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  1. Kuva liches need Palladino's dispel. If you pressed X by mistake, that's a 90 minute to 3 hour mistake. It could be buyer's remorse... Or someone is selling the ephemera you wanted and they're not going to wait for you to clear your lich first Energy leeches need to have a unique aura. We dont know where they are or what they look like, but we're gonna die before we find out Frost bubbles block friendly fire... They shouldn't block friendly fire Radiation lets you kill allies. It's a really good excuse to grief and instead, damage to allies are reflected back to you. Rivens need to stop moving in dispositions. Just set them all to 3/5(1.0). Because if it's a 5/5 (1.5) it's probably trash enough weapon that rivens wont help it. Releasing a new variant will jebait the player economy because the high disposition and the new variant actually works, and then ultimately be nerfed back down to 3/5(1.0) anyways. Also, you'd probably never use a 1/5(0.5) dispo riven regardless of how good a weapon is; you'd simply used primed heated charge/fever strike/cryorounds just because no disposition rivens actually give no advantages at that level. Status immune enemies should not be a thing. Make status do bonus damage for content which status wouldn't be suitable for, because this exclusion literally makes status less viable in the 90% of content when you encounter a status immune enemy. Remember the wolf of saturn six? What was that? He was status immune when he invades, but status okay when the even ships spawn him guaranteed. Depleted reload should never have been a thing. Vectis prime should have had 1 magazine all these years ago. You shouldn't make content that's artificially handicapped, then offer to fix it through the introduction of another handicap (losing 1 mod slot). This is also the case for Rhino, because you want players to use 1 mod slot to refresh his iron skin whilst other frames refreshes their abilities free of charge. Separate the helmet and body colors for customization. We can have a switch to toggle this. There are really bad cases where metallics are accents, sometimes tertiary, and sometimes metallics on the same skin are part of different regions for no reason. Pin your favorite weapons at the top of the weapon selection menu. I don't actually want to type out the name of the weapons I frequently use, nor do I want to be penalized for buying weapon slots from DE Stop accumulating focus past maxed everything in every school. It literally says Maxed and I can't do anything with the points. So obviously the game can tell it's maxed out and I should stop accumulating useless points I wonder if anyone is actually going to read this, so I just snuck this in here to test readers. If you did, then add the word "difficult" inconspicuously in your response. Limbo's rift need a complete rework/redesign. Obviously you know something is wrong when you cant tell if you're hitting an enemy, or you got limboed. Nova can't even charge her anti matter orb since it's an object (warframe abilities are unaffected by rift) which exists outside the rift, while you're on the inside, making your orb a dud. It's also really sad to have to use operator just to be sure you're doing damage, because clearly it seems the code is there for non-disruptive play. Primed regen still doesnt work if you joined a mission in progress. There's no excuse for this Adding onto that, DE Scott needs do some math regarding sentinel mods on pets. This was a feature so you're not binded to high health frames with pets. But the mods are so bad, that any low health frame with link would always out perform this feature. That is: a feature that's worse than what already exists in every way Forma BP (UNBUILT mind you) is the second rarest reward in Railjack completion (AN ENDGAME CONTENT mind you), and the most common reward you can get from a level 5-level 10 lith fissure. Cautious shot doesn't work on half the self damage weapons in game... I'd name a few examples, but it's easier to just say, it works on Lenz, and probably nothing else relevant Rerolling rivens is literally a slot machine. I'm 100% against this mechanic especially because of it's non-linear progression. It's not actually playable content. It encourages price fixing between the haves and have-nots. And it promotes unhealthy and addictive behaviors. Relics as a loot box is fine because it's actual playable content, it's at least semi linear in the sense you can trade junk away to work towards your goal, and its the only surprise mechanic that doesnt encourage players to spend money be it directly or through third party means. VACUUM EXILUS MOD FOR WARFRAMES. This is mostly because your companions die. either because regen doesnt actually work, or your doggo or kitty fell through the floor.
  2. Can we also get a change to rivens? Right now it's unfair to have to buy rng off other players. The riven nerfs tend to break weapon behaviors like shotguns proccing 100% status and guns that used to 1 shot novas 2. And if DE really chooses, they could release a flurry of crap weapons with 0 dmg, then skew the riven dispo down for everything else. It's an unfair balance system simply because you are averaging rivens across all weapons, but you never account for something like Mr, the niche content they're used for, or their acquirability. This is why snipers have bad disposition despite low usage outside of eidolons, high Mr weapons being similar to low Mr weapons yet noobs won't have rivens for them, and lastly lato prime having crazy high dispo due to low usage simply because its not acquirable. This system is busted
  3. If you're staggered while inside the forge UI, you may be moved far enough to exit the forges UI, and lose your normal UI, such as ships killed, ship condition, your minimap, your health and abilities. This persists after until you leave the mission and rejoin
  4. I think at that point, seeing the only cloud was at point B, he didnt trust me with it, and I didnt trust him with it. It's literally the nuclear deterrent dilemma of who's going to do it first
  5. Today's sortie was void with second mission interception+radiation hazards. These spawn clouds that enable friendly fire, and we had the map with the perfect symmetry with B being in the center. I was playing nova so my 4 can slow enemies down, and the perfect spot was B. As host, I got there to my surprise that there was a radiation exactly centered on B. I stood on the light post which counts as B without being in the radiation. I used my 4 and periodically refreshed it. Then comes this dude who spawns near me. He wasn't spawned in the cloud, but he wanted to take B likely for the same geometric reason because he was also nova. He immediately noticed after 5 seconds I wasn't moving from the light post and he eventually got procced by both radiation and my nova's 4. I watched him because typically everyone picks a site and guards it, and hes in my site. He ground slams his heavy blade into me and kills me. I asked him "wtf dude?" he blames me for proccing him with my 4. We argued. Eventually he is convinced I chose to procc him with my 4 and that me dying by his sword was my own fault. I gave him a taste of his own medicine out of spite. He dies in 1 shot. This helps support my argument that I didnt choose to slow him, but I did choose to shoot him because it was my choice to walk into radiation. He calls me a hypocrit, and im fine with that since I actually did choose to take return the favor. He then chooses to walk into clouds again. Of course this escalated. And I did half the escalating when I demoed the clouds proccing friendly fire and shooting him. He would occasionally sneak over from the direction I wasnt facing to steal some radiation. (This is not how the game works btw, we can pan the view without turning our warframes). I spotted him, so I keep my 18 second interval of molecular prime always on back-to-back in case he chooses to go in. He does, but I don't do anything yet. He shoots my nova which had quick thinking equipped and 18 null stars actively protecting. The stagger effect, which pushed me off my light post and into safety probably saved me. I return 1 shot. BANG! He dies. Of course nobody in the team will resurrect him this time, and I doubt anyone would walk into the radiation cloud after that demonstration. When he respawned, he does the same thing; raining continuous fire towards me while standing in the clouds waiting for the procc, except this time he was activating those laser terminals, which killed a rhino on our team. I had to keep shooting him. It was really annoying that at this point we were fighting a rogue nova than actually capturing towers. I had to keep shooting him because he simply wont stay out of the clouds and simply wont stop player killing. He doesn't even realize that my nova's 4 will constantly give me the advantage. He loses his last revive and leaves the room. Good riddance! What transpired was the slowest interception mission ever, with 2 towers capped, and 2 players constantly fighting. The radiation cloud was the source of it. I don't blame people for being clumsy, misinformed, or lacking experience in the game. It had to be the way he was intentionally trying to abuse the radiation clouds that really fueled my determination to shoot him first in this western showdown. I don't want to always watch my back in hopes that a trickster doesn't shoot me down for laughs and giggles. I really hope DE reworks radiation so that affects players so shooting allies returns 100% of the damage to themselves so there's really no reason why they want to shoot allies. This player found radiation proccs in its current state to be a buff and was obviously trying to abuse it. That's all I have to say
  6. So mirage sucks again. Can't we make her 3 something you can control?
  7. Fix crewship engines completely absorbing the shot from a dome gun. Also fix healing auras so they don't tank the shot either, because sometimes they can spawn from the ship like a plasmor cloud and tank it last second if they deploy the heal aura last second
  8. Since I'm here, and nobody is ever going to read this either, I would like to point out a few design issues with easy fixes: that the Seeker Volley is capped at MK1 level of performance and should scale with your equipped armament. Dome gun pretty much requires a 5th person, and the pilot can't seem to trigger it despite it facing the same direction, breaking the flow of gameplay. Pilot should get the option to use it similarly to an Ultimate. There really shouldn't be a dedicated seat that can only fire it. It did look cool in the Tennocon demo, but you guys cheated with a stationary target. Side gunners shouldn't be able to use the battle avionics. Really annoying to have people be touching your radio. Armaments are fine though Rank 10 Pilot does 2000 dmg... great except touching the railjack's hitbox already instant kills fighter, can we boost the recharge rate instead? Drifting perks (Gunner 9), are unusable because at the speed you're going, you can hit anything. They really should be active all the time for being a rank 9 ability Rank 5 Pilot's dashing effect often makes players overshoot their desired destination and cannot be opted out of. Maybe turn this to boost speed multilpier? Seems the engine numbers barely affect boost speed at the moment Rank 10 Tactical still makes no sense as you really dont need to teleport anywhere that someone is already at. Maybe useful when playing sentient cache split farm, but I dont believe this is the intended design. Maybe an option to generate checkpoints on a mission would be nice, like place a marker where you can spawn separately from omni. Gunner 10 should just be outright aim lock. Everyone with a programmable mouse already has a macro for it, and it's already not very accurate either. It doesnt work with hitscan weapons at all either. Any movement from the pilot seat "WASD" would interfere with projectiles offsetting to the opposite direction. This is good for the Gunner 10 Macro Aimlock as you use it to offset the inaccuracy, but I don't believe either "features" are intended.
  9. gonna have to downvote you there bud. I feel like the RNG does in fact make your railjack feel less generic and more "your" railjack. The problem was always the range being too diverse, making the items feel either "your" reactor vs "225" dirac
  10. As long as the current stats wont be worse. I fear the reroll would change my RNG bonus, or my flux to a low value... I was really hoping that we can spend some absurd amount of dirac to reroll our reactors. Currently it's a dead currency that poses a good opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  11. Personally I hate using cryophons. They're not my style, but after playing in my clan leader's ship which did use mk 3 vidar cryophons, OMG did they get a ban hammer. Takes 2-4 shots to kill from within 500-1000m. Often 3 shots within 500m. Cannot kill a ramsled before it enters the railjack despite landing 3 shots as it makes its final approach into your railjack. They need a serious buff for the low range they have.
  12. Railjack's final nail in the coffin. Honestly I can't see how QA approved of this
  13. Imagine if you could use those million diracs to upgrade your vidar reactor capacity
  14. So vidars and lavans are now bad turrets? Zetki has higher accuracy and higher damage. With heat no longer holding it back, it makes the others obsolete
  15. The pilot is piloting, the boarder is boarding, the engineer is engineering but on cooldown, the noob that lied about his intrinsics is leeching. That's all the status board really needs to say
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