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  1. it's the same as a 4 man squad now ...just you have full control over the squad and yes i'm mr30 and run a massive clan and alliance on xbox and playstation and also run 4 hr missions... that's not the point- The point is not all clan mates are on at the same time and then you could run a squad of 4 frames of your choice and do the same thing that's possible now (without host migrations) and i can use the somatic link to jump from one to the other.
  2. been happening to me since the new update,every time i go to the cambion drift and the necrolisk in deimos
  3. reviving sentinels!!! like the kubrow and or kavats. using somatic link to jump from frame to frame.. like a necromech if i want to run a 4 frame squad and not worry about matchmaking or a host migration and or players not doing the mission correctly . i have 3 other frames in the squad that when i'm not in them they fight like a specter and i can use the somatic link to jump from one to another. My own personal squad and i have full control.
  4. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: game crashes when loading to or from the cambion drift. VISUAL: no visual due to xbox turning off from a hard crash. REPRODUCTION: tried doing iso vaults and game crashes entering cambion drift from the necrolisk and game crashes leaving the cambion drift entering the necrolisk and loses all progress. EXPECTED RESULT: to not crash the game and turn off xbox (like it did before the update). OBSERVED RESULT: cleared game caches,restarted router,modem,xbox and still crashes in the necrolisk. REPRODUCTION RATE:100%
  5. they'll fix it ...just takes time
  6. TYPE : in game DESCRIPTION : xbox crashes in deimos,tried in solo-public and every way possible (crashes so bad the xbox turns off) EXPECTED RESULT: doing iso vaults like i did before the update with no issues. OBSERVED RESULT: 1st time loaded into deimos and xbox turned-2nd time played in deimos for 3 mins and xbox turned off-same results 5 other times. REPRODUCTION RATE: has happened a total of 7 times- twice with a full squad. UPDATE: went into deimos on free roam and was perfectly fine,couldn't finish mission due to the fact game crashed going into the necrol
  7. you guys are not understanding what i mean....been playing warframe for 4 years and am a mr30,what i mean is if i go into a mission and want to do a long survival,interception defense or any for that matter (yes specters do exist) but you can't use the somatic link to jump from one frame to the other and use them like a necramech could be used. so i don't have to worry about matchmaking,host migrations,if all members will go where i want in a survival and can pause the game at any time. none of this exist at this point and would be nice to have those choices.
  8. we wouldn't have a matchmaking issue anymore and the players that don't want to deal with the toxic players will be non existent.
  9. can't control them or jump from one to the other,that's what my post was about.
  10. ok hear me out...DE you guys are awesome and now i know that you can make a railjack crew customizable,when can we do this for all missions. I mean use 4 of my warframes in a mission and i can jump to each one at will and use them,so when i'm not controlling them they are fighting for me in the best manner for the situation. But you can't have 4 mesa's in a squad,must be all different.
  11. my xbox keeps crashing randomly after the update, in deimos-dojo-fortuna and it shuts all the way off..never did it before,any news on this fix cause i know i'm not the only one.
  12. after the new update my xbox one x crashes and completely shuts off and it's random....happened 4 times today. i played other games as well just to make sure and had no issues at all
  13. rebecca said in the devstream that critical chance was getting a nerf and it would only be noticeable at level 5k enemies and everyone was making fun of scott on the stream cause he nerfs all the time to balance the game,facts were checked and it's not a panic post post lol. it's a feedback post
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