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  1. Alright this is dumb, and there are many reasons why this won't be "interesting build decisions". One obvious rebuttal is: The only change is you should no longer mod for damage. Interesting indeed, except the only interesting part is you need to make an exclusive loadout for this change and aura you provide to allies are also sub-optimal for 99.99% of player's builds. "Good design! Ship it!" Results: we save a slot for an elemental mod, we but a loadout slot for chroma and confuse ourselves which build is which since he's non-universal like all the other frames... A good example was when DE Scott decided "I don't want to run a high health inaros with my pet, so I'll let players use the sentinel health mod on pets!" Good idea, but in practice, some of the lowest health frames (300 hp) with 165% link health is ~495 hp, while 220% health of base pet health is like 275hp at best (the highest health pet is like 125 base hp). Im no math expert but 495>275... What DE typically does are face value changes. Riven changes sound nice and makes sense how they explain it. Except they omit the entirety of the demographic that only uses the weapon for the riven disposition, the fact low dispositions perform worse than a simple primed elemental mod, the fact the market completely shifts so they earn more platinum purchases, and lastly their entire campaign on making bad weapons good??? Well 300% of 5% base is +15%, and the average weapon with average stats like 15% base with 150% is already +22.5%. But it doesn't stop there, a 30% base stat with 60% riven is +18%. Well wait a minute, not only will bad weapons still be bad, 5+15=20, average weapons 15+22.5=37.5, but good weapons will be 30+18=48. It doesn't deliver on promise, because the base stat is where the problem lies, and rivens are just meta gimmicks on players to spend platinum (which is why they shift dispositions when the market is saturated to encourage more platinum purchases). Basically the math doesn't support their well intentions, and neither does the design choice of chroma's damage buff. You're changing a different thing here and the result is inconvenience. Enough ranting, this isn't the first time DE promised something, shipped something else, then changed their minds because they can monetize off something (Primed Chamber). I can go into a whole discussion on how these seamingly small things are indirectly making DE lots of money but that should go into another forum. I just want to end with the point: "Don't end your train of thought on ideals. A scientific mind set looks for the truth in its entirety from reproducible source to results. We don't just study sciences, we apply them too. That's what research is! It's not because something is different then it's immediately good" Please consider the cause and effect before jumping on "Mother knows best". Remember, there used to be people that sacrificed human lives for their gods. Don't take things face value
  2. I hope vauban is in progress. But Chroma's rework in my mind is something for his 1 and 4, which as they stand now are literal gimmicks with no uses or synergies. I also disagree with the damage buff that Chroma provides, because instead of a multiplier like rhino's its mod damage, like mirage (which I also disagree with). This is because to fully benefit, I have to mod my weapons WITHOUT damage mods and replace with something else, like a cold elemental, since increasing stats is proportional, 165-220% versus 1100% is nothing, compared to a 90% elemental that scales off that 1100% damage. This also makes people buy rubico rivens WITHOUT damage, which is a bias that affects the market as well. Long story short, they should scale it as bonus (final damage) not mod damage. As for vauban, everything he has is basically a gimmick in this era of warframe. It would be cool if they make him a status themed warframe, and stoppped making enemies immune to status. And they wonder why crit is king...
  3. Honestly I don't think I needed ALL the points. I can probably get away with skipping 6,000 points and doing all the other ones. Since I will stop at the eidolon ephemera anyways
  4. I just realized how stupid I was to use 3 forma on a weapon I will NEVER use so that I can get all the challenges in the Nightwave. Since one of the rewards is basically getting back 3 forma, but I spent 3 forma to help me get there... Shouldn't I have simply skipped the challenge? Now that I think back at it, it must be the dumbest thing in Nightwave. I might make sense because DE made it exactly 3 forma so that they can monetize off the forma bundle in the market for 35 platinum. If this is the case then this is one big scam. I think guess I did get forma for free by grinding fissures and waiting 3 days... but I think the rewards to labor ratio is unfair because I could have saved 3 forma for something later when released. Also, 3 orokin cell, LOLOLOLOLOLOL , 2 and a half riven rolls, a sigil I already have. Some of these rewards are meh, and the 3 orokin cells are just a meme. I mean you can get 10-20 in a single run on ceres. Either the rewards are kinda trashy this time around, or certain tasks like 3 formas is just too inconsiderate
  5. Time to be blunt. This is a trash move to sneakily increase your sales for the next prime access. Skipping vauban and chroma so that you can work on wukong to me means chroma and vauban won't get their rework if we support wukong sales. If we buy prime access, then you succeeded, and so you'd surely repeat this act. Chroma and vauban prime access has already passed, so to you, there is less business value, and I understand that. That is why I personally won't buy prime access anymore. Not until the fairness train comes back. Also limbo rework still sucks. Don't overthink this and just make rift not affect ally attacks. I doesnt matter if enemy or warframe is in opposite side of rift. If it prevents damage, its bad design. I mean warframe abilities work this way, why not weapons?
  6. Fix hydroid noble animation holding his rifles 20 feet higher than he did before update 25
  7. I am really triggered by this as well! Thank god I'm not the only one. I use hydroid's noble on ALL my male and certain females frames. I can't stand how DE always breaks old things and thinks they can move along. Like that Pandero fiasco, people bought the skin for the new SFX and they REMOVED IT. TO THIS DAY Pandero is the only gun that the sound reword had done nothing for, as well as having the magazine skin glitch for the Perla Pistol. Things that if we dont raise our voices now, DE WILL THEM KEEP BROKEN!
  8. After the Jovian Concord update, Hydroid's noble animation holds rifles uncomfortably close to his upper chest region. Previously it would seem as if he was holding it casually with better posture than with no animations selected (less slouched and more leaned). It's REALLY disturbing me and the only way to make me not cringe is to switch to melee or synthesis scanner when taking screenshots. Which btw, switching to the synthesis scanner will immediately make your screen orange. I should mention I am using this on my Rhino Palatine skin, and the right arm feels almost compressed near the biceps. Please revert
  9. I want the sprinting animation too. I bought her not knowing it was a big bait. Also my usual hydroid noble idle is broken as he now holds rifles in an awkward manner
  10. What about fixing inability to melee charge attack when enemies are shooting at you as you will be permanently locked into auto blocking animations until you die? What used to happen: I take 5 shots, but kills the source of the gunfire with hit What happens now: I take a bunch of shots, try to charge attack redeemer but autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, autoblocks instead, and I died...
  11. This is really simple: primed regen doesnt work after host migrations. Your sentinel dies, its gone. This is pretty much guaranteed as you're still vulnerable most of the time during host migrations, and so you're dead, the sentinel is dead, and you're gonna hate everything about this game (as always). Please make host migrations less abrupt. It's like the phrase "handing off" does't even exist.
  12. Void exclusive unvaulted relics are too diluted. Hours or gameplay for 1 Axi L4. The relic is probably worth more than the items you find inside. Is this going to be fixed where unvaulting will remove normal relics from the pool?
  13. It seem I am not able to get critical focus to work on larkspur and I highly suspect that because I am using it's alt fire which has an forced unzoom animation, the +60% critical chance and +60% damage when zoomed bonus is negated. Is this an intended design? I cannot see why I would have this mod equipped if it is going to simply do nothing
  14. Will nullifiers be changed similarly to its effect on nidus so that rhino, chroma and valkyr will no longer instantly die inside nullified bubbles? Will auto block become a toggle option so it no longer interferes with aimglide, charged attacks and most importantly the negative interactions it has with redeemers. My friend recently came back to warframe and found it absurd that the story picks up 8 planets in when he quit years ago after 3. What's the update on that story line movement so that new players don't need to play for a month to finally start the second dream?
  15. A better fix for nullifies is to drain duration faster for duration abilities and drain health for tank abilities instead of instantly evaporating warframes. I feel like in the current state, certain tanks are outclassed by others like nidus's health drain, hildryn's passive, and inaro's large hp pool. Valkyr isn't very popular because her ability is pretty much all or nothing so for her case, I'd rather have it drain energy faster than to have instant noodle frames. For Novas case, her balls already depletes in the presence of enemies. Rhino would really benefit from this as well since his all or nothing ironskin will drain instead of instantly die, and chroma would also be forced to recast duration than to instantly lose his buildup.
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