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  1. What I realized, there is that new mod and I forgotten about that, it is that new mod that do slash and status and it's sets partner. I remember it now it has that immunity to status dmg, so best idea is getting a melee dmg that do heavy dmg because reading the description it did say this in a way sum it down "when in use heavy dmg and successfully kill an enemy, you'll have evasive % and immunity status" depending how many stack.
  2. arcane doesn't work on necramech, the only thing that works is your kid void if it has healing dash then yes it works on it, if you have the new kurbrow the infested one and yes it does heal that too. For I tried to use arcane fury it didn't work on my necramech :(...
  3. then again we could wake up out of no where in the middle of the island it would be plot twist if DE did this to our warframe and thought we are on a island but really we are sleeping on stop helminth's operating chair. For welcome to Heminth's madness
  4. I do but I only have 1 for myself but the only thing that sux is I don't have steel fiber for the necramech. That is an oof to me because I don't have high enough shield because lack of "affinity" and more likely I go down like the kid that go "oof" all the time and it is very true. Yup, indeed this must be RNG's curses. I think it have to do with certain bug that have to do with bounty or some sort which this is can't be too coincident about the bug because I never received other mods but in the bounty I only ended up straight ayatan stars form yesterday and the day before it.
  5. Volt's shocks on? sorry but RIP still sorry but I had no attention putting that on, more likely I'll be using Infested mobility + Volt's 3 (I think the one give you super speed) and I'll be running extra fast. No reason to nerf speed because we done it with grendal and gauss with bazaar speed of light and we the warframe players will do it again repeatedly until we actually break the to the point of being the speed of light. The fact I never liked volt's shock because his shock use to be great and now its a dud for DE nerf it too hard that it is like vauban's old version how ev
  6. So this is the curse the RNG is broken...It is a very dark time indeed...
  7. Anyway, I still prefer the stick with the subject for the thing not call us demons because demons is bit trying put religion statement into of it all which mythical creatures are related to do with religion so basically is a nail in the game's foot because....well... religion folks get really fast offended by that even the some the other religion group gets fusty about it heavy in rant.
  8. Anyone getting lucky with the necramech drop mods? I am not having a good time for they aren't dropping for me when I kill a couple even I run in groups it had not drop none from yesterday. I dunno I attract bugs a lot (I ran into lots bugs again) or the RNG overlord hate me the most so bad again... How about you guys did you got any good necramech mods? For me still, I am slowly getting sad about not getting necramech's mods that I need. Not willing going in trades because their prices just hit the roof for 1 little mod.
  9. ok sweet heart Next you know Helminth start calling you sweet heart all day long.
  10. correct. More likely they did stick and twigs because I would put a meme about it. The family did had warframes but it seems they were were disassembled sort of kind by observing each these bodies parts for it just simple to say seems that the frames parts actually just got made you know experiment because the father probably was hoping making something then whoops got drunk last night making this thing. This thing would of been in the front line but some strange reason it wasn't producted in time because as I say again "delay" of the infested. We have to think about it the orokin abandon
  11. Ok it seem you know bit the lore crazy bits parts here and there. Anyway, the queens they are decedent of orokin but only the queen knew who are these children but never seen them often but probably hear stories about it. To make it simpler terms of words Ballas was beloved and wasn't birth defect for surprisingly some orokin actually has blue skin and different size as to be but not all orokin are the same for some are born different that is why the queen seem like children clones and force to the point using grineer's bodies they take over. The body of the orokin has special rul
  12. contribute the flowers to pay respect or either put stones on top their grave (it is sign also of respect and someone had pay a visit it and also study about this putting stone like size of pebble is actually a respect and someone had visit their grave) P.S not my art.
  13. The funny thing is there is no cool down pressing the Master's Companion. pretty much you can spam this and spam it far the funny thing is you can teleport your companion into the floor if you get the angle right or spawn them in the wall or some sort. I can spawn it pretty far with Nekros because he is focus on super farming and never meant engagement.
  14. I can't see your vid, it said it was removed.
  15. Well we know the system but there is 1 ability I found the most useless in the Helminth's system. The Companion summoning... You know we thought it will revived the dead of companion and all that, but it turns out it only works on actual living companion and not sentinel companion for it doesn't heal the sentinel and does not bring them back from the dead... ( -.-) the reason why I as just said it is useless is because I have to study it about it quick and quick study about the ability, it is a laughter and pointless but only useful when if a companion is down for you can use this abil
  16. Gentlemen and Ladies, if warframe is being sunk into the fire even further in depth of hell, I am prepare leave the ship but to our new captain of the ship better not sink it into hell because I am not going down with it. I will remember it's was how it use to be and if Tencent sunk it into depth of hell I'll be leaving the ship as always. For I hope our new captain of the ship does not drive it's point what the game stand for to be full of corruption for I am willing not join hand. If they did steer the ship right then they got my acknowledgement of my respect of that earning it as to be.
  17. Adding to conducted guessing theories of testing, the mutalist strain could or might possible able to hack into the HoD and control the heart that way, there might be a big problem there because the fact is the HoD has a head hidden somewhere for if there is a heart, there is a head somewhere for who knows where. Fun fact that space giant do exist in space in this video game (Jordan Golem) and we can't afford to let Eris to use it's mutalist strain to control the planet or other wise the reason why we will lose our warframe for sure and end up using substitute uses of either necramech or wors
  18. feeding cost is pretty dang high for some parts but the only feeding cost is stupid really highly about is really the damn RJ materials feeding it is SUPER DANG HIGH! There is tons of players who don't do RJ because they hate how it was made and it is still clunky as hell.
  19. now you got me doing flashback about ghoul saw and prime trailer and combine that meme and we got "When Nekros's rework DE, When Nekros's Rework DE, When NEKROS'S REWORK DE, WHE-"
  20. re-chat on the old general discussion, adding to the theories and clarified answered. The HoD (know as heart of demois), has shown and proven that there is different network if hive mind but in a way is an ant colony that has endless of wars and conflict. Our goal is not let HoD touches Eris at all time being or neither the parts of Eris's infected group, the fact why reason is because if it ever be discovered by Eris, there is endless conflict of war of Fass and Vome but more likely there will be the one who will turn the planet full of humanoid infested that are way tougher to kill then the
  21. correction, Xaku was pose to be there matter of reason. Fact Xaku was the 2nd in defense against the sentient and it was force to protect the HoD xaku wasn't complete it's project but was the closet upper top self sitting away in a old dusty shelf that the orokin never thought mass producing it all over as well fighting the sentient Xaku was created and I believed it was the family's "grandfather" due of he "Fell" into the void side of the gate that he is the one created Xaku but unable contact the other orokin due of something something with the lore story that is in necralo
  22. I don't want it only to be scaled, I prefer it to be scaled and not ragdoll enemies with that exchange have stun in spot and have a chance of turning it to be undead minions. So that way DE don't have to deal with the changes of that soul survivor mod.
  23. agreed. u mean that boost dash? Well you still can drive it by your arrow keys. same here, start having flashback about the frame use to have stamina but at the time being I think they shouldn't have stamina consumption and leave the slide sprint you for call it just consumed by that instead. I do agree even thou we have companions pose to do the vacuum but the ability for vacuum doesn't work at all. same here do agree to that too, too bad you can't stomp the enemy under your feet while your in the mech suit. Then again I wanted a big giant sword or eit
  24. Welp everyone agree this forum? Good it is time to do it like how we all do it like how we should of ask long ago just like how vauban need barged in and demand a rework. I meant twitch/twitter them about the nekros's rework demands as good civilized person without toxic spewing.
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