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  1. Grendel, its a rare treat to see the spicy meatball rolling around and being goofy
  2. Hey i'm not complaining that synapse has high dispo, more stats for me to enjoy. You can have viral, corrosive, heat on the same weapon, delicious!
  3. The term MR fodder is overused to describe any weapon that doesn't match someone's playstyle, Its more to do with how popular a weapon is rather than power. Take for example the Kohmak, it has 5/5 dispo but shreds sp enemies in seconds or the Kohkur which is a very capable sword with 5/5. Still baffled how phantasma is 3/5 when its absolutely bonkers damage
  4. If DE keeps releasing weapons like kuva and tenet then yes forma won't be enough. i would be interested to see the FORMAtion of this help group, many need it apparently
  5. I legit just did enough to get ghoulsaw and that's it. what a great invest of time and effort that turned out to be
  6. I rather jump in a runaway trolley down a slope headed to the bowels of hell
  7. Dunno why i pictured Mr.Bean saying this and snickered
  8. Opinions on Yareli aside, the reworked corpus ship tileset has a certain bright and colorful vibe to it. In nature brightly colored animals are often dangerous, the Juno elite crewmen used to make mincemeat out of zephyrs, garudas and mesas for a year until their explosive supras were taken away, now they are colorful marshmellow dispensers
  9. Are we though? i don't double back to pick up my fallen prosthetic leg every mission
  10. You can only do big damage with crits and nothing else Phantasma: Hold my beer
  11. All of these problems can be solved by playing solo if you're really intent on farming focus or drops, but hey making a rant thread is easier
  12. Well excuse me for wanting a powerful weapon, how silly of me. I clearly don't know what fun is /s
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