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  1. nekros prime again, because these gifted primes always made sense /s
  2. 'Wisp- which missions play to her strengths?'
  3. Nyx: oof, not another one better than me on another note, Helminth changes might be hit or miss as i still have scars from mark for death nerf and nerfs to larva and roar before helminth release, not gonna have any high hopes for new helminth additions just incase
  4. oh how i love to roll and put my rolling guard on cooldown perpetually for no reason, another reason to avoid capture pubs
  5. certain guns yes, popular aoe and certain shotguns do fine but given how many guns there are ingame that handful is rather limiting. not being able to have fun with weapons i've grinded and formad a dozen times feels like spilled beer.
  6. just tday i was using akarius in sp corpus daily and it was clearing through just as fast as regular star chart, does the same against infested but the point it stops being effective is when it hits a grineer wall, armor is just nuts for guns to handle. the situation is rather sp grineer vs guns
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