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  1. That was 4 weeks ago? time sure flies like a pigeon with rocket skates
  2. As confident as a mountain climber whose ropes are attached by bubble gum
  3. Holokey grind has been as delightful as popping a zit on a baboon's bottom since its introduction, i decided to skip it entirely. being able to buy the damn things with plat would be a much needed reprieve.
  4. Took me a while to understand what Banch was
  5. If you mean the weakspot shooting mechanic for regular enemies then yes i'd like that to be added to elite variants so aoe won't be the answer to everything
  6. I'd take this peaceful time than glass resonance in your area for 8 months
  7. yes, time to collect more things i prolly won't use
  8. Breach surge pretty much, recent;y am smitten with shooting gallery with augment, aoe blind that follows you around is pretty hard to top
  9. Guess the riven rng gods didn't want to play balla
  10. a frame designed for only conclave might beat k-drive frame at being worse
  11. Technically the sentients no longer need special abilities to make them squishy, they were changed recently to be weak to status effects, which means they can be bled out with ease
  12. like catabomb limbo, xaku's 4 goes through walls and destroys crates in a large radius, good for syndicate medallion hunting
  13. can do everything except keep their fashion intact
  14. I usually do solo interception partly because noone is online at the time, if i see that by some miracle there's a party i stay with the frame i'm using or if i see its solo i switch to either vauban of slowva.
  15. yes, totally his fault and not my weak constitution
  16. lower is an understatement base armor of index enemies is 50 compared to a hvy gunners 500 corpus aren't even in the same galaxy in terms of durability of the grineer
  17. Chesacrate sounds like a chocolate bar your dietician told you not to eat but you do it while he's not watching and then complain its his fault you haven't lost weight
  18. That is basically why hydriod has a bad rep, he's very slow and his niche of farming has been taken over by khora and nekros. His 4th cc is mediocre, zephyr does the same kind of cc but your damage is amped many times over in tornedos. Everything he does other frames do better If you enjoy him then you shouldn't really care if the frame has bad rep, fun is subjective afterall, you do you good sir
  19. Toxic ancients can be unfun police to shield based frames or those relying on shieldgating to survive but it adds a sense of dread to an otherwise unarmoured pushover faction. besides, its more fun to actually find solutions to the problem and figuring out what works for you
  20. 180 is already very generous, a lot of weapons don't even need rivens, now more than ever with addition of galvanized mods, arcanes.
  21. Yes would be a shame if we couldn't use one of the least user friendly weapon types on an awkward platform. /s
  22. Get fast relief from backache and join pain with this simple trick
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