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  1. tested shock trooper on valkyr's claws and it had no effect, wish i knew beforehand and saved my bile :(
  2. never liked vaults, so have no idea about the chances there but they drop okish from bounties now. got enough for xaku and the stupid knife fan
  3. warcry: attack speed pillage: status clean and shields baruuk really doesn't need any subsumed abilities but you can add these for some quality of life improvements
  4. exalted weapons a pretty strong for most content in the game. though there are few which i think DE should have another look at, namely garuda's talons, wukong staff and valkyr claws. you get more damage from any hybrid CO, BR melee weapon than these exalted and with no drawbacks.
  5. never had any issues with steel path bosses, use mirage and everything is easy
  6. the way i got mk3 weapons and resources was honestly just playing pubs on other players' ships. kinda ironic you should not use your railjack to play railjack, because untill you get your equipment maxed out its a frustrating mess, once you do however its a snooze fest since your ship is op
  7. hope inaros, nyx and banshee get a rework/revisit hope you could lock a favorable riven stat as you roll hope for more booty
  8. still have around 40 forma from last plague star event. was a real blast tbh, think i farmed around 150 forma, was a bit OP for what it gave, maybe the prices could have been increased but removing it completely is a big shame
  9. i'd argue arbitrations are still usable since you get some pretty good arcanes and mods exclusive to them
  10. nullifiers yeah, they are an enemy octavia doesn't care about them
  11. daily login craft forma browse riven market for good deals, then realise rivens are devil's playground and close riven market basically waiting for the next update and new war, which was supposed to be here already but got deimos instead
  12. get ore gaze, double loot and some cc or get pillage, shield of shadows damage reduction applies to shields too and make nekros immortal
  13. accidents happen, contact support. if that doesn't work then move on if there's nothing else that can be done, no point crying over split nidus
  14. could you also fix his absurdly long speech, i could finish collage all over again during it
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