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  1. Descent-of-Damocles

    Pet AI

    This needs a bump, I hate my fcking kat who's always picking fights. This is the dumbest thing my Kat has been doing.. I will never bring her ever again outside of kuva
  2. Descent-of-Damocles

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    So with the devstream demo of Hildryn, I have a few concerns I want to have addressed. I am a Rhino main and I know the ins and outs of being that tanky frame. As rhino I suffer from energy problems, ie negative efficiency and lack of modspace to fit my "mandatory" augments (which btw was a big controversy on its own. Most players believe augments are a waste of mod space to what should have been added to abilities ie recastability) To counter this problem I use maxed Primed Flow and dual maxed arcane energize. I still however, cannot do Energy reduction sorties as rhino and ash prime has the lowest energy pool of the primes and suffering 1/4th the pool makes my 3rd and 4th ability impossible to cast. Hildryn, using shields as energy will be immune to energy reduction. It is practically a cheese for the worst sortie condition imo. She will also solve the energy economy issues of all warframes being the one with it recharging as fast as shields, and once depleted, a sentinel mod Guardian will instantly refill her "energy pool". Inbalance: Hildryn's shield pools as survivability is something I often cheese in other frames with quick thinking+ primed flow in many missions that I want to easily mastery fodder a trash frame, ie vauban (cough cough*). However this makes Hildryn practically the same thing as quick thinking and primed flow, but instead just maxed redirection (easy to max with endo and credits) as well as possibly primed vigor. She will easily be able to save a mod slot for other mods, as well has omit Energy Siphon for Shield Charger, which would work better for her in the economic regard than energy. We don't even know if there's an anti afk for shields as we do for anti afk energy ability spams. She also won't need Arcane energize at all, which is a really expensive item in game thanks to the poor energy economy in game as it is, but shields recharge semi-passively at a fast rate, making her a really easy to mod for ability-spam frame. This will lastly free up her 2 arcane slots for even better performance. Abiltiy Comparison: Her abilities, from what was said in stream, seems to be a rhino kick in the sharp crotch: Rhino 1: Charges short distance (can sacrifice a mod slot to grant useful but temporary armor that synergies with his 2) Hildryn 1: Infinite range projectile launcher with infinite ammo that does scaling damage that can be modded and charge fired Rhino 2: Casts anywhere between 5k to 18k HP+ and is immune to knockdowns and status (NOT recast-able unless you sacrifice another mod slot) and can be nullified and make Rhino evaporate Hildryn 2: Recasts/replenishes her armor AND shields (which is shield gated to be her version of Rhino's 2) that passively regenerates and cannot be nullified, like AT ALL Rhino 3: Boosts damage with flat 1.5x Multiplier for damage and can be modded up to around 2.5x or full maxed near 3x damage at the cost of everything else Hildryn 3: Boosts damage AND shields of allies dynamically based on the number of enemies in the game. Potentially better or worse than Rhino's 3, but it is probably recast-able whereas Rhino's 3 is not Rhino 4: Crowd controls all enemies within range that are planted onto the ground for about 10-15 seconds. Enemies basically turn away from you making headshots difficult and recasting does nothing because enemies affected by the crowd control are no longer planted. Trash mobs of low level are easily killed in this AoE Hildryn 4: Crowd controls all enemies with range regardless of their footing for an undisclosed amount of time. Fly around with enemies stationary and ready to be headshotted. Recast at your leisure and is practically a better implementation of an infinite duration Limbo bubble that follows you around like Mesa's 2. Weakness: Hildryn will be utterly useless in Nightmare Mode missions. This is because the mode is shieldless so Hildryn will have no "health pool" and no "energy pool".
  3. Descent-of-Damocles

    Status inconsistency

    When building your weapons, the stats often dictate what you can build for effectively to maximize performance while what they provide at their fullest potential decides whether or not you use them. Right now I have pretty much tried a lot of weapons and have found that status is not the best to mod for in high level missions. Simply put, the problem is that there are too many status immune enemies in game. Let's compare some facts Critical Build: Everything benefits from critical hits unless a riven drops your critical multiplier below 1x, cannot crit on objects such as containers, traps, or enemy bubbles Physical Build: Can skew proccs towards a certain IPS (assuming it's status build) but you're only going to add slash (the only procc that does anything) and IPS mods don't scale as well as elementals Elemental Build Can offer a variety of proccs (but only corrosive, radiation, viral and gas are useful) the elemental damage scales with mods but proccs are less likely than their IPS skews by a factor of 4x Status Build: Can strip armor, crowd control, reduce health by half or seen as double damage, or DOT to enemies. However you get a random mix of proccs. The point I want to bring up are lists of enemies/objects that are not affected by Crit/Status Criticals: Frost Bubbles, Nullifiers Bubbles, Contianers, Traps Status: Frost Bubbles, Nullifiers Bubbles, Contianers, Traps, All Sentient variants, Shadow Stalker, Mini bosses ie Acolytes, Ambulas Armor, Some Bosses ie Lephantis (some bosses are immune to certain proccs), all Eidolons, Profit Taker, and whatever I haven't thought of The list of Crit immune enemies/objects in game are a subset of Status immune enemies/objects in game. I was hoping that maybe we could rework the way status behaves on certain enemies so that they don't feel inconsistent in game. ie doing really well in combat, then stalker comes and ruins your day. There are times I regret bringing a status build to a mission once a status immune mini boss arrives. Or that feeling when you bring a super strong status weapon to a boss fight just to find out it's immune.
  4. Descent-of-Damocles

    Warframe Prime Time #235: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Why is hildryn?
  5. Descent-of-Damocles

    Revenant Enthralling Acolytes

    Lol, this is why DE's banning policy needs to change a bit. Placing fear in players is just bad marketing, if not what little marketing they have 😛
  6. Just 3 things: There is currently no way to rename vehicle loadout slots once named, neither is there a way to bind loadout slots to warframe loadouts I am syndicate triple right side and I had maxed perrin, 40k ish red, and 103k ish loka. I thought with my MR24, a cap of 25000 standing I would be able to reach 128k loka. After capping my standing limit, perrin is maxed, red is still 40k ish but loka is 117k. Is my math wrong? loka is allies with perrin (maxed) and nothing to red, so why did I lose cap? You use an atmospheric archgun and quick melee as long as you weren't "focus" equipped on melee prior to calling the archgun. I want to make sure that quick melee is still allowed regardless of what weapon you're holding before taking out your archgun in atmosphere
  7. Descent-of-Damocles

    Index Host migration: Die and game stops

    I have a really killer setup for index, but when host migration occurred, my Iron Skin was nullified and so I was killed on spot (during the migration). Once migration ended, I was still on the ground laying there, and the game was completely frozen. The only thing working was the background music and my rag-dolled head twitching.
  8. Descent-of-Damocles

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Did I mention something discriminatory? I asked why can we all have these nice things? Maybe read next time?
  9. Descent-of-Damocles

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    LOL, the redeemer flash is so blinding that I can't see anything I'm shooting at. In fact, I can't seem to shoot it more than 10 minutes before the eyestrain becomes physically painful.
  10. Descent-of-Damocles

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Why is this a bug and not a feature? I don't even use that exploit and I can say that respawning nodes every hour is insufficient. There are often times when I wait 30 minutes before the next wave of missions spawn because there simply isn't enough missions to do. I can't get enough kuva, and even when I do, I get discouraged DE will nerf dispo anyways. There's really no reason to take this game seriously as balance isn't an issue, it's lack of community thought. We all one shot enemies anyway, we just want bigger numbers because it feels nice to play. Nerfing things is simply retroactive and instead of thinking nerfs, they need to start buffing alternatives. Only then will we get better things to do, and DE makes more money without making new content.
  11. Descent-of-Damocles

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    Maybe, but to be clear, the game doesnt hit 100% utilization. In some scenes. For example open worlds hit 100% dojo and public places like maroos, but small maps like kuva fortress run at 30% or lower. Most maps also hit a respectable 70% and fluctuating and is enough to go full speed. It mught be certain maps being poorly supported. I asked in game and other players say its a lack of dx 12 support
  12. Descent-of-Damocles

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    What is your point exactly? Windows 10 is bad? Sorry im simply not good at reading in between the lines
  13. Descent-of-Damocles

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    I have a pretty new rtx card that rocks warframe over 200fps on maxed settings. But some scenes render at 80fps. When i check out why, it says the gpu is in idle, the game simply isnt demanding enough of the gpu. Will this be looked at as well?
  14. Descent-of-Damocles

    Catch up mechanics for syndicates

    You're all thinking of the problem the wrong way. Why is there a cap in the first place? Why are we not rewarding hard work? This makes no sense. Everything we want to do is locked behind standing/rank walls. Catch-up does not imply easy mode, just means there is no time barrier. Yes, just play the game. However I will add that I need atmo systems to rank up as an offering, and after 50+ runs, I've only received 1 drop (4/10) and have acquired 22 repeller systems. There is something wrong with the drop tables and the way exclusive resources prevent me from progressing due to bad rng is not very rewarding for playing the game. Capped by daily limits. Not an actual catch-up method This is mostly true. Some will defend the fact it gives them something to do. To that defense I will argue that they should ask for more homework because finishing something is not desirable to them. The game has been unfair in 1 regard, new "exclusive" resources. The Steve Sinclaire recognized that one of the worst things commented by the players in response to PoE was exclusive resources. It invalidated veteran commitment and resets everyone on the same level. They claimed to have solved the issue in Fortuna in a dev stream, but as we know, the problem only got worse (with debt bonds and systems farming). Lastly, DE needs to change their approach on new content. Story is important, but if the functionality of it bites the players, nobody cares about the one time story in the long run, all we'll remember is how retarded (and I'm using this word as in "slow") the game progression is since this is what we're experiencing in the long run. It's clearly evident that aside the Pablo updates (the ones I get excited about), all other reworks, changes, additions are all short run treasures but long run trash. You need to start playing your own game. Don't try to guess what we want, play your own game and ask yourself what you would want. If you can't even do that, then developing features for warframe should not be your career. Just a side note. I know a lot of other games out there are pretty bad, so Warframe is in pretty good standing relative to the other trash I can be playing. It saddens me to see long run support for the game content to be non-existent. If we don't address and resolve these things now, they won't be revisited until someone finds an exploit with them.
  15. Descent-of-Damocles

    Fortuna: Purchasing Multiple Items not Optimized

    So this item that costs 130,000 standing would only be possible to purchase 1 of every time. It also has an "amount selector" so you may "purchase multiple" even though it's not possible Then there's this item that costs 10,000 each. You require multiple of these to create a maxed rank arcane and can be purchased in a quantity of 13 at max standing even though you only need 10. For some unknown reason it doesn't have the "amount selector" Is this a meme?