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  1. Probably since the dual stat 60% elemental + 60% status chance mods cost only 7 to drain, and you have a choice of 4 for 1 V polarity. I'd assume you'd have to commit to some sort of 9 forma build (assuming you need 9 polarities on a blank slate) and still then, if you ever need to swap out an elemental for Primed Cryo or something, you'd need either 1 forma per switch, or build a duplicate gun with another 9 forma. All in all, it's way too cramped as it is now.
  2. After seeing the dev stream, it was awkward seeing Reb beating around the obvious elephant in the room. Every slot formad and maybe you can fit 1 combination of maxed out veteran mods. Meanwhile you have 3 configs to think about, + 20p for each time you think you can fit more combinations. I think at some point the mod cap needs to increase to bring them more in line with Melee stances or Warframe auras. That and I am vastly hoping punch through and reload was going to be on the list. I'm not sure what DE was thinking when they said they dont want to increase sustained DPS. The problem with sustained dps is that nobody really cares about it as much as burst DPS. In fact there's an exploit to have your gun instantly reload (still drains ammo) and though fun, you're ultimately capped at burst DPS. Burst DPS is basically what you get whenever you play the game anyways. The lack of enemy spawns and the one shot dilemma often means that sustained DPS cannot be fully capitalized upon. Lastly, increasing reload barely brings sustained closer to burst DPS. A +100% reload speed will only halve the gap, while a 200% will only reduce 2/3 of the gap. Keep in mind +100% reload speed is pretty much edge case, you're really not increasing average DPS by much when you consider the amount of time (statistically) a weapon is not being fired vs the time a weapon is being fired vs the time a player chooses to fire on empty. Punch through doesnt bring up DPS on paper, but it can bring up overall effectiveness if you chain up enemies (if you'd consider that as double damage?). I mostly bring PT (punch through) to missions because some geometry in the game is buggy, and some of the cameras behind glass requires it on top of it feeling so good to mow with. You'll never get that weird shot that gets blocked because it wasn't able to pass through 5mm of solid dry wall, and that stuck enemy under the stairs wont be laughing anytime soon. If we could get even 0.1m of punch through just to bypass the buggy feeling geometry, it would be a godsend. I hope DE considers adding Punch Through as well as reload speed to the exilus mods. PS: Projectile flight speed brings up damage fall off on some weapons, so if thats a thing, I can totally see it being more of a damage buff than say reload speed.
  3. Hey! I just bought the skin, and then got super disappointed by the holster bug. Glad to hear im not crazy I guess
  4. I was thinking the cool down method. Not time based but more, each cast only works once per enemy. I dont like unified duration, the pillars are a side gimmick to me, Cast time of Reave is indeed kinda bad, but not as bad as Mirage's 4, Not sure on pickups being buffed because I find it sufficient the way it is currently, I thought dance macbre was already 100% status chance??? Not sure what this damage abosrption decay is, and I definitely didnt know it detonates pillars
  5. Perhaps you're looking for a passive where shields are only affected by void damage, A first ability that lets you shoot Tau Lasers, a second ability that spawns they sentient sky prism, the third ability that works as adaptation, and keep his fourth the same? I'm not quite sure how to make a sentient frame without making it broken. Eidolons are in my opinion, the worst thrown together plot device to say: Grind out operator stuff. If you have suggestions on what you'd like to see, send ideas, cause I'm pretty much only focused on quick changes DE can do in their spare time, as well as bringing frames up to date
  6. Mag doesnt need to HEAL, but she doesnt have... anything. You might say shields but... Hildryn has shields and she has A LOT of it. Mag has a descent amount of shields, but so does everyone else. But we all know that shields are practically paper. Recastability is probably the easiest to change. I come from a programming back ground. I see assets are already there either augments. Also it's not hard reset a stack. Code isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Yes DE doesn't need to listen. But they should listen. They dont have to make anything based on what we ask, but you're implying that I have a gun to their face or something. We asked for Vex armor recastability because on Devstream, they said they'll nerf it, and the twitch chat asked for "at least put in recastability" and they snapped their fingers. Lastly, what do you mean surface level differences between eclipse and roar? They're similar in function, They're both recastable (if Rhino has the augment) but Eclipse has +200% while Rhino has +50%. Also, do I need to go into details? "If (Roar.Active()) {Roar.reset(); Roar.activate();}" or something along those lines. I dont actually know how it's currently coded
  7. wdym? Revenant can strip armor, deal damage to multiple enemies, crowd control, tank, and instantly kill an enemy with his Reave exploit. Revenant just needs a nerf to his Reave exploit, and gain the lateral ability of cloud walker in his Reave to place him on par with other frames
  8. ah, rip... What should I do? add spacing? Bold the name of each frame?
  9. I just made a big post on warframe reworks here: and might as well go into Damage reworks to fully explain exactly why the system has pros and cons. Personally I dont trust DE to know why their system fails. For example, they gave sentinel health mods to Beasts so you wouldn't be tied to bringing Nidus with a pet, except Link Health in the worse case scenario still beats the sentinel's Enhanced Vitality. Another example: also DE Scott, mentioned slash proccs scale, puncture and impact does not, so they're looking into scaling puncture and impact proccs. These are completely wrong directions to pursue and here's why! What damage is for The problem with the current damage system IPS, the infamous status dilemma Elemental Types, ranking, and possible changes Modding (For your consideration, the Conversion Mods)
  10. So I made a list of warframes and their short comings here: A few things I named to be universally bad in *,**,*** points are often a tell tale sign of a legacy warframe that needs to be looked at! Today I want to post some inspirational ideas to solve Scaling*, Reliability**, and Recastability*** as well as a few ideas for reworks for each warframe: To boot, Scaling is really bad. It made sense to have abilities that deal damage, buff, debuff, crowd control, and/or offer utility. The thing with Damage is that they dont usually scale. Whether it be 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 base damage, the problem with damage abilities is that they dont scale as levels get higher. Unlike buffs, that need only accommodate warframes that don't scale past rank 30, Buffs need only to perform at a certain limit. For example, energy vampire needs to only fill less than 1000 energy as the frames dont scale high enough to need buffs to scale. Debuffs are often proportional, such as nova's slow or mag's fracturing crush augment. Crowd control scales infinitely as an all-or-nothing trade, while utilities are either gimmicks that (honestly) suck, or breath new perspective on entertainment. * Damage scaling needs to work off something. And I am not saying off of stat sticks like Khora or Atlas ** AI need to be more predictable. *** Recastability. Now lets go through each Warframe: PS. If I had to guess. Limbo's Troll and Valkyr's broken 3 and 4 warrant them to be next at a rework. Lastly, to DE, we're not necessarily looking at these time consuming overhauls. We simply need these quick pass by changes (recastability, number tweaks, equation changes). The current rework cycle is unsustainable, as more frames are introduced, the pace at which complete reworks need to take place will quickly overwhelm staff. Dedicate true overhauls onto seriously broken frames, and save time and effort by patching the frames I mentioned more quickly without a complete redesign. Players appreciate more frequent gestures of care rather than infrequent presents. I hope this helps elucidate the reasons why certain frames just aren't popular.
  11. Lets list them all: Universal*: Damage abilities DON'T scale due to a set amount of arbitrary damage that good for star chart enemies, but not enemies veterans will face. Universal**: Abilities that RELY on AI and contradicts active play in favor of AFK play. Often unreliable or wages effectiveness to a chance at doing what you think it will do Universal***: Abilities that are not recastable where it would otherwise make sense to be able to. Augments that alleviate this does not count as you lose out on a mod slot. Ash: Shuriken is Strictly worse Nyx's Psychic bolts even with the armor strip augment, Smoke Screen duration too short Atlas: Tectonics has niche use case, Petrify is too energy expensive for 60 degrees of CC, Rumblers *+** Banshee: Sonic boom is awkward Psychic bolts, Silence doesnt work well with public lobbies, and Sound Quake * Baruuk: Elude is AFK leech mode, Lull is lul except less versatile compared to Sleepquinox, Serene Storm * and does not work off energy; Chroma: Spectral scream*, Elemental Ward*** Effigy *+** Ember: We'll see. Currently has no survivability, entire kit* Day Equinox: Rage is strictly worse rip off of speedva, Provoke is too energy expensive for the gains, Night Equinox: Mend is strictly worse than trinity's well of life Excalibur: Slash Dash* though you can use this to fly in perhaps what is a low key exploit, Radial Javalin* Frost: Freeze*, Ice Wave*, Snow Globe blocks incoming friendly fire, Avalanche* Gara: Spectrorage** Garuda: Doesnt like being healed Gauss: is fine, his kit is OP but currently buggy with redline often disabling his movement when using operator Harrow: has no survivability in neither stats nor abilities. Can be healed by Penance after getting 1 shotted. His entire kit doesn't work when KSed in public lobby. Solo frame Hildryn: Balefire*, instantly dies to gas and slash proccs, literally Godsend for energy reduction sortie, literally trash in no-shield nightmare modes Hydroid: entire kit suffers from *, is also slow in terms of animations for a fast paced game Inaros: Devour*, sandstorm* Khora: Venari ** Limbo: AFK leech exploit passive, entire kit can single handedly turn a mission into one where it cannot be completed, can troll the hell out of new players, can prevent friendly fire outright, can be used to prevent missions such as Boss activations from occurring via AFK without consequence, can be colored to make rift invisible to further troll veteran players Loki: Decoy has very niche use case (either AI exploit or to use with his Switch teleport) Mag: No survivability, no healing in her kit, damage oriented glass cannon, Magnetize***,Polarize*, Crush* Mesa: ballistic battery* in the time it takes you to setup ballistic battery, holding down mouse 1 would have done 3 times more damage in the same amount of time, shooting gallery*** shatter shield*** Mirage: Hall of Mirrors***, Sleight of Hand*+**, Eclipse is unreliable, DE should have divided her two abilities in Eclipse into her 2nd and third ability instead (since nobody uses Sleight of hand) Prism* and is an energy guzzler with perhaps the SLOWEST CASTING ANIMATION of all the warframes Nekros: Soul punch exploit, Terrify is strictly worse Speedva and Slova, Shadows of the Dead** cannot be modded properly in conjunction with his other 3 abilities Nezha: Divine Speers* Nidus: Slow to setup. Wont reach 30% of potential by the time the average mission is finished, Virulence cast speed is inversely proportional to range, Larva*** Nova: Portal is Niche gimmick and cannot be modded for feasible range while maximizing duration for her other 3 abilties Nyx: Mind Control**, Chaos**, Absorb has insufficient range to hit anything as most AI attack at 20m. Having 10m base while being unable to move, unable to shoot, and unable to anything makes her augment 100% mandatory. Oberon: Good support but his kit all suffers from scaling (* damage and healing) Octavia: SUPER OP, except her feasibility is tied to making the MOST ANNOYING of songs to spam crouch and play dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.... Revenant: Reave Instant kill Exploit, cannot control elevation during Danse Macabre Rhino: Rhino Charge*, Iron Skin***, Roar*** damage buff values are insanely low relative to Chroma or Mirage's Damage buff, Rhino Stomp* and Not technically recasteable as doing so before the previous stomp expires will neither refresh the CC nor deal damage to the affected AI Saryn: Molt is niche healing decoy, Toxic Lash is borderline non-scaling Titania: confusing kit, can make AI invulnerable and thus make missions impossible to complete, hard to discern the buffs, as Spellbind, Tribute and Lantern are pretty much the same thing Trinity: Well of Life and Vampire leech desires negative duration, while Link and Blessing desires positive duration. Link suffers from abnormally low base duration of 12 seconds Valkyr: OH BABY, is she beaten to death with a stick 7 times over for her Hysteria, Warcry*** and suffers from low base duration of 15 seconds, Paralysis Suffers from low base range of 10m, her Hysteria deserves her own article. Reduced to Exalted claws with little to no damage scaling, limited range (one of the worst melee ranges possible), damage absorbed is stored and instant kills valkyr when abruptly nullified or deactivated near even 1 enemy AI, has a high energy cost, energy cost progressively gets worse, invulnerability is removed when aim gliding or shooting your guns due to recent update, energy drain persists because quick switch does not deactivate hysteria's energy drain even though you gain nothing from her Hysteria in the meantime. According to her patch notes, her invincibility was exploited to warrant 2 energy drain nerfs, with a subsequent bug fix that removed an apparent double stacking of efficiency mods, but the energy drain nerfs persisted. Due to her high armor, stacking 2 arcane graces can achieve the same invulnerability for 99% of the game's content without ever using her Hysteria making the ability completely unjustifiable to use with the exception of enemy instant kill abilities such as orb mother explosions and absurd endurance scaling past a couple of hours. Vauban: We'll see, Currently has only CC abilities and gimmicks that make him more of a clown than an engineer Volt: Shock*, Speed suffers from Low duration and possible affinity exploit, Discharge* Wisp: Sol Gate, though scaling, suffers from relatively low scaling compared to other ultimates from other frames Zephyr: Tail wind*, Air Burst*, Turbulance***, Tornado*+** though tornado does scale in terms of applying status effects
  12. The bug I think exists is when playing as a client, quick thinking might drain more energy than normal, AND you may be more likely to be staggered. I recently did some kuva floods where Nova easily survived when solo, but had her energy completely removed in ~2 seconds when playing as client in a room thats been molecular primed. Level 80-100 enemies dont usually remove 500+ energy in seconds. In addition to 90% reduction with Null star AND 240% efficiency quick thinking, It would practically have been 12,000 damage in ~2 seconds. In addition to enemies being slowed Im pretty certain nothing would have survived. This doesnt seem normal, nor does this happen in solo play, or when I myself is host. I just had a random stranger let me borrow his simulacrum so I can replicate Host vs Client interaction. Sadly the lender only has level 105 maxed but that was fine because I could just match it in my simulacrum as host. Here are the differences: As Client, energy drains slightly faster, over shoots then bounces back at roughly 2 times drain, then 50% of energy drained is refunded As Host, energy drains slightly slower, more consistently, and doesn't bounce back As Client, with null star 90% as the only damage reduction, level 105 corrupted heavy gunner stagger locked Nova As Host, with null star 90% as the only damage reduction, level 105 corrupted heavy gunner did not make me stagger at all Note: for the stagger part as client, I tried using Redeemer's 35% damage reduction, and it prevented me from staggering, whereas I didnt even need it to prevent stagger as host. Can anyone else confirm this weird chaotic drain and stagger penalty as client?
  13. Sorry, thats not what I meant. We already know how the numbers are done. What we DON'T know is their internal discussion on why they nerf weapons besides popularity. This post was way back when they did the Fortuna changes, where an internal discussion was associated to the typical popularity rating when deciding which weapons get buffed and nerfed. I also agree that rivens are pretty much designed to be a false hope. It's almost a cash grab at this point to stir up plat exchanges when things start to settle. I just think that if DE genuinely wanted to balance their weapons, they'd make actual base changes. Remember, these only effect dedicated players who are rich enough or lucky enough to get good rivens. They make these changes with disregard to facts like: damage, critical chance, multishot and negative is not the only combination possible. Take catchmoon for example, it doesnt do more damage than rubico, but it's innately good because of INFINITE PUNCH THROUGH and INFINITE AMMO and WIDE SWEEPING AoE that clears hallways worth of enemies. What a riven nerf will NOT do is remove that Infinite Punch Through, Infinite Ammo, Wide Sweeping AoE. It even can be built with guaranteed critical hits without rivens. There does not exist a a possible nerf that would make players NOT use the catchmoon. So DE's popularity treatment and balancing the game is a lie. The only thing this does is make you spend more on riven replacements by making your old rivens worthless. That 3k Tiberon, now 500p, that 3k Catchmoon now 1k, that Godly Opticor, that decent opticor... Now replace it with the new Fulmin rivens by spending another 3k, Fulmin nerf, now worth 1.5k. This is called planned obsolescence. Apple does this to their old iphones and ipods via software updates to force their customers to buy new phones and devices. There's absolutely no reason for a game to introduce balance changes by nerfing (NOT THE CONTENT, but) the players inventories. This has become so bad that you'd never find any Akstilleto riven worth buying in the place of Primed Heated Charge, so you get the new Acceltra, get a new riven, and buy more plat to make it happen.
  14. Those Drahk Masters throw this boomerang that disarms you and spawns your gun as an intractable on the ground to reclaim your weapon. This mechanic is bugged. On 2 occasions on the grineer sea lab tiles, I was client (not sure if related), the Drahk master disarmed me, and it died at the same time. Then my gun didnt spawn on the ground, which on the first occasion, people (besides me) were able to see a blue marker, while on the second occasion, nobody saw the blue marker. Luckily heavy weapons are a thing, because if I took only 1 gun to the mission, I'd be screwed
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