped to 15 and 45 degrees and switching between axis rotations causes the decoration to change angle very slightly, but is cumulative if you continue to switch axis and rotate. 2. Ice Walls: They been resized since the saint of altra update to be slightly larger, and all ice decor is significantly brighter as well. 3. Dojo Lag: Every decoration seems to require more effort on PCs to handle. FPs while in dojo is effectively cut in half for some dojos. 4. Invisible Funded Decor: Once it's blue, it's invisible. Decorators sometimes have to work with funded and unfunded decor all in one room or creation, so this bug slows the process of decorating considerably. 5. Refuse to the Left: Some decorations won't move to the left in constrained movement mode despite nothing blocking the way. 6. Frozen Decor: Some decor will randomly refuse to move, despite the cursor axis of constrained mode moving while the decoration doesn't. Sometimes even clicking a decoration doesn't move on your screen.
  8. Reporting confirmation of the drop. I got the Transmission color palette. It was just delayed.
  9. Oh so I will give it some time then. It might be the system is backed up from so many accounts doing the same thing.
  10. Ok so for some reason, after watching 2 partner streams for more than 30 mins each on twitch, I did not get the transmission color palette. I should also mention that twitch drops do work on my account since I received the 200 ducats from the other primetime stream and have received drops from past primetimes, devstreams, and partner streams on twitch. For some reason transmission still hasn't been dropped for me despite watching 2 wf partner streams for over 30 mins each. Maybe it's lag, idk. I will try again, and if I still don't get it, I will try mixer (after linking), and if I still don't get it, then something's off with the drop or the system responsible for drops.
  11. The Recovered Animator Nightwave Act doesn't register the ayatans I filled after I recovered it. https://imgur.com/a/DPuSnnT I did not fill them before I got the act, I filled them after and it didn't register. I thought it was a visual bug so I filled 3 hoping it would complete but it didn't.
  12. While I'm at it, I would also like to report a bug that may or may not have been reported. For some odd reason, 15 or 45 degree angle rotations that occur on the red or green axis are shifted to be a little more or a little less than 15 degree angles. This error is cumulative, so changing the axis of rotation will continuously shift the decoration less than 15 degree full circle.
  13. The dojo has another bug that has gone unreported. This bug occurs after duplicating and placing a decoration. Once placed, if you attempt to move it again, it stays put but it also doesn't. You are actually moving it but for some reason the movement isn't registering on the screen. This bug disappears after you exit the dojo 3 or more times.
  14. The see through decoration thing can be an interesting feature if we can apply it to individual decorations that we choose. Opens up possiblities like the idea of holograms. Anyway, guys, thank you so much for the hotfix and the initial update. It's much appreciated despite the hiccups.
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