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  1. pretty much spot on, always bugged me why this fun boss fight was time-gated
  2. would be an interesting take, i mean who doesn't want to stab and shoot in one combo its like that old saying "don't bring a sword to a gun fight, bring a bayonet and kill mofos"
  3. there will be arca plasmor lichversion and briefcase guns, i didn't know i needed those in my life to survive
  4. i can see it now, warm coat prices skyrocket!
  5. pssh, comeback when you get ignore for saying hi
  6. ah yes can't wait to sell dex weapons again
  7. chill people? don't you know we are too old to believe in fairy tales
  8. i don't want to wake up at 3am and say "have i farmed enough kuva?"
  9. theres people in railjack? learn something new everyday
  10. first time for everything, they should dive right in
  11. 'I'm more importanter than all of you, gib me offerings peasants" think we know the ending of the french revolution
  12. i hope this umbrafication is akin to adding more depth to a frame, character. i'm a sucker for lore and titties, lets focus on lore for now
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